incremental linear encoder / inductive / non-contact / glass scale



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  • Other characteristics:

    glass scale

  • Resolution:

    1 µm


Velmex offers linear inductive and magnetic encoders along with rotary encoders for use in measuring position on Velmex stages.

Mounted directly on the slider (carriage), the encoders deliver a true and accurate reading of the slider's movement and position. The Ultra-Precision Measurement System's direct pin-point readings also reduce inaccuracies in the lead screw or caused by backlash. Magnetic and inductive encoder alternatives today have significant advantages over glass scale technology. Inductive and magnetic encoders are more durable, use non-contact sensing, integrate better, and offer high accuracy in combination with Velmex UniSlide® and BiSlide® Assemblies. Rotary encoders are used both on Velmex Rotary Tables and on XSlide™ Assemblies.