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rotary manifold - RM series

The RM Series Rotary Manifold utilizes a unique concept in transferring...

manifold fitting - DN 16 - 315, PN 10 - 16

Cepex offers the highest-level guarantee for all its PVC Fittings for pressurized fluid handling applications.

ga manifold - 1/2

Manifold system for 2-6 gas cylinders next to each other and 2 cylinders in a double row including mounting rails

manifold - 10 000 psi

Product Type:

manifold - KB series

Single Manifold Block for D03 CETOP Valve
BSPP Ports

manifold - KB series

The 9614 manifold assembly comes as standard equipment on Hytec pumps (100186, 100280, 100190, 100200, 100174, 100220 and 100211. It provides the connection points for pressure and return lines as well as a gauge and/or pressure switch. These pumps are designed to have this manifold...

3-valve manifold - AX3A, AX3T

Differential Pressure Manifolds AX3A and AX3T 3-Valve Manifolds
Features & Benefits:

Direct mounting compact design requires a minimum of space for operation and installation with fewer potential leak...

2-valve manifold - PTM/PT7

Features & Benefits:

Cost savings when manifolding the instruments. This eliminates several parts used in conventional methods of piping up resulting in cost reduction of 20-30 percent.

2-valve manifold - PTM/PT7

Design and manufacture of Hydraulic Power Packs and Manifolds...

manifold - WPCM1

1 in. diameter manifold trunks are closed at one end and swedged to accept 1 in. copper at the...

manifold - WPCM1

The BULK instrument manifolds and accessories are mostly made out of 316 stainless steel, or out of carbon steel, monel, inconel titanium, hastelloy C. They are made according...

manifold - WPCM1

The air manifold block is suitable for the separation of non-lubricated...

3-valve manifold - max. 400 bar | VM-3, VM-5

VM-3 and VM-5 series valve manifold assembly functions as a mechanical solution to relative pressure transmitter system. Specifically,...

5-valve manifold - max. 400 bar | VM-3, VM-5

VM-3 and VM-5 valve manifolds are utilized with pressure transmitters. These valves allow operations to be carried out on the transmitters, like the...

2-valve manifold - VM2

The VM-2, which is manufactured by Aplisens, is a 2-valve...

3-valve manifold - PN 420, 6 092 psi

Manifold Combination - For High Temperture Applications

Working temperature:...

2-valve manifold - DN 5, PN 420

for direct mounting to pressure transmitters
* External...

3-valve manifold - DN 5, PN 400

for remote mounting
* Surface: steel phosphatized

3-valve manifold - DN 5, PN 420

for remote mounting
* External stem thread

3-valve manifold - DN 8, PN 420

Body: die-pressed part
Surface: steel phosphatized
Internal stem thread
Replaceable valve seat

aluminum manifold - CAM series

The Teseo Aluminum Pipework CAM aluminum assorted is a unique innovation which is used...

2-valve manifold - 1/2

Threaded connections (Pipe-to-Pipe) 6,000psi (414bar)and 10,000psi (670bar)rated.
The two-valve isolating and venting manifold used mainly in gauge and static instrument applications such as pressure switches, pressure transmitters and manometers.


2-valve manifold - 10 000 psi | 2VG series

The “2VG” series 2 valve gauge manifold offering single process isolation and controlled venting. Unlike the ‘2VR’ series, the ‘2VG’ series can be offered with male inlet and female outlet connections.


3-valve manifold - 1/2

The three-valve isolation manifold remote mounted (pipe to pipe). Used mainly in differential pressure transmitters and static instrument applications. The 3VR has two process isolation valves and...

3-valve manifold - 6 000 psi

Direct mounted three-valve manifold, instrument mount to pipe connection. Having a “T” section body format allows...

3-valve manifold - 54 mm, 10 000 psi | 3VBDD series

* 54MM (2-1/8") X 1/2" NPT Female
* Angled heads / valves for D.P. clearance and ease of use

Direct mounted three-valve manifold, instrument mount to pipe connection....

manifold fitting - MQ series

Series MQ

pneumatic manifold / multi-port - 1/8

Nickel plated fittings provide service under harsh conditions for many...

brass manifold - 1 1/4

Custom designed manifolds, spool pieces and unique piping configurations are a specialty at Allegheny Bradford....

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