laser welding machine / automatic / precision / metal



  • Technique:


  • Operational mode:


  • Other characteristics:

    precision, metal, 4-axis

  • Power:

    400 W


1, Machine's introductions:

ST-T400-A Series adopts imported golden plating reflect cavity,6KW dual pulse Xe-lamp, this machine with 4 axis which controlled by software, it can achieve the automatic laser welding, with high precision and efficiency, fast welding speed.

2, Machine's main advantages:

Comparing with the traditional welding technology,laser welding with the advantage as follows :

2.1 Fast speed, high depth and almost no deformation.

2.2 In the room or special conditions for the welding and welding equipment. for example, a simple laser by the magnetic field. the beam will not be offset ; laser in a vacuum, air and some gas in the environment could apply soldering, and passed the glass or beam transparent material to welding.