control actuator / linear / electric
Electrak® ET series



  • Movement:


  • Type:


  • Other characteristics:


  • Speed:

    Min.: 1.45 in/s (2,209.8 mm/min)

    Max.: 3.7 in/s (5,638.8 mm/min)


The Electrak Throttle linear actuator is primarily found in applications requiring throttle control of a mechanical engine.
The space-saving design and electromechanical interface of Electrak throttle actuators promote improved ergonomic placement of engine controls to improve operator safety and productivity. This also provides quicker installation, better performance and near-zero maintenance. Even more, on-board electronic options can automatically control engine RPM to minimise the vehicle’s environmental impact by reducing fuel consumption, noise and emissions.
Designed to meet the high standards required for automotive component applications, the Electrak throttle actuator is equally suited for rugged, harsh industrial settings. Applications for these throttle actuators range from agricultural and construction equipment, military and rescue vehicles, and trucks, fork lifts and mass transport vehicles to industrial automation installations, marine applications, and garden, forestry and mining equipment.
Actuator models are available in numerous, user-selectable configurations, including choice of: 12 or 24 VDC supply voltage, flying leads or connector installation, straight or right angle cable exit, and a variety of on-board electronic options such as potentiometer feedback, end-of-stroke electronic limit switches and CANBUS communication.
Standard models are available in two dynamic/static load performance ranges of 45/90 N (10/20 lbf) or 130/260 N (30/60 lbf) maximum, with corresponding no load/full load speed performance of 96/83 mm/s (3.7/3.3 in/s) or 48/37 mm/s (1.9/1.5 in/s) respectively.

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