pressure measuring instrument / air flow / volume / differential pressure
510 i



  • Measured value:

    pressure, air flow, volume

  • Technology:

    differential pressure, pitot tube

  • Applications:


  • Other characteristics:

    compact, wireless, Bluetooth


•Measurement of gas flow and static pressure
•Measurement menu for pressure drop test including alerts
•Simple configuration and determination of volume flow with Pitot tube
•Magnetic holder for easy attachment
Handy and intelligent: the compact testo 510i differential pressure measuring instrument featuring professional measuring technology and smartphone operation for measuring differential pressure, air flow velocity and volume flow. Readings can be viewed conveniently on your smartphone/tablet via the testo Smart Probes App and emailed directly.

Product Description
The testo 510i differential pressure measuring instrument, used in conjunction with a smartphone or tablet, is suitable for quick and easy measurement of gas flow pressure and static pressure, as well as pressure drops on fans and filters. You can also use the compact testo 510i for flow measurement and volume flow measurement.

Turn your smartphone/tablet into a measuring instrument
Use your smartphone or tablet as a display: installed on a terminal device, the testo Smart Probes App allows you to view testo 510i readings conveniently, configure volume flow measurements quickly and easily, and carry out reliable timed and multi-point mean calculation. The App also includes a measurement menu for the pressure drop test. All measurement data can be displayed as a chart or in table form. The measurement data log can be emailed directly as a PDF or Excel file.

System requirements:

•iOS 8.3 or later
•Android 4.3 or later
•Bluetooth 4.0

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