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compressed air filter - 2.5 - 517 m³/min (88 - 18 249 cfm)

Heavy-duty filters from Ingersoll Rand are reinforced with durable housing that provides high performance and reliability in even the most extreme industrial environments....

compressed air filter - max. +80 °C | F series

To keep your equipment and machines safe, take help of F-Series advanced compressed...

compressed air filter - 0.6 - 468 m³/min (21 - 17 000 cfm)

The innovative Ingersoll Rand Filter features a low pressure drop design that uniquely provides a no touch element replacement function. It gives low energy consumption...

compressed air filter - 0.6 - 468 m³/min (21 - 17 000 cfm)

The aerosol separators manufactured by Wiegand® are used for retrofitting of existing plants. The systems are efficient to use when formation of aerosols is expected, which cannot be prevented under technological aspects.


compressed air filter - 10 - 8 000 l/s | DD, DDp series

The DD, DDp, PDp, and QD filters offered by Atlas Copco provide first-class and inexpensive filtration solutions that meet the demands for quality air. These filters are specifically designed to minimize the levels of contamination in compressed air streams, and ensure that investments, equipment and processes are protected....

compressed air filter - 5 - 50 µm, max. 15 bar | FIL SY series

Filters are built to retain any present liquid or solid impurities in compressed air. A centrifuge unit is is used to move the incoming air so that liquid particles, which are heavier, are then pushed against the...

compressed air filter - 5 - 50 µm, max. 13 bar | BIT series

Technical features by reducing the dimension and avoiding...

compressed air filter / coalescing - 200 Nl/min, max. 13 bar | DEP BIT series

This is a compact and efficient Coalescing...

compressed air filter - 5 - 50 µm, max. 15 bar | FIL series

The filter is designed to eliminate any solid or liquid impurities
from the air that the compressor generates. The centrifuge unit
rotates the air and forces the heaviest liquid and solid...

compressed air filter / coalescing - 230 - 2 300 Nl/min, max. 15 bar | DEP series

The depurator is used to efficiently separate...

compressed air filter / coalescing - 0.5 - 185 m³/min, max. 16 bar | FM series

These device are a Mattei FM series of compressed air filters, compressed air is made cleaner simply by installing this device. Certain materials in these filters help provided 100% clean air, guaranteed....

compressed air filter / coalescing / oil / air  - max. 18 bar | FLCF-1

This device is a FLCF-1 coalescing filter made by the DeVilbiss company. This device offers a fine oil or...

compressed air filter / coalescing / oil / air  - FLRC-1

The DeVilbiss FLRC-1 Filter Regulator Coalescer is a compact...

compressed air filter / coalescing / oil / air  - FLRCAC-1

This device is a DeVilbiss FLRCAC-1 filter regulator coalescer, created to purify breathing air by facilitating the removal...

compressed air filter - G3/8 - G1, 5 - 25 µm | MX series

Camozzi Series MX filters use compressed air as fluid at an operating pressure of 0.3 to 16 bar (with automatic drain 1,5 to 12 bar). The modular/compact filters feature filtering element...

compressed air filter / coalescing - G3/4 - G1, 0.01 - 1 µm | MX series

The compact modular construction includes a condensate capacity of 55 cc for MX2 and 85 cc for MX. It can be mounted vertically in-line on the wall through clamps. Its operating temperature ranges from -5°C ÷ 50°C until...

compressed air filter - G1/4 - G1/2, 5 - 25 µm | MC series

Filter connections for model ports G1/4, G3/8 ans G1/2 are compact module with a filtering element in HDPE made of zama, NBR and technopolymer. The approximate weight is...

compressed air filter / coalescing - G1/4 - G1/2, 0.01 µm | MC series

The Coalescing filters Series MC is the no.1 choice for most medium size industrial machinery. Its modular, coalescing elements construction made from zama,...

compressed air filter / coalescing - G1/8 - G1/4, 0.01 - 25 µm | N series

This HDPE filtering element is constructed by Camozzi. It is made of NBR, grillamid, and brass and features G1/4 and G1/8 ports. The maximum condensate capacity for a size one is about 11 cm³ but a size two has a maximum...

compressed air filter - 1/8

The industry's leading flow rate, the ARO-Flo 1000 Filters provides 5 micron standard...

compressed air filter - 1/4

The ARO-Flo 1500 series features an extremely low flow rates that are considered...

compressed air filter - 3/8

The ARO-Flo 2000 is a leading product which offers industry leading flow...

compressed air filter - 3/4

This specific device is an ARO-Flo 3000. It comes in 1" and 3/4" sizes. Thread options are offered in both BSP and NPT styles. Features of this device include safety locking bowls, a standard 5 micron filter, and an all modular design style....

compressed air filter / high-flow / high-efficiency - 1 1/4

The ARO Super Duty Series Filter from Ingersoll Rand features high flow rates on a...

compressed air filter / breathing air / in-line / multi-stage - CPF series

Clemco's CPF in-line air filters remove moisture, oil, and dirt particles from compressed air before it reaches your respirator. Multi-stage filtration system includes activated charcoal to eliminate odors and improve the "taste" of your breathing air. Available for one to four air lines; used with HP Model respirators.


pneumatic filter / air / compressor - HAF-50x series

The DeVilbiss CleanAir are ideal for dirt elimination from the air supply, which can supports...

compressed air filter / coalescing / oil / air  - HAF-50x series

The CleanAir coalescer filters from DeVilbiss is the no. 1 choice for most industrial air or water management. It is efficient in removing water, dirt,...

compressed air filter - max. 20 000 l/min

Air filters from UFI are efficient filters that protect systems by preventing...

compressed air filter / in-line - max. 1 MPa, 10 - 350 L/min | ZFC series

These filters have a large filter element surface and operate between -100 kPa to 1.0 MPa....

compressed air filter - 25 - 1 600 scfm | FX series

Superior filtration products from Sullair range from 1 micron to .003 micron. The products are constructed from durable elements and feature an efficient drain layer for consistent...

compressed air filter - 1 500 - 17 700 scfm | FW series

Keep your machines and equipment healthy with the aid of colossal flange styled filters that can handle filtration...

compressed air filter - 19 - 19 080 cfm, 102 psi | DD, DDp series

Atlas Copco's DD- PD- DDp and QD filters effectively and economically lessen all impurity in the compressed air to secure ventures, equipment...

compressed air filter / high-efficiency - 19 - 1 378 cfm, 102 psi

Atlas Copco's silicone-free DD, DDp, PD, PDp, and QD compressed air filters can be used...

compressed air filter / high-pressure - 387.9 - 4 139.5 cfm, 580 psi | HDDP, HQD series

The HDDP and HQD Atlas Copco units are made to work with downstream supports that work with an oil-free air compressor...

compressed air filter - max. 300 psig | FIL series

The FIL Series of filters are designed for high-quality filtration for compressed air systems. It filters solid particles like dust or rust from oxidized pipework, which can upset pneumatic equipment functioning,...

compressed air filter - max. 230 psig | FSG series

Gardner Denver FSG Series General Purpose filters are noted for their new technology in the field of compressed air treatment. There are several airborne contaminants in the atmosphere like dust, water vapor and hydrocarbons which can enter the...

compressed air filter / high-pressure - max. 900 psig | FHP series

With FHP Series High Pressure Filters, removal of water droplets, solid particles, liquid oil and oil vapors within your compressed air system will be easy and simple....

compressed air filter - max. 150 psig | FME series

Looking for and efficient Mist eliminator for your compressed air systems? The Gardner Denver FME Series Mist Eliminators will help you with that. It helps in reducing...

compressed air filter / high-efficiency - 9 - 650 l/s, max. 7 bar | DD, DDp series

Silicone-free compressed air filters of the Atlas Copco family provide
various solutions for...

compressed air filter - max. 8 000 l/s | DD, DDp, PD, PDp, QD

DD+, DD, PD, PD, QD in-line compressed air filters are highly
efficient filters, that offer reliability to your systems. Durability...

compressed air filter - 0.58 - 248 m³/min,  max. 16 bar | FB, FFG series

Compressed air filters from Kaser owe their advanced features to years of in-depth...

compressed air filter / high-pressure - 1.75 - 14.2 m³/min, 48 - 62 bar | FB, FG (HP) series

These remarkable filters are available for installation at the booster outlet for special...


How to choose this product


Compressed air filters are designed to eliminate contaminants from compressed air. The impurities are compressed before removal. Filter type depends on the characteristics of the pneumatic system and its specific use.


These devices remove excess humidity from compressed air and protect system components that might be damaged by impurities.


There are oil, particle, coalescing and other types of filter, each designed to remove a specific impurity.

How to choose

Choice will depend on the air pressure within the system, the pressure drop as the air stream enters the filter, air temperature and flow speed.

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