pipe extrusion line belt haul-off unit / for profile extrusion lines
P/B series



  • Applications:

    for pipe extrusion lines, for profile extrusion lines


These haul-offs are utilized for the pulling of semi-rigid and rigid PVC, PP, PB, ABS and PE pipes at high speed. They feature neutral rubber belt caterpillars which enable a substantial reduction of noise and wear. They also improve he maximum hauling speed which can be performed (up to 100m/'). These caterpillars are independently driven via vector motors and guarantee a continuous pulling power. The energy waste is reduced as are the number of moving parts, subject to maintenance.

The haul-offs have long belt contact lengths which provide a good, uniform grip on the pipe. They ensure a substantial pulling power on soft material without any noticeable deformations or marks. The pivoted upper caterpillars incorporate a pipe squashing control system. The lower caterpillars can be positioned by motor and adjusted as per the pipe diameter.