glass cutting machine / CNC
glass cutting machine

X travel: 3,700, 6,000 mm
Y travel: 2,600, 3,210 mm
Cutting speed: 0 mm/min - 120,000 mm/min

CCT - CNC GLASS CUTTING TABLES (STRAIGHT AND SHAPE) Cutting size 3.700x2.600 mm or 6.000x3.210 mm. Cutting thickness range 2mm - 19mm. Accuracy± 0,2mm. Cutting ...

plastic cutting machine / rotary blade / for packaging / CNC
plastic cutting machine

X travel: 2,050 mm
Y travel: 1,550 mm
Cutting speed: 50,000 mm/min

... unloading system on request. It is provided as standard also the F.P.C. system of recognition of marks. (Flying Precision Cutting®). Main fields of application: digital printing, deep etching of shapes, displays and ...

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metal cutting machine / flame / for tubes / CNC
metal cutting machine

Tube diameter: 80 mm - 800 mm

A unique machine developed through Advanced Technology and world wide experience. The KHC-600D features compact design, light weight and operating ease. Its main use is for high precision cutting of ...

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Th. Wortelboer B.V.
gantry type cutting machine / for aluminum / for iron / for precious metals
gantry type cutting machine

X travel: 1 mm - 500 mm
Y travel: 1 mm - 500 mm

Mobile oxygen cutting portal with numeric control and hand-held control Cutting area 500mmx500mm; bevel angle 0-45° (standard values, if other values necessary please contact us) Cutting ...

copper cutting machine / for brass / fiber laser / CNC
copper cutting machine

Laser power: 70, 100, 30, 50 W

... fiber laser equipment for marking and engraving & cutting manufacturer, with professional factory we are always able to offer you discount enclosed fiber laser equipment for marking and engraving & cutting ...

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Shenzhen Superwave Laser Technology Co.,Ltd
CO2 laser cutting machine / for metal / CNC / engraving
CO2 laser cutting machine

X travel: 610 mm
Y travel: 406 mm
Laser power: 90 W

... full front to back pass-through designed for professional production and heavy use environments, the P-Series 24x16 Laser Cutter just works to get your job done faster.

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Full Spectrum Laser
metal cutting machine / plasma / sheet metal / CNC
metal cutting machine

... air conditioning. In the basic version of the machine, the torch's downward motion is controlled pneumatically, with adjustable pressure, and the cutting height can be adjusted manually. The machine ...

metal cutting machine / die / label / CNC
metal cutting machine

Tube diameter: 180 mm

Standard equipment includes 5 adjustable clamping arms and waste slitters with holders. Once the material (square-cut sheets) is inserted and the protective plexiglass door is closed, the cutting stroke ...

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Gerhard Busch
metal cutting machine / fiber laser / sheet metal / CNC
metal cutting machine

X travel: 1,500 mm
Y travel: 3,000 mm
Cutting speed: 25 m/s

Widely applied to metal-sheet processing,stainless steel decorative engineering,advertising trademark,high/low voltage electrical cabinet.kitchenware,metal craftwork,auto parts,farm machinery,medical instrument,environmental protection ...

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drilling cutting machine / for metal / rotary blade / profile
drilling cutting machine

CNC-Feed-and-Drilling-System Type BV-A: X-axis controled or X- and Y-axis controled CNC-Feed-and-Drilling-System Standard equipment: Feedsystem with clamping device Drilling table, Y-axis adjustable ...

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Jörg Neu GmbH Maschinenbau u. Handel
metal cutting machine / abrasif wire / CNC / 5-axis
metal cutting machine
BMT 200S

X travel: 210 mm
Y travel: 200 mm

SPECIFICATION: Max. workpiece size 550 x 470 x 115mm Q X,Y axis travel 210/200mm Z axis travel 120mm U / V axis travel 30 / 30mm -

fiber laser cutting machine / for aluminum / for steel / for stainless steel
fiber laser cutting machine

Laser power: 2,000, 1,000 W
Tube diameter: 20 mm - 152 mm

... the Fiber Laser Tube Cutting System. With over 30 years of experience in design and manufacturing experience in tube cutting technology, SOCO is specialized in solutions for the Tube and Pipe industries, ...

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SOCO Machinery
fiber laser cutting machine / for aluminum / for steel / for stainless steel
fiber laser cutting machine
Titan FLS 48

Laser power: 2,000 W - 5,000 W

... Fiber laser Cutting Systems. They equipped with a high-power, energy efficient fiber laser and an advanced direct drive motion control platform. Comparable to other machines, the Titan has a lighter ...

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Laser Photonics
knife cutting machine / sheet / CNC / precision
knife cutting machine

Cutting speed: 300,000 mm/min

CHM precision high speed sheet cutter widely apply to cut paper, board,art paper,kraft paper etc in the paper converting,packing and printing industry.

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tube cutting machine / for plastics / CNC / automatic
tube cutting machine

wood cutting machine / for glass / CO2 laser / CNC
wood cutting machine
es PRINT series

Laser power: 10, 60, 30 W

... their infrared wavelenght (10.6 µm) they are excellent for marking applications on wood or glass, and for products cutting or pre-cutting. Manufactured with the best components, our industrial laser ES ...

metal cutting machine / CNC
metal cutting machine

For the even chopping of continuous strips. Cutting fans Our cutting fans chop continuous strips, such as those found in the furniture industry, for example. 4 blades and counter blades located in the ...

knife cutting machine / CNC / for structural steel
knife cutting machine
TR 100

... converter Cutoff discs: 150 mm Ø, on request 200 mm Ø Choice of manual or automatic feed or automatic feed with automatic stop of cutting process and fast speed return. Coolant tank: 185 liter capacity Dimensions: 1200 ...

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e.petschauer gmbh
metal cutting machine / oxyacetylene / CNC
metal cutting machine

Cutting speed: 0 m/s - 0.05 m/s
Laser power: 20 W

... transport different types of oxy-fuel cutting torches with a grip diameter 28-35mm (1-1/8 to 1-3/8) to perform machine quality cutting and beveling processes in a variety of applications. Primary ...

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plastic cutting machine / knife / CNC / for plastic film
plastic cutting machine

Automatic cut machine for barrier film The automatic cut machine for barrier film, model 2TA4FBTC, is a machine studied by SALA Macchine Speciali Srl by using the gained experience in ...

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Sala Macchine Speciali
fiber laser cutting machine / for metal / CNC / for thin materials
fiber laser cutting machine
FL 3015 LU, FL4015 LU

Laser power: 2, 3, 4 kW

... Compact fiber laser cutting cell --> Innovative ‘Parallel Kinematics Technology’ for high dynamic movement --> Automatic scratch free loading and unloading system --> Reduced overall cycle times --> Sheet stability ...

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Haco Atlantic Inc.
metal cutting machine / plasma / CNC
metal cutting machine

X travel: 2,000 mm
Y travel: 6,000 mm
Cutting speed: 10 mm/min - 7,000 mm/min

... system & planetary gears, achieving speed of 20m/min Safety limit switches for all axis Wide range of selection of plasma cutting sources (high definition or conventional ones) Selection between manual or automatic ...

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metal cutting machine / plasma / profile / CNC
metal cutting machine

X travel: 1,500 mm - 8,000 mm
Y travel: 1,500 mm - 50,000 mm

The MG is a CNC plasma cutting machine, manufactured by Microstep Group. This product is ideal to use for long-lasting industrial inset, which match the high requirements on precision, ...

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Microstep Group
metal cutting machine / for tubes / CNC
metal cutting machine

... start the machine the operator must use both hands, after start up only one hand is needed to keep the machine running, leaving the other hand free to operate the control of the feed pin. If the operator ...

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Mactech Europe Ltd
knife cutting machine / CNC / universal
knife cutting machine
C 057

Y travel: 3 mm

The Universal cutting machine C057 is designed to cut the leads of loose radial components with lead diameters up to .8mm [.032"]. The machine utilizes spring loaded ...

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