air blower / centrifugal / two-stage / oil-free
air blower
GHBH series

Flow rate: 320 m³/h
Operating pressure: 210 mbar - 570 mbar
Nominal power: 2.2 kW - 7.5 kW

... systems A good air flow and air blower selection should be made necessary as a result of the determination, an amount must be greater than is required.Working constantly under pressure or in a vacuum blowers ...

air blower / centrifugal / single-stage
air blower

hot air blower / impeller / single-stage
hot air blower
CY 130F

Nominal power: 0.1 kW

Gas Infrared Radiant Tube Heating Blower Details Features of our inductive AC motor fans: Direct Driven fans with AC motor Can accept hot air up to 260ºC Forward Curved steel Impellers Galvanised Steel Housing Maintenance ...

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air blower / centrifugal / conveying
air blower

Features & Benefits: Blower system design provides pressure conveying and/or vacuum conveying functions for dry bulk material handling operations requiring optimal balance of blower power and energy ...