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dry ice blasting machine compact - 0.3 - 2 m³/min | SJ-10

* Optimum handling by compact design
* Very...

dry ice blasting machine - 1 - 6 m³/min | SJ-25

* For large surfaces and stubborn contaminations

dry ice blasting gun - 0.6 kg, 2 - 16 bar | JP-10

* Extreme low consumption
* For difficult to access and...

dry ice blasting gun - 2 kg, 2 - 16 bar | JP-25

* For large surface cleaning
* For stubborn contaminations
* Very efficient...

dry ice blasting gun - 2 kg, 2 - 16 bar | JP-25

Round Nozzle RN-10-6
For stubborn contaminations
Optimal between 5 and 8 bar (73 - 116 psi)
Thermally insulated

Round Nozzle RN-25-12-S

dry ice blasting gun - 2 kg, 2 - 16 bar | JP-25

Penguin Dry Ice Specialties Inc. manufacturing has now revolutionized the two hose ventury dry ice blasting machine, making the Mighty dr-i-cer Jr. one of the leading competitors in the dry ice blasting market, by keeping simplicity, aggression, and low costs in mind. Now after developing and producing the The Grand Penguin, we have engineered another ground breaking dry ice blasting...

dry ice blasting machine compact - Mighty Dr-i-cer™ Jr.

Our Mighty dr-i-cer™ Jr. dry ice blasting machine is the most aggressive ventury (two hose) machine on the market. It can also be as sensitive as a grinding or shaving machine that are being sold at a much higher cost.

This dry ice blaster was originally designed for our contract cleaning service,
it has been tried, tested and has proven to be a major competitor in the dry ice...

dry ice blasting machine compact - Mighty Dr-i-cer™ Jr.

Penguin Dry Ice Specialties Inc. has now not only revolutionized the two hose ventury dry ice blasting machine, making the Mighty dr-i-cer Jr. one of the leading competitors in the dry ice blasting market.

We have now moved the bar even higher, ask about and allow us to introduce our new The Grand Penguin one hose blasting machine.

Keeping our policy of simplicity, aggression,...

dry ice blasting machine compact - Mighty Dr-i-cer™ Jr.

IceBlast KG12
Complete ¾” - 110/230 V

IceBlast KG12S is suitable for companies that have a limited number of
short cleaning tasks. It is supplied complete with an ergonomic...

dry ice blasting machine programmable - iceblast professional


Professional ¾” - 110/230 V

As the name says, the IceBlast KG30 PROFESSIONAL is especially
suitable for the professional user.

The KG30 PROFESSIONAL facilitates data storage of selected blasting parameters
(blasting pressure and dry ice consumption per hour) in the machine memory.


dry ice blasting machine programmable - iceblast professional

Dry Ice blasting machines are among IceTech's comprehensive and versatile range of products enabling
users to cover all possible dry ice blasting applications - from the simplest to the

dry ice blasting machine programmable - iceblast professional

We supply several blasting guns to suit various cleaning requirements....

dry ice blasting machine programmable - iceblast professional

The dry ice containers are manufactured from polyethylene...

plasma cleaning machine - GIGA 80 PLUS

The Plasma System GIGA 80 PLUS is considered as the the only completely automated low-pressure device which focused on the cleaning of substrates to enhance die attaching, wire bonding, mold adhesion, FlipChip...

plasma cleaning machine / PC controllable - GIGA 690

The Plasma System GIGA 690 is a state-of-the-art plasma processing equipment. It is a PC-controlled production tool, featuring all options of data communication, and moreover, it is the most versatile plasma cleaning system in the world of chip packaging.

Featuring electrode-free energy feeding and plasma generation, the GIGA 690 system delivers unsurpassed flexibility. This electrode-free...

plasma cleaning machine - PS 400 H2

The Microwave Plasma System 400 H2 is an example from PVA TePlas 400/660 Series devices, which are the most versatile plasma cleaners in the world of chip packaging.

Our unique microwave plasma process technology serves a broad spectrum of applications including plasma cleaning before wire bonding, mold and FlipChip underfill as well as the cleaning of whole wafers (up to 12").


cleaning system - ION 3 KHZ

The IoN 3 KHz Plasma System is considered as the latest device in the vacuum plasma technology. The gas plasma is makes it an ideal choice for users in need of a surface modification of materials in the life sciences, electronic and...

cleaning system - IoN 3 MHz

The IoN 3 MHz is a low cost bench top vacuum plasma system. The device is simple to use and can be manually controlled. It comes with an aluminium chamber that has been anodized. It is designed...

dry ice blasting machine single hose / pneumatic - 30 - 80 kg/h | BL60

Since the introduction of dry-ice blasting, Aquila Triventek have made innovative steps towards, year-on-year.
New and improved features make this the dry-ice blaster for everybody:

plasma cleaning machine - Quadrio 5

The model Quadrio 5 is a compact plasma cleaning system suitable for stand alone operation. Typical applications are:

Cleaning of copper leadframes prior...

dry ice blasting machine - 2 - 16 bar, 15 - 35 kg | IB series

The Dry ice blasters from Karcher are mainly designed to gently clean stubborn...

in-line plasma cleaning system - PSX307

The PSX307 plasma cleaner provides 1.5 times the operation of conventional models which corresponds plate chamber technology that delivers superior etch uniformity over...

dry ice production machine - 50 - 200 kg | IFM series

The airtight compressor and HFC (R404-a) refrigerant has a stainless steel body and a receding door to offer users easy access to ice. The ice flake producer's...

dry ice production machine - 18 - 145 kg | ICM series

The CM series, manufactured by KW®, is a dry ice production machine tailored out of a stainless steel material. This series is equipped...

ice production machine - 1.5 - 36 kW, 200 - 12 000 kg/24h | CW-SG series

The CW-SG Series is ideally designed to provide a modern and sophisticated finish. It is mainly constructed to be used in the modern food industry which is...

ice production machine - 5 - 57 kW, 1 200 - 9 000 kg/24h | CW-SP series

The CW-SG series is composed of ice production machine developed by LALLI ELETTRONICA. This is specifically designed to cater the food industry...

dry ice press - 82 t

Used by dry ice manufacturers for molding dry ice blocks
10" x 10" x 43" dry ice mold cavity
10" x 10" platens

plasma cleaning machine - max. 600 W | PTP-300


Universal temperature and plasma cleaning machine with maximum part loading area: 305 mm x 305 mm (25 mm...

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