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conditioning amplifier / signal - AT063

The function of the amplifier module AT063 is identic to AT057. The new module is mounted into an aluminum box for protection...

conditioning amplifier / signal - AT063

The function of the amplifier module AT063 is identic to AT057. The new module is mounted into an aluminum box for protection against electro magnetic compatibility. This module is...

acoustic amplifier - 120 dB, 50 - 5 000 Hz | Nor280

Our aim is to take the latest technology available to help our customers complete their measurements faster but without loss of precision. With the Nor280 we have again met this objective.This power amplifier is the 4th generation of specially designed units for building acoustic measurements from Norsonic. It is less than...

power amplifier / millimeter wave - 26 - 60 GHz

Intense knowledge gained over decades in the field of millimeter wave component and subsystem integration has helped solve some challenging issues related to power....

thread amplifier - EW series

Enlarging made of polyamide, fibre-glass...

brass thread amplifier - MEW series

Enlarging made of brass nickel-plated


wide-band amplifier - 1 kHz - 1.2 GHz, 20 dB | S5200

The Baytems S5200 with key features like minimum distortion, minimum noise, long life stability...

wide-band amplifier - 1 kHz - 1.2 GHz, 40 dB | S5400

Baytems S5400 broad band amplifier has a 40 dB gain which covers the normal frequency range starting from 9 KHz to 1 GHz. Having a superior gain and reduced...

wide-band amplifier - 1 kHz - 1.2 GHz, 40 dB | S5400

The TETA is an Yb solid-state laser system. The system comprises a built-in fiber seed oscillator, fiber pulse stretcher, Faraday isolator, CPA-based regenerative amplifier with direct diode pumping, additional pulse...

laser amplifier / Ti:sapphire - REUS

The Regulus RA family of amplifiers comprise a femtosecond seed oscillator (TiF-50F or fiber EFOA-SH), stretcher, Faraday isolator, Pockels cell with control and synchronization unit, regenerative...

laser amplifier / Ti:sapphire - MATEKO

The MATEKO femtosecond amplifier is designed to provide mJ-level output by amplifying pulses from a Ti:S or fiber ultrafast seed oscillator. The amplification ratio in such a system is more than 10^6 and happens in a Ti:S crystal during several passes while pumping by a Q-switched...

laser amplifier / Ti:sapphire - MATEKO

The FREGAT family of Cr:Forsterite femtosecond amplifiers are based on unique active...

release  amplifier / switch-mode - 12 - 24 VDC, 0.36 - 2.4 W

Switching amplifier with integrated power supply and

power relay / changeover...

release  amplifier / switch-mode - 12 - 24 VDC, 1.2 W

Switching amplifier with integrated power supply and

five power relay /...

release  amplifier / switch-mode - 8 V, 8 mA

This product is specifically designed to provide power in hazardous area's proximity sensors, handles reception of proportional current, changes input to digital output signals and then transfer switching...

release  amplifier / switch-mode - 115 - 230 V | WE series

This revolutionary WE-System transformer isolated barrier from PEPPERL+FUCHS is unique device that is ideally used for transferring digital signals into hazardous...

release  amplifier / switch-mode - max. 30 VDC, max. 30 mA | KCD2-SR-1.LB

This single-channel conditioner is a 24 V DC unit that...

release  amplifier / switch-mode - max. 30 VDC, max. 30 mA | KCD2-SR-1.LB

The Nexen tension meters and amplifiers are measurement devices utilized to measure...

galvanic isolator amplifier / inherently safe - 21.6 - 253 V, max. 3 W | STV 5104 B

The STV 5104 B is intended for use with 2-wire and 3-wire transducers that are normally...

fiber-optic amplifier - 500 Hz, max. 300 mm | LV461 series

This revolutionary series has been specially designed to conform with all the basic...

fiber-optic amplifier - 500 Hz, max. 525 mm | LV462 series

The series with 3-digit display enables the display of switching threshold....

fiber-optic amplifier - 2 500 Hz, max. 525 mm | LV463 series

The LV463 fiber optic sensor is made with a strong...

fiber-optic amplifier - 1 500 Hz, max. 300 mm | LVS 325 series

"Teach-in" is most commonly used to calibrate a series of fiber optic cable...

fiber-optic amplifier - 74 x 36 x 15 mm, IP 65 | OBF series

OBF type fiber-optic-amplifiers have an unbeatable performance ratio. Using the fixing holes, the sensors can be mounted as free-standing units or on a DIN rail....

microwave amplifier - -20 °C ... +60 °C | Nivotester FTR325

A single channel switch amplifier for the microwave barrier from Soliwave M.

Customers benefit from it in many...

microwave amplifier - -20 °C ... +60 °C | Nivotester FTR325

These switching amplifiers are useful for galvanically separated binary signal transmissions. Binary signals...

measurement amplifier / for water treatment - 0 °C...+45 °C, 24 - 240 V | Conex DIA series

The Conex® DIA (Dosing Instrumentation Advanced) series is designed for users without previous knowledge. A simple plain-text menu allows you to complete your tasks quickly and easily without wasting any time on learning and deciphering codes. The units speak no less than nine languages, allowing virtually anyone to navigate the self-explanatory menus. Conex® units...

measurement amplifier / water treatment - DIP series

The product DIP or Dosing Instrumentation Pool is made for swimming pool applications but is used today in water treatment applications as well. It measures up to three...

booster amplifier / multi-channel - max. 200 °C | 2205A121

The Kistler Multichannel Thermocouple Amplifier is designed to convert the charge signal from electric...

thermocouple amplifier - 2207A

The 4-Channel Thermocouple Amplifier from Kistler is applied in signal conditioning for thermocouple elements...

piezoresistive sensor amplifier - 1 - 10 V | 4603B10

The Piezoresistive Amplifier Process Controlled has parallel current output and allows voltage output that can be measured 1, 2, 5, and 10 V based from specific sensor...

piezoresistive sensor amplifier - max. 1 000 mV | 4620A2

This digital signal amplifier with digital compensation is capable of maximum accuracy with third-order polynomial, output for pressure and temperature 4 20 mA or 0 10 VDC,...

booster amplifier / sensor - RS-232C, USB | 5018A1000

The Kistler Single-Channel Laboratory Charge Amplifier is the perfect choice for signal conditioning of piezoelectric pressure sensors in modern...

wide-band amplifier -  0.8 - 6 GHz | R&S®BBA150

The R&S®BBA150 is a new family of broadband amplifiers for the microwave range. The instruments, which are optimized for high frequencies, offer high power, yet are compact and lightweight....

wide-band amplifier - 9 kHz - 1 GHz | R&S®BBA100 series

The R&S®BBA100 state-of-the-art broadband amplifier provides control and monitoring options that allow for setup of very compact systems. The...

flow sensor amplifier - VT-MSFA1-50-1X

Valve amplifiers for on/off valves, Analog,...

differential amplifier - DA, DXC series

Amplifiers are designed mainly to send out signal conditioning for oscilloscopes and network and spectrum analyzers.The TELEDYNE LECROY Industry is the no.1 choice for Differential...


How to choose this product


Amplifiers furnish an amplified output value of identical or similar nature to the input. Some offer functions beyond simple amplification.


These devices are used in numerous fields to amplify and process measurement signals or to control electrical loads requiring power. Other types of amplifiers are used in pneumatics and in optics.


Measurement amplifiers generate strong signals without influencing sensor operation. Thermocouple amplifiers provide cold welding compensation in addition to amplification. They often ensure galvanic isolation.

Stepper motor amplifiers are motor positioning control units. Servoamplifiers control servomotor speed, torque and position.

Often used in electronics, operational amplifiers are characterized by bandwidth, and can be used for radio-frequency amplification. Low-noise models exist for weak signals. Transimpedance amplifiers change an input voltage to an output current, while differential amplifiers amplify the difference between two inputs.

Airflow amplifiers use compressed air. The Coandă effect is used to amplify pneumatic control signals for large-volume pneumatic valves or cylinders. Amplifiers for optical fibers generate an electronic excitation in the fiber that increases photon flow.

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