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laser engraving machine / fiber laser / for metal / automatic
laser engraving machine

X travel: 70 mm - 110 mm
Y travel: 70 mm - 110 mm

... efficiency 9. little energy coupling loss Parameters: 1. maximum laser power:100 to 150 W 2. marking area:400 mm×400 mm 3. repetition frequency:≤100K Hz 4. marking depth:≤8 mm 5. maximum linear speed:≤7000 ...

CO2 laser engraving machine / for wood / for glass / for metal
CO2 laser engraving machine
LS100, LS100Ex Energy

X travel: 460, 610 mm
Y travel: 305 mm
Power: 25 W

... many needs (flat engraving, cylinder engraving, object engraving). The various accessories and additional equipment allow you to configure it very easily according to your work environment. ...

CO2 laser engraving machine / for glass / for metal / for paper
CO2 laser engraving machine
LS100, LS100Ex

X travel: 610 mm
Y travel: 305 mm
Power: 40 W

... basis. It is ideal for marking, engraving or cutting many materials (plastic, wood, acrylic, glass, leather, etc.) VERSATILE The LS100 and LS100 Ex machines meet a wide range of needs, from customizing ...

laser engraving machine / CO2 laser / for ophthalmic lenses / automated
laser engraving machine

X travel: 515 mm
Y travel: 1,340 mm

High precision laser engraving system for marking ophthalmic progressive lenses The CO2 laser system is prepared to engrave semi-visible and visible markings on organic lenses. It marks convex and ...

fiber laser engraving machine / for metal / for plastics / for aluminum
fiber laser engraving machine
M2000-P, M3000-P

X travel: 450 mm
Y travel: 250 mm

... M-Series laser marking workstations is designed for accurately handling complex machining pieces that are dimensionally complicated or high volume. These work stations are loaded manually, making them ...

3D laser engraving machine / for glass / industrial / automatic
3D laser engraving machine

X travel: 1,300 mm
Y travel: 1,500 mm

1, Machine features This kinds of glass subsurface laser engraving machine suitable for glass / crystal subsurface engraving in large size, refined engraving ...

CO2 laser engraving machine / for plastics / for paper / for wood
CO2 laser engraving machine

X travel: 300 mm
Y travel: 200 mm
Power: 200 W

Perfect Laser is a world famous manufacturer of rubber stamp engraving machine. This mini laser engraving machine integrates the newest light, machine ...

CO2 laser engraving machine / for denim jeans / automatic
CO2 laser engraving machine

X travel: 1,100 mm
Y travel: 1,100 mm
Power: 500 W

... temperature water chiller 5KW for laser machine ★Brief description Denim jeans laser engraving is catering to the demands of replacing traditional washing processes. With 3D dynamic large-format ...

laser engraving machine / CO2 laser / for glass / automatic
laser engraving machine

X travel: 1,400 mm
Y travel: 1,000 mm

CO2 laser engraving and cutting machine has numerous features such as - it adopts the international advanced DSP control technology. It is known as the best device for fast and continuous curve cutting. ...

etching machine / dental application / automatic / chemical
etching machine

KKS etching systems are modular constructions which can be operated manually or fully automatically. They allow to realize different process steps such as cleaning, etching, rinsing and drying in one process of machining. ...

laser engraving machine / CNC / automatic
laser engraving machine

X travel: 150 mm
Y travel: 150 mm

In 2 sizes for piston rings up to 270 mm diameter The Lasergravursystem is the fully automatic solution of the Laser Class 1 for the economical labelling of large quantities of piston rings. Characteristics of the ...

laser engraving machine / for glass / for aluminum profiles / desktop
laser engraving machine
ALFA 67/67 , 67/130

Power: 140 W

... : Consumer engraving - Plates and stamps Consumer engraving - Trophies and dataplates Consumer engraving - Engraving and customization of objects

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plasma engraving machine / for metal / automatic / compact
plasma engraving machine

Power: 600 W

... MARCH's RIE-1701 Plasma System is designed for advanced etching applications such as: removal of interlayer films for failure analysis, de-encapsulation and dielectric material removal, etching of oxides, ...

mechanical engraving machine / for glass / automatic
mechanical engraving machine
Master 23

Master 23 is Intermac's most compact range of processing centres for machining glass. Designed to meet the needs of large companies producing big batches, but also small-scale artisans who decide to invest in the growth ...

laser engraving machine / for metal / for plastics / for wood
laser engraving machine
MC 68

X travel: 800 mm
Y travel: 620 mm
Power: 600 W

... or 120 engraving machine to increase their performance and to offer the best engraving system to you? A reliable and fast automatic tool change with ...

industrial engraving machine / CNC / automatic / electropneumatic
industrial engraving machine

X travel: 800, 1,000, 1,200 mm
Y travel: 1,200, 600, 800 mm

GVM engraving machines by ANDERSON Europe are especially designed for the requirements of the graphic industry and manufactured with utmost care. Machining of flexible dies for rotary ...

metal engraving machine / desktop / automatic
metal engraving machine
0.5 - 50 mm/s | ME series

X travel: 483 mm - 650 mm
Y travel: 305 mm - 440 mm

... Hewlett-Packard Co. Wide variety of materials The ME-500/ME-650 can engrave on metals as well as plastics. Accurate engraving Rigid construction ad servo control technologies of Mimaki accumulated through years of ...

laser engraving machine / CO2 laser / for lenses / automatic
laser engraving machine

... is a high professional machine for engraving ophthalmic lenses in highest perfection and quality Highest engraving quality due to a Excime Laser-Source (193 nm) Long-lasting, ...

laser engraving system / process / for textiles / automatic
laser engraving system

... system is the latest achievement in direct laser engraving on rotary screen cylinders which are widely used for production of textile, wallpaper and labels. The operation principle is based on the laser engraving ...

laser engraving machine / desktop / automatic / vertical
laser engraving machine
MicroMark GN

X travel: 530 mm
Y travel: 410 mm

The MicroMark GN is a desktop laser marking machine that provides the most economical solution that meets a wide range of production needs. Vertical openings on all three sides provide easy access with a pass through ...

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mechanical engraving machine / laser / diode / industrial
mechanical engraving machine
NBL 30

Power: 5 W - 50 W

... reach from 36cm² to 100cm², depending on system configuration. The focal spotsize, the most important parameter to achieve engraving quality, is selected versus the application needs, by the choice of suitable optical ...

reactive ionic engraving system / automated
reactive ionic engraving system
NRE series

X travel: 26 in
Y travel: 26 in

The NRE-4000 is a stand alone Reactive Ion Etching (RIE) system with shower-head gas distribution and water cooled RF platen. It has a stainless steel cabinet and a 13” cylindrical Aluminum chamber that opens from top ...

laser engraving machine / CO2 laser / automatic
laser engraving machine

General description Application: Engraving alpha-numerics and logo. Features: This CO2 laser system was designed to mark components "on-the-fly." The parts are manually loaded onto a shelf and slid onto the conveyor. ...

PCB engraving machine / milling / automatic
PCB engraving machine

Specification: 1. Usage: automatic line carving, drilling and milling edge for circuit board; 2. Maximum working size: 320mm×320mm 3. Working mode: 2.5 d double-sided processing mode; 4. All module ...