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smoke detector smoke detector - FDBZ290


The air sampling smoke detection kit is a passive monitoring system without a fan of its own. It uses the pressure differences within the ventilation system to continuously take air samples from the ventilation duct via the air flow tube and supply them to the air sampling smoke detection kit.
The air sampling smoke detection kit works only if the ventilation system is in operation and the air in circulation.
The air to be monitored must usually be clean, i.e. free of dust and aerosols.
If the smoke detector detects a certain concentration of smoke, the corresponding danger level is reported to the fire control panel which, in turn, triggers an alarm.
The specialized Sinteso and Cerberus PRO smoke detectors and bases must be ordered separately.
- Protection category : IP54

- Relative humidity : ≤95 % rel.

- Operating temperature : -20…+50 °C

- System compatibility : Sinteso: FDnet, collective Cerberus PRO: C-NET, collective

- Permissible air speed : 1…20 m/s

- Airflow indicator : ≥1 m/s

- Color : ~RAL 7001, Silver gray

- Accessories : FDBZ290-AA Air flow tube, length 600 mm , FDBZ290-AB Air flow tube, length 1500 mm , FDBZ290-AC Air flow tube, length 2800 mm , FDBZ290-AD Mounting bracket , FDBZ292-AD Sealing kit , A5Q00004478 Screwed cable gland M20 x 1.5 , A5Q00004479 Back nut M20 x 1.5