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multi-axis motion control card / advanced / programmable - max. 3.5 A | PS 30 series

The PS 30 are OWIS'S own universal position control cards, highly durable and very efficient in positioning tasks.

Comprising the PS 30 are a plug-in...

laser scan head control board - EC1000

The EC1000 is designed as a standalone and single-board subsystem for laser systems with galvanometer technology. It comes with features such as an RTC emulation library and a COM-based API interface. This dual system on a chip is state-of-the-art and can be...

laser scan head control board - EC1000

SCANLAB presents RTC® PC interface boards and RTC® SCANalone standalone boards. The PC-based solutions are very user-friendly. They are useful for controlling laser scan applications. With straightforward software commands,...

laser scan head control board - EC1000

Motion control board for Parker Hannifin HiDrive is embedded with Power PC Motorola MPC5200, 400MHz - 760 MIPS microprocessor. There are about 32 interpolated axes, each controlled with the help of EtherCAT fieldbuses or CANopen (DS402). The...

multi-axis motion control card / EtherCAT / CANopen / high-performance - SPIMD20

The product weighing 0.5kg is extremely compact with 163.5x60x26 dimensions.The position, current and speed loop is closed by IMD. The power supply is maximum of 750DC and maximum of...

DeviceNet motion control card / Ethernet / EtherCAT / CANopen - 400 MHz, 5 V

The motion control board is manufactured by Robox, and is capable for Parker Hannifin drive, which utilizes microprocessor of power PC Motorola MPC5200...

multi-axis motion control card / advanced / programmable - max. 6.55 MHz | PCI-8154

The PCI-8154 is a 4-axis servo & stepper motion controller with a modular design. It features a 3 axes helical interpolation...

motion control card - max. 6.55 MHz | PCI-8158

The PCI-8158 brings a maximum frequency pulse rates of up to 6.55 MHz. It is built up with a hardware-controlled emergency input stop. The device has also a software security protection in order...

multi-axis motion control card / advanced - max. 6.55 MHz | PXI-8164

Ad-Link's PCI-8164/PXI-8164 4-Axis Servo & Stepper Motion Controller with High-Speed Triggering capabilities is generally used for applications...

multi-axis motion control card / DSP-based - 250 MHz | PCI-8000 series

The PCI-8000 series is manufactured by Adlink Technology, and is a DSP-based 3/6-axis analog motion controller with an on-board 250 MHz 32-bit MIPS processor. It has an in-built PID with feed-forward...

motion control card - 3XDAC

The 3XDAC card is designed for controlling galvo-controlled servo mirrors or XYZ piezo-controlled devices utilized in fluorescence microscopy: when using the mirrors, their XY position (that is the position of the excitation beam on the sample) and the z-position of the microscope...

stepper motion control card - SCST-01

Preset Fixed Speed Stepper Control using on-board DIP switches or variable...

motion control card - RDC-20/2-02

The RDC-20 module of ACTIS Computer is a two channel resolver/ synchro to digital interface according to the ANSI/VITA-4...

motion control card - RDC-20/2-11

The RDC-20 module of ACTIS Computer is a two channel resolver/ synchro to digital interface according to the ANSI/VITA-4...

motion control card - RDC-20/2-90

The RDC-20 module of ACTIS Computer is a two channel resolver/ synchro to digital interface according to the ANSI/VITA-4...

multi-axis motion control card / advanced / programmable - 12 - 24 VDC | SMC corvus pci series

Our SMC family is based on modern 32bit technology which enables performances of stepper motor driven systems which...

multi-axis motion control card / PCI - DMC series

nav62.5 µs (250 µs) microsecond per axes servo update rate
navUp to 8 axes of motion control
navControls servo motors, step motors, and hydraulics
navMaximum encoder input rate up to 22 MHz (Accelera)
navNon-volatile program memory

motion control card - 14 bit | MCB 2

The MCB2 can control up to two closed loops in a motion system. Each axis supports single or dual sensor inputs [digitally averaged] with sample rates up to 40KHz. Using...

motion control card - 65 V DC, max. 5 A | VME 64PW3

The 64PW3 is a VME Servo Motor Driver card featuring a dual four-quadrant, bi-directional, PWM Servo Amplifier, specifically targeted for DC servo motor applications. Each motor drive accepts a 65 VDC power input and provides a 5 amp maximum continuous current output (8.5 amp peak) to a DC brush or brushless servo motor. This conduction...

stepper motion control card - SMC 100

The SMC 100 is built into a compact aluminum housing with the possibility for screw or top hat...

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