relative pressure transmitter / membrane / analog / threaded
PT-RF series



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The PT-RF series of pressure transmitters are an alternative solution for universal pressure measurements for fluid technology applications, which will provide benefits for system operators, maintenance personnel and repair technicians as well as for original equipment manufacturers.

The advantages resulting from the use of the new technology for system operators, maintenance personnel and repair technicians are clear:
Measurements can be carried very easily, without extensive training and within a few seconds at the press of a button and then documented in a reliable process.

Unscrewing and re-installing pressure gauges or other measuring and display devices practically a temporary opening of the system is not required. Potential hazards for people, machines and the environment, for example from emitted residual oil in the test hose or leaks at the measuring point, as well as ingress of dirt into the system (e.g. in dusty environments) can be effectively excluded.

Original equipment manufacturers will also benefit from this new technology: If the pressure transmitters are installed at their factory already, the innovative technology can provide a competitive edge over alternative suppliers and open up specific advantages for the users, increasing the value retention of their own devices in the long term.

If the pressure transmitters are installed directly in the system or pipeline for permanent use, they protrude only slightly more than conventional hydraulic test couplings and meet the highest demands with regard to space requirements and weight.