V transmission belt / for automotive applications / aramid
V transmission belt
Micro-V® series

... MICRO-V® ARAMID BELTS Gates, the leader in automotive Serpentine belt drive systems, collaborates with OE manufacturers globally to continually evolve the performance and durability of belt ...

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V transmission belt / polyester / wrapped / aramid
V transmission belt
AGRIDUR® Wrapped V

AGRIDUR® Wrapped V-belts With low-stretch tension member and upgraded compound for high power transmission at high loads AGRIDUR® power transmission belts ensure extremely reliable power transmission ...

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folder-gluer belt / flat / polyester / polyamide
folder-gluer belt
CT series

Habasit offers a comprehensive range of folder-gluer belts made of different materials for various box folding applications. The belts provide excellent reversed bending properties, high abrasion resistance, ...

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V transmission belt / rubber / maintenance-free / high-performance
V transmission belt
Quad-Power® 4

... minimal-stretch cord technology, Gates has designed the industry‘s first bandless zero-maintenance V-belt. Unlike conventional belts, the Quad-Power® 4 bandless V-belt does not suffer ...

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Gates Europe
trapezoidal transmission belt / EPDM / for heavy-duty applications / agricultural
trapezoidal transmission belt
Browning® 358

Browning® 3V, 5V, and 8V belts aim at achieving optimum horsepower transmission with a long service life. The highlight of the product includes an EPDM (Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer) for a drastic increase in the ...

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Power Transmission Solutions
synchronous transmission belt / polymer
synchronous transmission belt

... Air-Cooled Heat Exchanger) belts have a special “Z” twist construction designed specifically for air-cooled heat exchangers. Because the ACHE drive has a vertical shaft, the ACHE belt is built with “Z” ...

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Timken Belts
V belt / plastic
V belt

... D-V wedge belts (3VX-5VX-8V): Dodge V-belts allow compact, lighter-weight drives and feature a high-strength tension member for rated power with minimum stretch. Their molded cog construction accommodates ...

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Baldor Electric Company
timing transmission belt / synchronous / rubber
timing transmission belt

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Misumi America
synchronous transmission belt / rubber / positioning
synchronous transmission belt

BRECO®Move belt First of all, the new-generation BRECO® Move belt, available in AT10 and AT15 profile, is designed for very high precision linear drives, high speed, high load and very high positioning accuracy.

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flat transmission belt / thermoplastic / for machines
flat transmission belt
T series

... from the Chiorino Thermoplastic power transmission belts for high speed machines, when your main goal is to reduce energy consumption, or you can decide for the robust and resilient Polyamide power transmission belts, ...

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trapezoidal transmission belt / rubber / pulley
trapezoidal transmission belt
DIN 7753

... metre is 0.074 kg. The V-belt needs to be pre-tensioned during mounting, and after 15 - 20 minutes of working time, re tightened. Standard V-belts have a short service life at a continuous temperature ...

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toothed transmission belt / rubber
toothed transmission belt
PolyChain® GT series

... efficient at very high torques and low speeds. Poly Chain timing belts are the more efficient solution everywhere that chains would be the only solution otherwise. Furthermore we also offer belts ...

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Walther Flender
flat strip / polyethylene
flat strip
KB-fix series

... consumer applications and much more. The Velcro (hook and loop) fastener strips are available on a 25 m roll and are cut as required. Particular benefits of the KB-fix Velcro strip are: Very simple ...

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trapezoidal transmission belt / rubber
trapezoidal transmission belt

V-belts, Flat Belts and Toothed Belts Standard profiles available off the shelf Toothed belts are available in any width with their own cutting machine

synchronous transmission belt / rubber / maintenance-free / rubber
synchronous transmission belt
Falcon Pd®

The HNBR rubber compound produces a clean, quiet belt that delivers exceptional performance under higher-torque and lower speed applications. The new Falcon Pd soars over the competition delivering up to a 36% horsepower ...

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round belt / polyurethane / stainless steel / low-backlash
round belt
Flex-E-Gear series

Flex-E-Gear belts consist of polyurethane plastic molded over either double stainless steel core or a double aramid cable core. Due to the unique design, the gear drive chains offer a strong, quiet, lube-free drive system ...

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trapezoidal transmission belt / rubber / for automotive applications / friction
trapezoidal transmission belt

... the bearings. Multiple V-belts can also be arranged next to each other. On drives with multiple parallel V-belts, however, because of stretching it is important that all belts be replaced ...

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flat transmission belt / leather
flat transmission belt
LF series

High-efficiency leather flat-belts: automatic lathes, centrifugal pumps, light construction textile machines, generators, agitators, carding machines, turbine, pulpers, cone drives, metal-press, cross and half-cross drivers

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round transmission belt / polyurethane
round transmission belt
022 series

The 022 series from Skiffy is a round transmission belt that works well with Skiffy's 024 series of round belt wheels making it ideal an ideal as a driving or conveying belt. This green-colored ...

flat transmission belt / rubber / endless
flat transmission belt

... assurance are our top priority. But thats not the only reason why Esband represents a revolution in terms of drive belts, conveyor belts, garniture tapes and suction tapes. Its endless production without ...

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trapezoidal transmission belt / rubber / wrapped
trapezoidal transmission belt
1 500 - 9 000 mm | BLUE POWER series

... high-performance wedge belt optibelt BLUE POWER has a high-strength aramid cord and as an individual belt, as a set or as a Kraftband is particularly suited for large, heavily loaded drives. The capacity ...

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toothed transmission belt / polyurethane / maintenance-free
toothed transmission belt

... the advantages responsible for the success of our timing belts worldwide. Drives with a high power transmission are the special field of application for BRECOFLEX® timing belts. ...

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trapezoidal transmission belt / rubber / link
trapezoidal transmission belt
13 mm | PowerTwist Plus A/13/4L

... PowerTwist Plus Antistatic V-Belts are the permanent upgrade for traditional rubber V-belts and transmits high power while exhibiting low stretch. Also combines fast and easy installation with the best ...

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Fenner Drives
trapezoidal transmission belt / neoprene / industrial / agricultural
trapezoidal transmission belt

The classical section v-belts are widety used in industrial and agricultural sectors and can be used on ai trapezodal pulleys generally distributed on the market

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BEA Ingranaggi
poly V transmission belt / rubber / for roller conveyors
poly V transmission belt

... to 3% results from the roller pitches and is taken into account in the length of the belt. The tolerances for the hole spacing must be observed. Consult the belt manufacturer for assistance in calculating ...