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single-phase electric gearmotor / three-phase / parallel-shaft / helical
TA series



  • Motor type:

    single-phase, three-phase

  • Shaft orientation:


  • Type:


  • Other characteristics:



This under-sized gear motor chain boasts a motor capability of 40W to 5.5Kw. Three gear categories obtainable: hypoid gear, helical gear and worm gear.
Helical Gear (Gear Motor): Analogous axis gear motor for effortless setting up with high-efficiency and low-sound. This reducer transports lightweight, solid size, and improved functionality.
Hypoid Gear (Hypoid Motor): Perpendicular shaft gear motor with better start-up and working efficiencies following eventual space-economy. Its solid body with abridged height is supple to any setting up and mounting.
Worm Gear (Croise Motor): Perpendicular shaft gear motor with abridged longitudinal measurement offers high decrease ratio during single-step slow down. It comes outfitted with outstanding characteristics for example, self-fastening, silent process, and a healthy gear organization.
Hypoid Gear and Helical Gear (Mini Series): Gear motor with a motor capability of 40W to 90W. Two kinds of hypoid motors and gear motors are obtainable. All mock-ups exploit aluminum motor structures and noiseless brakes.