steel cutting machine / for stainless steel / for aluminum / for copper
ST- FC3015-2000R



  • Material:

    for steel, for stainless steel, for aluminum, for copper, for brass, for titanium, for iron, for precious metals

  • Technology:

    fiber laser

  • Product handled:

    sheet metal

  • Control type:


  • Applications:

    for carbon steel, for industrial applications, for metal fabrication, for aeronautical applications, for the electronics industry, door frame, for metal pipes, for thin sheet metal, for mass production, for doors, for shipbuilding, for medical applications

  • Other characteristics:

    CE, automatic, servo-driven, high-power, electric, mild steel, programmable, high-precision, gantry type, high-speed, precision, high-performance, 3-axis, ISO, FDA, high-rail gantry type, with servo-motor, linear, with water cooling, high-efficiency, SGS, large-format

  • X travel:

    1,550 mm

  • Y travel:

    3,100 mm

  • Cutting speed:

    Max.: 28,000 mm/min (18.373 in/s)

    Min.: 1,000 mm/min (0.656 in/s)

  • Laser power:

    500 W, 750 W, 1,000 W, 1,500 W, 2,000 W


Suntop brand CNC metal fiber laser cutting machine the laser generator is imported from USA nLIGHT brand fiber laser with lifetime more than 100,000 hours.

The machine's key components are used abroad leading brand, perfect assembly techniques to create best cutting performance.

Performation in advance mode, the plate quickly punch cutting, cutting time much saved,automatic folloing system.

Ddomestic top vibility, can realize a calibrationg, antomatics following, fiber transport, flexible procsssing, suitable for cutting stainless steel, carbon steel and other kinds of high-reflective metal materials.

Our 2000W CNC fiber laser cutting equipment uses a moving gantry structure, imported high-precision screw and linear guide, smooth transmission, high precision,

Our 2000W fiber laser cutter machine X, Y, Z axes are imported from Japan servo motor, high-precision, high- speed, high-torque, high inertia, stable performance and durable.

The bottom of the machine is equipped with automatic dust extraction device to prevent smoke pollution generated during cutting, german high performance reducer, gear and rack transmission which ensure the cutting precision and the stable performance.

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