verge mower mulcher / for railroad networks



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    verge mower, for railroad networks


The 300RR is a self-propelled vehicle with hydrostatic drive.
On the road, the carrier can move in crab mode or with coordinated wheels in order to make easier manoeuvring and moving onto the rails.
On rails, the machine moves thanks to a direct hydrostatic drive, that does not involve any direct contact with the tyres, for precise movements of up to 30 km/h.
This vehicle includes:
A mechanically welded support structure with high-elastic resistance boxed stainless steel side rails on which the axles that enable all-terrain motions are mounted, along with 4 driving and steering wheels
Two teetering bogies that enable to pass over railway wheel sensors without detection
An accurate swivelling hydraulic loader that can make the lateral movements required for mulching works, along with a dedicated mulching head
A cab that can swivel up to 90°, providing full visibility of the work zone and upcoming rails.
High railway safety level equipment, approved to work where adjacent tracks are open to traffic.