fiber laser marking machine / benchtop / compact / high-speed



  • Technique:

    fiber laser

  • Configuration:


  • Other characteristics:

    compact, high-speed, air-cooled, deep marking, for metal, for plastics, desktop

  • X travel:

    300 mm

  • Y travel:

    300 mm


1. Machine General characteristics:

Machine's optical parts special for plastic and PVC materials high speed laser marking, Machine no daily maintenance , no consumable parts and long lifetime, machine using common air-cooling system. Fiber output, suitable for black marking.

Machine designed main for the barcode marking, data matrix marking, Series number marking, technical data sheet marking and anti-fake code marking's designed with smart and compact size, esay to use and to move, save space, this machine with flexible application and easy to operate.

★ The Advantages of our desktop mini fiber laser marking machine:

1) The fiber laser beam comes out from the fiber device directly, no need to adjust the laser optical path,low consumption: <500W, is 1/25 ~ 1/10 times as that of Diode and YAG machine.

2) More economized and environmental,original JCZ controller, USB interface, swift and stable transmission, easy software operation, strong functions,high-quality scan head, with good seal, capable to prevent dust and water, small volume, compact and solid, long lifespan of Raycus laser module: 0.1-0.2 million hrs (light pumping YAG: several hundred hrs; semi-conductor: 10 000 hrs).

3) Machine no maintenance, deep Marking: Max. 1mm stainless steel, suitable for the industries which need high precision and depth marking effect,Machine with strong Compatibility: TTF Font, SHX, BMP, DXF, AI, PLT and other format files output from CorelDraw, PS, AutoCAD, etc...

4) Machine integrated Air Cooling System, the cooling effect is more excellent than the water cooling effect in YAG laser.

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