liquid flow transmitter

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liquid flow transmitter liquid flow transmitter - CF420-G1


  • Applications:

    for liquids


The CF420 is a flow transmitter that will measure the velocity of liquids. It offers two unique options, a 4-20mA output and a PNP switch output. The electronic module converts signal from the probe to a 4…20mA analog output. This is then used to indicate the rate of flow. For the PNP output, rate of flow is compared to the field calibrated set point value. The switches operation changes the state once the point value has been achieved.

A chain of eight LEDs provide the user with a visual indication of the flow rate along with the setpoint status, and a single dichromatic LED reveals the switch point status. Additionally, if a problem should arise with the unit, the eight LEDs flash non-stop providing troubleshooting information. The sensing element of the CF420/ F420 is made using 316 S.S.