digital ratiometer
PROVA 1660

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digital ratiometer digital ratiometer - PROVA 1660


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• Measurements of løand 30Transformer/VT/CT Turns Ratio.
• VT/PT ratio 0.8’.’lOOOO, CT ratio 0.8200O.
• Graphical and Literai Illustration of Measurements and Connections with Large Back-lighted Dot Matrix 240 x 128 LCD. Dispiay Test Data with Nameplate Transformer Values for Easy Interpretation.
• Ten Test Frequencies (50”400Hz).
• Display Turns Ratio, Deviation, Secondary Output, Excitation Voltage and Current, Phase Angle and Nameplate Transforrner/VT/CT Values in one page for easy transformer quality interpretation.
• Check for Live Test Points, Short Circuit, Open Circuit, and Reverse Polanty before Each Measurement. Message is displayed to Wam Users (But, checking is not performed once measurement starts).
• Store 4096 Files of Transformer Nameplate Values (VT/PT/CT, 10/30, Test Frequency,
Pnmary and Secondary Voltages or Ratio, RCF) and Measunng Data.
• 9 types of 30 Windings Connections pre-installed for easy user selection.
• Wireless Blue Tooth Communication with PC.
• Select Filter to Remove Field Noise (Slow, Normal, Fast).
• Disable or Enable Auto-Power-Off with Programmable Time.
• Built-in calendar dock. Records with Date and Time Stamp.
• Powerful Lithium Battery (3400mAH) with built-in Charging Circuit.
• User Programmable RCF (Reference Correction Factor, O.99»1.O1) to Correct Accuracy within 1% Error.
• Fnendly File System for Easy On-site Data Retneval and Nameplate Values Management.
• PC Application Software included.