pipe extrusion line caterpillar haul-off / for profile extrusion lines
P/FA series



  • Applications:

    for pipe extrusion lines, for profile extrusion lines


SICA presents P/FA SERIES FullAuto haul-offs. These are suited for pulling PVC, ABS, PE and PP solid-wall pipes with diameter changing automatically in the extrusion line. The extruder and the haul-off are synchronized. This helps in controlling the extrusion speed as well as caterpillar repositioning. The FullAuto haul-off adjusts automatically to any diameter variations in processing. This helps in repositioning of caterpillars to keep a similar extrusion axis.

During automatic changeover, the haul-offs assure of constant traction. The caterpillars are independently driven. They use vector motors, which provide constant pulling power. Additionally they minimize energy waste and the number of moving parts, which may require maintenance. The caterpillars have a long contact length. They provide a tight grip on the pipe and offer substantial pulling power.

Also, the caterpillars are bow shaped. Due to this shape, stretching as well caterpillar wear is minimized. This results in increasing machine life. Pivoting upper caterpillars feature a pipe crushing control mechanism. The lower caterpillars are motorized, with position adjustable to suit pipe diameter.