electric vacuum lifting device / glass plate / for sheet metal / for concrete slabs
H-E series



  • Product applications:

    for sheet metal, for marble, glass plate, for concrete slabs

  • Power:


  • Options:


  • Number of cups:

    1 unit

  • Carrying capacity:

    1,250 kg (2,756 lb)


For horizontal transport of nearly every material and shape

•Standard and individual solutions available
•Lifting capacities of up to 1250 kg


•Low maintenance even if the going gets tough
•Gentle transport of goods also for sensitive products
•Easy controlled by hand lever, cable remote control, mounted operating panel,…
•For indoor and outdoor use
•Sophisticated, durable system by 45 year experience
•Available standard voltages 24 – 500 Volt
•Increased safety with optical and acoustical safety unit (not only EN 13155)
•Safe in case of power failure
•Made in Germany

Flexible configurable basic unit

Basic unit A

This part of the device is a compact component and is used for the vacuum generation and control.

•Control “suction-release”: lever valve (standard)
•Power connection: 5-pole CEE-connection 400 Volt or 230 Volt Schuko-plug 2-pole
•Lacquering: devices primed and lacquered yellow (RAL 1007 – standard colour for hoisting devices), all other parts in standard colours or galvanized
•Crane hook suspension: dimensions 60 x 120 mm

Basic unit B

This unit is the suction pad unit and can consist of a single suction pad or a beam construction with multiple suction pads.

•Solid, durable steel
•Suction pads: centred
•Suction pad suspension: standard