water filter cartridge / fine / polypropylene / for general purpose
FineSEP series



  • Media:


  • Type of filtration:


  • Material:


  • Applications:

    for general purpose

  • Field:


  • Removal rating:

    Min.: 1 µm

    Max.: 50 µm


FineSEP Series Filter Cartridge is made of bonding melt-blown polypropylene fibers and has three dimensional millipores inside. Pore sizes are large-to-small gradiently distributed from outside to inside. Its filtration rating ranges 1μm to 50μm. It can remove impurities in different sizes and has the advantages of high porosity, low pressure drop, long service life, low cost and good pre-filtration performance. It is widely used in nominal filtration.

■ Large filtration area, better pressure reisistance
■ No media drops, no aperture change along with pressure
■ Gradient structure, high dirty loading capacity, Long service life
■ No chemical pollutant releasing, no bubbles while filtering
■ Super fine pores, low pressure drop