corrugated tube extrusion line caterpillar haul-off
P/C series



  • Applications:

    for corrugated tube extrusion lines


The P/C series is manufactured by Sica Italy S.P.A., and is a haul-off that is ideal for use in transporting of corrugated pipes made of either PVC, PE, and PP materials. It also has the capacity to transport pipes that either has a socket or not. The unit features caterpillars that are individually operated with the use of vector motors, thus enables steady transport power. The caterpillars also minimize energy waste, and the number of mobile components that are subjected to servicing.

In the configuration with dual pulling devices linked in series, the instrument also has the ability to transport corrugates pipes with sock. This guarantees that the contact is constantly retained with the pipe. The position of all the caterpillars is modified automatically simultaneously.