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1 products AUTODESK
video AUTODESK Autodesk® Simulation
mechanical simulation software Autodesk® Simulation AUTODESK

Optimize and validate your design before you build it with Simulation®...

1 products PTC
video PTC Mathcad
mechanical calculation software Mathcad PTC

PTC created a computer software primarily intended for the verification, validation, documentation and re-use of engineering calculations. PTC Mathcad 2.0 is created with its characteristics that combines...

6 products SOLIDWORKS
video SOLIDWORKS SolidWorks Simulation Premium
FEA software (finite element analysis) SolidWorks Simulation Premium SOLIDWORKS

You can efficiently evaluate your designs for nonlinear and dynamic response, dynamic loading, and composite...

video SOLIDWORKS SolidWorks Simulation Professional
thermal analysis software SolidWorks Simulation Professional SOLIDWORKS

Product Engineers can efficiently evaluate structural product performance under a wide range of physical scenarios using the powerful virtual testing environment of SolidWorks Simulation Professional....

video SOLIDWORKS SolidWorks Flow Simulation
CFD software (Computational Fluid Dynamics) SolidWorks Flow Simulation SOLIDWORKS

When it comes to the easy simulation of heat transfer, fluid forces and fluid flow, this application is definitely something you will enjoy using. Being fully...

video SOLIDWORKS SolidWorks Simulation Xpress
mechanical simulation software SolidWorks Simulation Xpress SOLIDWORKS

SolidWorks SimulationXpress is a first-pass analysis tool that comes with every SolidWorks Standard and...

video SOLIDWORKS SolidWorks SolidWorks FloXpress
integrated flow, thermal and stress simulation software for CFD and CCM (computational continuum mechanics) SolidWorks SolidWorks FloXpress SOLIDWORKS

SolidWorks FloXpress is an analysis tool for basic fluid flow data, which will allow users to calculate how air and water...

video SOLIDWORKS SolidWorks SolidWorks Plastics
plastic injection process simulation software SolidWorks SolidWorks Plastics SOLIDWORKS

SolidWorks Plastics brings easy-to-use injection molding simulation directly to the designers of plastic parts and injection molds. It simulates how melted plastic flows during the injection molding process...

video SOLIDWORKS Europe SolidWorks® Simulation Premium
dynamic mechanical simulation software SolidWorks® Simulation Premium SOLIDWORKS Europe

You can efficiently evaluate your designs for nonlinear and dynamic response, dynamic loading, and composite...

video SOLIDWORKS Europe SolidWorks® Simulation Professional
mechanical simulation software SolidWorks® Simulation Professional SOLIDWORKS Europe

SolidWorks Simulation Professional expands your virtual testing environment. You can determine product durability and natural frequencies...

video SOLIDWORKS Europe SolidWorks® Simulation
mechanical simulation software SolidWorks® Simulation SOLIDWORKS Europe

Included with the SolidWorks Premium 3D CAD design package, SolidWorks Simulation provides core simulation tools to test your designs and make the decisions to improve...

video SOLIDWORKS Europe SolidWorks® Flow Simulation
CFD software (Computational Fluid Dynamics) SolidWorks® Flow Simulation SOLIDWORKS Europe

SolidWorks Flow Simulation takes the computational fluid dynamics to a brand new level, offering superior performance to other products. The easy and quick...

video SOLIDWORKS Europe SolidWorks® Simulation Xpress
static mechanical simulation software SolidWorks® Simulation Xpress SOLIDWORKS Europe

SolidWorks SimulationXpress is a first-pass analysis tool that comes with every SolidWorks Standard and...

video SOLIDWORKS Europe SolidWorks® FloXpress
CFD software for static analysis of fluid flow SolidWorks® FloXpress SOLIDWORKS Europe

SolidWorks FloXpress is a first-pass basic fluid flow analysis tool that calculates how water or air flows through...

1 products Lenze SE
video Lenze SE
calculation software for drive technology Lenze SE

Achieving efficient drive dimensioning quickly Simplified drive dimensioning, optimisation of the energy balance. The Drive Solution Designer makes sophisticated and complex dimensioning expertise...

12 products Comsol
video Comsol COMSOL Multiphysics®
modeling and simulation software COMSOL Multiphysics® Comsol

From a highly recognized company and the leaders of innovation comes COMSOL Multiphysics. It is the best mulit-purpose software platform involving top of the line numerical...

video Comsol AC/DC Module
2D/3D electromagnetic field simulation software AC/DC Module Comsol

To simulate electric, magnetic, and electromagnetic fields in static and low-frequency applications, rely on AC/DC Module. With dedicated tools for taking parameters such as resistance, capacitance,...

video Comsol RF Module
2D/3D electromagnetic field simulation software for RF/microwave applications RF Module Comsol

The RF Module is used by designers of RF and microwave devices to design antennas, waveguides, filters, circuits, cavities, and metamaterials. By quickly and accurately simulating electromagnetic wave...

video Comsol Fatigue Module
mecanical fatigue analysis FEA software Fatigue Module Comsol

Fatigue Analysis for Many Different Structures and Applications When structures are subjected to repeated loading and unloading due to material fatigue, they can fail at loads below the static limit....

video Comsol Acoustics Module
acoustic and vibration analysis simulation software Acoustics Module Comsol

Vibrations analysis and acoustics are brought to a new level, with the acoustics module, specially crafted...

video Comsol
CFD software (Computational Fluid Dynamics) Comsol

To replicate and reproduce devices and systems that include sophisticated fluid flow models, the CFD Module is a suitable platform. The CFD Module offers built physics interfaces that are constructed...

3 products ANSYS
video ANSYS ANSYS Composite PrepPost
composite structure analysis software ANSYS Composite PrepPost ANSYS

Composite materials are created by combining two or more layered materials, each with different properties. These materials have become a standard for products that are both light and strong. Composites...

video ANSYS ANSYS Autodyn
dynamic systems modeling software ANSYS Autodyn ANSYS

Engineering simulation can help Improve the survivability of buildings, vehicles, soldiers and police personnel. Using ANSYS Autodyn engineers can design and...

video ANSYS ANSYS SpaceClaim Direct Modeler
CAD simulation software ANSYS SpaceClaim Direct Modeler ANSYS

ANSYS SpaceClaim Direct Modeler (ANSYS SCDM) software is a new way to manipulate CAD models. The model becomes completely dynamic, allowing the user to move, stretch, add and remove with mouse movements....

1 products CD-adapco
video CD-adapco STAR-CCM+®
integrated flow, thermal and stress simulation software for CFD and CCM (computational continuum mechanics) STAR-CCM+® CD-adapco

STAR-CCM+ is unrivalled in its ability to tackle problems involving multi-physics and complex geometries. STAR-CCM+ has an established reputation...

1 products CEA
video CEA 4D-Mechanical
calculation software for pressure vessels, heat exchangers and columns 4D-Mechanical CEA

CEA Systems introduces the successor of the Central Project Manager: CodeX. Next to having been completely restyled, CodeX also incorporates new functionality such as a new 3D Viewer and other numerous...

1 products FORCAM GmbH
video FORCAM GmbH
visualization software FORCAM GmbH

Factory Framework Visualization provides either large LCD/Plasma or PC screens graphical displays creation. Factory Framework allows you to view...

video Mentor Graphics FloEFD™
fluid dynamics simulation software FloEFD™ Mentor Graphics

FloEFD™ is Concurrent CFD: analyze as you design and speed up your workflow. FloEFD is the ONLY computational fluid dynamics...

video Mentor Graphics FloVENT®
CFD software (Computational Fluid Dynamics) FloVENT® Mentor Graphics

FloVENT® is a powerful Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) software that predicts 3D airflow,...

video Mentor Graphics FloTHERM® XT
thermal simulation software FloTHERM® XT Mentor Graphics

FloTHERM XT is an industry unique thermal simulation solution designed to be used during all stages of the electronics...

14 products MSC SOFTWARE
video MSC SOFTWARE Adams
multibody dynamics and motion analysis software Adams MSC SOFTWARE

Product manufacturers often struggle to understand true system performance until very late in the design process. Mechanical, electrical, and other subsystems are validated against their specific requirements...

video MSC SOFTWARE Actran Acoustics
acoustic and vibration analysis simulation software Actran Acoustics MSC SOFTWARE

Actran is the premier acoustics software to solve acoustics, vibro-acoustics, and...

video MSC SOFTWARE Actran VibroAcoustics
acoustic and vibration analysis simulation software Actran VibroAcoustics MSC SOFTWARE

In order to study the interaction of structural vibration with the adjacent fluid, it is necessary to model the acoustic behavior of the involved structural components. This can be achieved with the rich...

video MSC SOFTWARE Actran AeroAcoustics
noise simulation software Actran AeroAcoustics MSC SOFTWARE

Use this module to predict the noise generated by turbulent flows. Actran AeroAcoustics recovers aerodynamic noise sources from flow simulations performed with commercial CFD codes such as FluentTM, Star-CDTM,...

video MSC SOFTWARE Actran TM
noise simulation software Actran TM MSC SOFTWARE

Use Actran TM to analyze the sound radiated by turbomachinery and to optimize the related acoustic treatments. One of the challenges of acoustic CAE methods is handling of large models associated...

video MSC SOFTWARE Actran For Nastran
vibro-acoustic modeling software Actran For Nastran MSC SOFTWARE

Actran for Nastran is a powerful tool for modeling and analyzing complex vibro-acoustic systems such as trim components. Such components are usually made of materials with high damping and strong acoustic...

2 products TEBIS
surface model quality analysis software QUALIFIER TEBIS

You use the Tebis Qualifier to evaluate surface models in order to ensure that the design quality complies with the subsequent design and manufacturing process steps. Individual analysis templates for...

surface deformation modeling software MORPHER TEBIS

With the Tebis Morpher you can deform surface models at the touch of a button, using deformation rules. Regardless of whether the cause...

video Moldex3D, CoreTech System Co., Ltd. Injection Compression
injection molding simulation software Injection Compression Moldex3D, CoreTech System Co., Ltd.

Moldex3D Injection Compression visualizes compression behaviors in the filling or packing phases. By using the built-in control interface, the plastic melt is injected sequentially or simultaneously...

video Moldex3D, CoreTech System Co., Ltd. Powder Injection Molding
injection molding simulation software Powder Injection Molding Moldex3D, CoreTech System Co., Ltd.

The technology of Powder Injection Molding originated in 1973. In the process, finely-powdered metal or ceramic is mixed with a measured amount of binder material to compose a feedstock....

6 products The MathWorks
video The MathWorks MATLAB® Symbolic Math Toolbox™
calculation software MATLAB® Symbolic Math Toolbox™ The MathWorks

Symbolic Math Toolbox™ provides tools for solving and manipulating symbolic math expressions and performing variable-precision arithmetic. The toolbox contains hundreds of MATLAB® symbolic functions that...

video The MathWorks MATLAB® Control System Toolbox™
control system design and analysis software MATLAB® Control System Toolbox™ The MathWorks

Control System Toolbox™ provides industry-standard algorithms and tools for systematically analyzing, designing, and tuning linear control systems. You can specify your system as a...

video The MathWorks MATLAB® Signal Processing Toolbox™
signal processing software MATLAB® Signal Processing Toolbox™ The MathWorks

Signal Processing Toolbox™ provides industry-standard algorithms for analog and digital signal processing (DSP). You can use the...

video The MathWorks MATLAB® Computer Vision System Toolbox™
video processing software MATLAB® Computer Vision System Toolbox™ The MathWorks

Computer Vision System Toolbox™ provides algorithms and tools for the design and simulation of computer vision and video processing systems. These...

video The MathWorks MATLAB® Econometrics Toolbox™
economical or financial data modeling and analysis software MATLAB® Econometrics Toolbox™ The MathWorks

Econometrics Toolbox™ provides functions for modeling economic data. You can select and calibrate economic models for simulation...

video The MathWorks Simulink® SimEvents®
discrete-event modeling and simulation software Simulink® SimEvents® The MathWorks

SimEvents® provides a discrete-event simulation engine and component library for Simulink®. You can model event-driven communication between components to analyze and optimize end-to-end latencies, throughput,...

1 products Inropa A/S
video Inropa A/S Inropa™ BladePainter
robotic process design and simulation software Inropa™ BladePainter Inropa A/S

Inropa™ BladePainter is developed for robotic painting and gel coating of rotor blades for Wind Turbines. The technology automatically adapts programs according to the shape, size, and position...

video CoreTechnologie 3D_Evolution™ Simplifier
FEM preprocessing and simplification software 3D_Evolution™ Simplifier CoreTechnologie

The Simplifier module is the ideal tool to save your intellectual property and your knowledge during sharing 3D models. It provides a size reduction of more than 90% of the model. Within seconds, through...

video CoreTechnologie 3D_Evolution™ FEM Tools
FEA software (finite element analysis) 3D_Evolution™ FEM Tools CoreTechnologie

FEM Tools is bridging the gap between CAD and CAE with easy-to-use direct modeling, midface and defeaturing functions for a flexible and accelerated product development process. Interfaces for all major...

1 products ANCA
video ANCA iFlute
3D modeling software iFlute ANCA

IFlute is a 3D simulation software package for designing customized flute profiles in the manufacturing process. The integration of both...

2 products Datacolor
video Datacolor MATCH® PIGMENT
color formulation software for pigments MATCH® PIGMENT Datacolor

Overview Next generation matching algorithms provide faster, more accurate and consistent matching for opaque, transparent, and translucent materials with improved color correction and color calibration...

video Datacolor MATCH-TEXTILE™
color formulation software for textiles MATCH-TEXTILE™ Datacolor

Designed for easy matching of any shade on any substrate or blend, Datacolor MATCH-TEXTILE™ offers a variety of powerful matching and batch correction capabilities guaranteeing exhaust and continuous...

4 products Geomagic
video Geomagic Geomagic® Freeform®
3D modeling software Geomagic® Freeform® Geomagic

Geomagic Freeform is a unique touch-enabled solution that facilitates fast 3D modeling of complex, highly detailed, organic shapes for prototyping or manufacturing. Two of Freeform’s unique aspects clearly...

video Geomagic Geomagic® Freeform® Plus
3D modeling software Geomagic® Freeform® Plus Geomagic

Geomagic Freeform Plus is a multi-representation, multi-purpose digital modeling and CAD system for producing manufacturable, highly-detailed objects that are intricate or organically shaped, such as...

video Geomagic  Geomagic Studio®
3D modeling software Geomagic Studio® Geomagic

Geomagic Studio® is the complete toolbox for transforming 3D scanned data into highly accurate surface, polygon and native CAD models. A vital component in a range of manufacturing workflows, Geomagic...

video Geomagic Geomagic Wrap®
3D modeling software Geomagic Wrap® Geomagic

From artists, archeologists, designers and through to movie-makers, people from every walk of life are creating perfect...

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