scissor lift table / electric / stationary / high-performance



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  • Capacity:

    650 kg, 1,250 kg, 1,900 kg, 4,000 kg, 5,000 kg (1,433 lb)


Speed – Cycle rate – accuracy - long life cycle

SERAPID develops specific 'High performance" lift table which are specially designed to fulfil high cycle rate and long service life requirements (1 million load cycles at maximum load) to be built into production and assembly lines.

SERAPID uses rigid chain technology for scissors lift table. It especially uses "Heavy Duty Lift" HDLIft chains which are specially manufactured to cater for heavy loads. The compactness of SERAPID actuators makes it possible to build them into small spaces, while their simple and robust design guarantees proven reliability and operation in demanding and drastic conditions.

These products can be used in different sizes and with different options for all sectors of industrial activity depending on client requirements.

Example of application : skillet lifter, adjustable skids, positioning lift table, skid lifter, electromechanical lift table…..