continuous wave laser / solid-state / red / waterproof
continuous wave laser
635 nm, 1 - 30 mW | SMALL CROSS SET Series

Wavelength: 635 nm
Power: 0.001 W - 0.03 W

... produced using two red laser diodes in a small body to allow you to display a highly visible and large cross according to the specific request of the Customer and in accordance with the Safety Standards for the laser ...

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pulsed laser / continuous wave / gas / infrared
pulsed laser

Wavelength: 10.6 µm
Power: 20 W - 1,650 W

The new HYPERICO2 laser family is the result of modernization of the proven SMxxxE laser series and replaces it from now on. The design profits from all our experience and know-how from the past. The ...

continuous laser / solid-state / fiber / adjustable wavelength
continuous laser

Wavelength: 532 nm
Power: 5, 1, 2, 10, 0.5 W

... brightness visible fiber lasers. Based on patented technology and major advances in fiber and system design, our fully integrated laser platform offers diffraction limited output powers in excess of ...

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azur light systems
continuous wave laser / fiber / multiple-wavelength / tunable
continuous wave laser

Wavelength: 808 nm
Power: 3 W

Utilizing Volume Bragg Grating the emitting wavelength is stabilized at 808nm, showing a very small wavelength-temperature shift of 0.02nm/°C and wavelength-current shift of 0.05nm/A. The diode is pigtailed with a 105/125µm, 0.22NA optical ...

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PhotonTec Berlin GmbH
continuous wave laser / fiber / tunable / sealed
continuous wave laser
FRL, FOL series

Wavelength: 1,310 nm - 1,610 nm
Power: 0.008 W - 0.04 W

... industry standard 14 pin butterfly package. Full band thermally tunable DFB laser diode chip consists of DFB laser array and semiconductor optical amplifier (SOA). Each DFB laser is ...

continuous wave laser / fiber / multiple-wavelength / tunable
continuous wave laser
LSF / LSD / LSS series

Wavelength: 635 nm - 1,650 nm
Power: 0.002 W

... DFB), and LSS (DPSS) series laser light sources are cost-effect solutions for general test and measurement applications. These fiber-coupled turnkey laser-diode light sources are designed to simplify ...

continuous wave laser / fiber / infrared / diode
continuous wave laser
OEM series

Wavelength: 1,070, 1,064 nm
Power: 20, 10, 50, 40, 12 W

Our new "OEM" and "OEM PLUS" laser series are able to mark and engrave on all types of metal material and most of plastic ones and are equipped with a flexible software especially for creating and marking different types ...

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continuous wave laser / fiber / multiple-wavelength / VCSEL
continuous wave laser

Wavelength: 850 nm

The Lumentum 850 nm 10 G connectorized transmit optical sub-assembly (TOSA) is designed for high-speed data communication applications in 10 G transceiver modules. It uses a high-performance, high-reliability VCSEL integrated into a custom, ...

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continuous wave laser / solid-state / adjustable wavelength / tunable
continuous wave laser
LML series

Wavelength: 780, 647, 1,064, 785, 830 nm
Power: 1.5 W

... Custom Wavelengths [785 nm is standard] Λc= ±0.5 nm Line Width – 3 cm-1 Thermo Electric Cooler & External Cooling Fan Monitoring Photodiode Included

continuous wave laser / solid-state / blue / diode
continuous wave laser

Wavelength: 445 nm
Power: 0.001 W - 1 W

Features: Diode laser module at 445 nm is made features of ultra compact, long lifetime, low cost and easy operating, which is widely used in scientific research, laser pointing, show and RGB mixed laser ...

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Changchun New Industries Optoelectronics Tech.Co.,
continuous wave laser / solid-state / green / DPSS
continuous wave laser

Wavelength: 501 nm
Power: 0.001 W - 0.01 W

... (0 or 90 degrees) Power stability: <5% (over 2 hours) Point stability: <0.05 mrad Warm up time: <15 minutes Dimensions of laser head: 142 (L) x 73 (W) x 46.2 (H) mm Power supply: SDL-PS-100 Input voltage: 85~250VAC, ...

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Scitec Instruments