digital clamp multimeter / portable / 600 V / 400 A



  • Type:


  • Form:


  • Max voltage:

    600 V

  • Max current:

    400 A

  • Safety rating:

    cat II, cat III


Tecpel presents DCM-032 digital clamp meter. This meter is very economical and has a maximum display count of 1999. DC voltage is 200mV~600V, AC voltage is 2V ~600V, and AC current is 2A ~400A. It offers resistance of 200~20 Ohm. It can handle temperature between -40°C to 1000°C (-40ºF to 1832ºF).

The clamp meter has several special functions. These include auto ranging and diode testing feature. It has a continuity buzzer and max/data hold. It features a sleep mode and full icon/low battery display. The meter provides input impedance for DC. Voltage measurement scales present a load of around 10M Ohm.