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MOCVD deposition machine / sputtering / thin-film / with rotating cathodes
TurboDisc EPIK 868



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    with rotating cathodes


Combines Maximum Capital & Footprint Savings with Leading-Edge Performance
Veeco’s new EPIK 868 MOCVD system is the LED industry’s highest productivity MOCVD system that reduces cost per wafer approximately 22% compared to previous generations. Available in a four-reactor configurations, EPIK 868 features breakthrough technologies including the proprietary IsoFlange™ and TruHeat™ technologies that provide homogeneous laminar flow and uniform temperature profile across the entire wafer carrier. These technological innovations produce wavelength uniformity to drive higher yields in a tighter bin. The EPIK 868 system offers a 2.3x throughput advantage over the EPIK 700 system due to its larger reactor capacity and wafer carrier size. Designed for mass production, EPIK 868 accommodates 124x4” and 48x6” wafer carrier sizes. Customers can easily transfer processes from existing TurboDisc systems to the new EPIK 868 MOCVD platform for quick-start production of high quality LEDs.

Compact cluster architecture
Integrated and optimized hardware performance
Proven transition and process performance