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Interplex presents a new SMT Card Edge Connector...


Parallel-Tap Connector for Copper Wire

Highly reliable electromechanical connections for...

TE20002™ In-Line Reducing Splice Connectors allow you to make end-to-end...


Edge Connectors
Popular Vertical and Right Angle Mounting Orientations



PCI ready

Operating life up to 500,000...

Interfaces with SIM/SAM cards

SIM/SAM card...

D*M --Coaxial and Power Contacts


* Loose size 8 contacts for combination arrangement D*M connectors must be ordered separately.
* Coaxial contacts, straight or 90°, solder or crimp type
* Plug (male), with female center...


High performance MicropinTM contact system ( "twist pin" spring male contact and tubular socket contact)
Non removable crimp type contacts


Insulated Buttsplice



Verotec maintains a range of connectors...


For cable-to-board connections with flat cables, where space is...

For cable-to-board and board-to-board connections. Easy harnessing of...

Direct and indirect mating, for cable-to-board and cable-to-cable...

Direct and indirect mating, for cable-to-board and cable-to-cable connections with insulation...

For cable-to-board and board-to-board connections. Easy harnessing of...


Ensto connectors have been used around the world since the mid...

The connectors form the most essential group of the network's accessories. Ensto's connectors have...

Live line and earthing connectors
Live-line connectors...

The connectors are used for jointing conductors of 1 kV cables. Because of the shear head bolt...


A list of accessories for Kemppi machines and information about their characteristics.



AMP, Type: RJ45 connection module...


Blackburn® compression, mechanical and exothermic connectors and accessories represent the most comprehensive set of products in the industry for the creation of a safe, code compliant and reliable grounding system.


Blackburn® stands for quality and reliability as a supplier of materials to connect overhead distribution power lines and equipment.

Wide Product Offering - Blackburn has a complete...

Homac® Substation Connectors encompasses a broad line of high quality substation connectors at competitive prices, backed by superior customer service.

Broad Line of Solutions - With weldment...

Homac®, a leader in underground distribution connector systems for nearly 50 years, offers the widest product line available to utilities today.


Elastimold® offers the industry's most complete package for managing underground cable connections.



Bourns® Modular Contacts are off-the-shelf interconnect devices that can be used in cellular...


The world changes. It is inevitable. It is often a steady evolution, but at times sudden changes occur that lead to new scenarios in just a short time. The introduction of electric vehicles on the market...


Tamb: -40°C to +60°C. II2 GD Exd IIC ExtD T85. IP66, 67 and DTS01 deluge protected.
Certificate No' Baseefa06ATEX0062X...

This revolutionary design allows the live mate and de-mating of signal and low power in hazardous areas safely and quickly. The InstrumEx connector is available...


Keyed, Category 5e, shielded patch cord with...

Category 6A, solid, LSZH, white cable...

LC duplex crimp and cleave fiber optic connector for use with IndustrialNet™ Graded Index...

Meets TIA/EIA-568-B.3 requirements
Insertion loss: .1dB typical (multimode), .2dB typical (singlemode)
Return loss: >20dB (multimode), >40dB (singlemode)

Mechanical keyed configurations prevent unintentional insertion into adjacent ports (4 versions)
Meet requirements of IEEE and IEEE 802.3at for PoE applications
Contacts plate with 50...


DILAS has just the right diode laser accessories to support your application and...


i2 Micro iCon
Quality... Versatility... i2: More than a Connector

Newest member of iSeries
Ideal connector for signal needs in a...

Newest member of iSeries
Ideal connector for hybrid needs in a small footprint
Hybrid version offers 120 signal points with QuadraPaddle...

i1: Innovation Continues

Ideal for small connector needs
Single module offers...

High I/O with QuadraPaddle Technology

The iCon960 is the next step up for higher I/O requirements. With two...

Compact, High-density Solution

Ideal for test applications with low I/O needs
Compact, rugged solution...


HellermannTyton Category 6 copper connectivity products exceed TIA requirements for structured...

The MegaBand flush mount Category 5e modular jack offers exceptional...

Offered in three styles, HellermannTytons Category 3 jacks are designed to give the maximum...

HellermannTyton offers a variety of pre-polished and epoxy/anaerobic...

HellermannTyton offers a variety of high...


This 270VDC ground-power receptacle was developed under contract from Boeing Sikorsky and is shown by permission of Sikorsky. The mating plug/cable assembly was...

The G3 Series includes QPL certified and modified Series III connectors with high-density contact arrangements. These rugged products are designed to perform flawlessly in extreme...

The SG3 Series of NATC connectors utilize space-rated materials to meet all of the requirements of NASA Specification SSQ 21635....

G3L Series lanyard plugs are designed for MIL-STD-1760 mechanical release applications including umbilical release and staging. Heritage-proven designs...

Wing-LokTM plugs feature non-slip-grip designs that significantly reduce the amount of effort needed to perform rapid and repetitive connector engagements. These ergonomic designs are especially...


Universal standard connector conforming with IEC 61754-4.
Specified / recommended for...

Small-form-factor standard connector conforming with IEC 61754-6.
Sometimes designated as mini-SC,...

Small-form-factor standard connector conforming with IEC 61754-6.
Sometimes designated as...

Small-form-factor connectivity system conforming with IEC 61754-20. The LC is the most common standard...


How to choose this product


A connector joins the end of a cable, wire, optical fiber, pipe or other conduit to the end of another, or to a piece of machinery, equipment or other element in an integrated system.


Electrical connectors are used in electronics, power control, metrology, audiovisual systems and computer networks.


Electrical connectors vary by configuration, number of contacts and the nature of the transmitted signal.

This can be a strong power supply signal or a low-power digital data signal. The former will have contacts designed to limit resistive loss and adapted to the conductor's diameter. The latter have contacts offering low capacitive attenuation to preserve bandwidth. These factors will determine whether the contacts are covered by alloys of copper, nickel, platinum or gold.

The connector body can be round or rectangular, and may have a polarizing slot. It also may have a clamping ring to secure the connection. The wires insert into the contacts or are soldered to them. Male or female, connectors can form the end of a cable, be soldered to a printed circuit, serve as a fixed connection or be mounted through equipment housing.

Thermocouple connector contacts are made of particular metals. Fiber optic connectors ensure proper fiber alignment.

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