water filter cartridge / fine / polypropylene / pleated
MaxSEP series

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water filter cartridge / fine / polypropylene / pleated water filter cartridge / fine / polypropylene / pleated - MaxSEP series


  • Media:


  • Type of filtration:


  • Material:


  • Other characteristics:

    pleated, high-flow

  • Applications:

    for general purpose

  • Field:


  • Removal rating:

    Min.: 0.45 µm

    Max.: 70 µm


MaxSEP Series Filter Cartridge is designed for applications of high filtration rating with high impurity content or applications of high flowrate at high filtration ratings. It has remarkable advantages of high filtration ratings, high flowrate, high dirt holding capacity and easy operation. It is the absolute cartridge rating from 0.45μm to 70μm at 99% filtration efficiency. Liquid flows from inside to outside, impurities are collected inside, which means not necessary to clean the filter housing after replacing cartridges. It has heat-melt weld full polypropylene structure in 6-inch diameter and the pleated filtration layer structure, which delivers the large filtration area, higher the flowrate, higher dirty loading capacity, less filter cartridges for same flowrate, less labor costs, 30%-40% smaller filter housing size. The gradient filtration layer with pre-filtering function can removes different size impurities layer by layer, increase dirt holding capacity and service life observably. MaxSEP is installed in M series CF filter.