lightning surge counter / digital / electronic
lightning surge counter

The ProSEC II by Iskra Zašcite is a digital counter which is designed for its operation that requires 9V battery. The unit comes with a 3 digit LCD display and a two selection in sensor connection. Also, its sensing ...

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Iskra Zašcite
discharge pulse counter / lightning strike / digital / electronic
discharge pulse counter
ProLEC Basic

... affected the object. Preventive or maintenance measures can be taken accordingly, depending on information gained from the counter

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Iskra Zašcite
pulse counter / service time / electronic
pulse counter

The Service Time and Pulse Counter Series SGS is connected through terminals. It comes with a standard rail or screws fastening. The pause setting is from 1 to 32768 min. Its pump run-on-time is 15 sec. at monitoring ...

lightning strike counter / binary / digital / electronic
lightning strike counter

ALLTECs Lightning Strike Counter can register and record local strikes for you. This information is then used to enhance lightning protection security and increase the effectiveness of inspection and maintenance procedures.

radioisotope counter / digital / electronic
radioisotope counter

Handheld Radiation Detector Feature Highlights: Advanced spectrum processing and identification algorithms utilizing Symetrica’s Discovery technology for superior identification accuracy Continuous automatic stabilization, ...

pulse counter / digital / electronic / programmable
pulse counter
5 - 24 V | CT34SB

... channel fully programmable flow-rate totalizing counter. The instrument is especially designed to measure pulse signals from 2 different flow-meters according to the functional block-diagram below: Counter ...

photon counter / positive displacement / electronic
photon counter

PX01 Photon Counting Electronics •• The PX01 unit accepts the input from three photomultiplier tubes and delivers either a TTL-output on three separate channels, or an analog output on two channels. ISS provides data acquisition boards ...

tachometer counter / digital / electronic
tachometer counter

... with totalizer (8 digits), tachometer with direction of rotation indication, frequencymeter, counter 5 digits with totalizer (8 digits), several modes of counter (UP, DOWN, UP/ DOWN, PHASE) and chronometer ...

tachometer counter / digital / electromagnetic
tachometer counter
JR-D / JR20-D

... transducers or pulse generators to work as frequency meters, tachometers or unidirectional counters. They have the offset and configurable factor when programmed as a counter and they are easily scalable ...

binary counter / digital / electronic
binary counter

Function. For the calculation of the respective single sheet weight a counted number of sheets is placed at the reference scale. The number of sheets in entered at the control element. The processor compares these details with the total ...

hour counter / electromechanical
hour counter

type of connection: with screw Connection cross-sect. flexible cable: 1 / 6mm² Connection cross-sect. rigid cable: 1,5 / 10mm² Fixing mode: Din-Rail Frequency: 50 Hz Operating temperature: -10 to 45 °C Storage temperature: -20 to 60 ...

water counter / positive displacement / dry dial / multi-jet vane wheel
water counter
10 bar, 50 °C | DMD-A series

Multi Jet water meter magnetic drive, used to measurethe volume of cold potable water passing through thepipeline. For industrial/municipal use. Features Magnetic drive Dry hermetically sealed High accuracy at wide ...

water counter / positive displacement / digital / Woltman type turbine
water counter
16 bar, 60 °C | DWM-A series

... 2” to 8” - Installation Requirements Prior flushing of line before water meter installation - Meter shall be full of water at flow measuring - Install meter in the line with ...

particle counter / positive displacement / laser
particle counter
4 - 100 µm, max. 5 000 000 p/ml | LNF Q200 series

... unlike conventional light blockage particle counters, there are no flow control valves that need adjusting when testing different sample viscosities. The advanced design makes it much more than just a particle counter: ...

radioisotope counter / positive displacement / digital / electronic
radioisotope counter

... the quantitive accuracy you need for important experiments and radiochemical purity measurements. The imaging proportional counter is linear over 4-5 decades, a range 100-2000 time greater than the linear range of X-ray ...

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Lablogic Systems Inc
positron counter / digital / electronic
positron counter

... directly-opposed 511 KeV gammas ("annihilation radiation"), one or both of which then may be counted with a conventional gamma counter. Today, 11C and 18F are the β+-emitters of greatest interest. Produced at high activity ...

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Lablogic Systems Inc
hour counter / analog / electronic / panel-mount
hour counter
12 - 24 V | MP-10

Specifications Application Hour Meter Power 12V or 24V

pulse counter / binary / digital / mechanical
pulse counter
16 Vdc, 50 mA | MPCT20 M1 | 48x48

The MPCT20 M1 model is a programmable instrument with uni-directinal pulse counter, rpm meter, frequency meter, hourly production meter or timer. The instrument offers the following functions: - double ...

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pulse counter / binary / digital / mechanical
pulse counter
16 Vdc, 50 mA | MPCT30 P6 | 48x96

... unidirectinal pulse counter, rpm meter, frequency meter, hourly production meter or timer. Programming can be undertaken using four keys. The instrument offers the following functions: - memorized count ...

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batch counter / electronic / high-speed
batch counter
max. 1 000 p/min | B855

Applications: These high speed batch counters are specifically designed to handle a wide variety of product such as stationery, currency, greeting cards etc., with the flexibility to fit all packaging and print finishing ...

tachometer counter / analog / manual
tachometer counter
0 - 9 999 | 36047001

Made of metal Presents a button to add a unit each time 4 digits Counter from 0000 to 9999

binary counter / digital / electronic
binary counter
0 - 100 | 36048100

10 operating keys for differente types of leukocytes: basophils, esosinophils, monocytes, limphocytes mature and immature neutrophils, etc Differential and total count, differential percentage Count: 0-100 for each cell type

electronics counter / digital / electronic
electronics counter
Ebsomat 30-1

... 2008 with new feature of a multiplier to count taped SMD component with sizes of 0402 or even 0201. Furthermore has the EBSO counter new machine diagnostic features and is easier to operate. Capacity and Equipment - ...

people counter / infrared
people counter

Irisys pioneered the use of infrared thermal imaging inPeople counting products people counting. Our technology now forms the backbone of the most accurate solutions in this global industry, and Irisys sensors count tens of millions ...

people counter / electronic
people counter

Unlock opportunities to: Optimise operations Deliver higher levels of customer service Boost shopper conversion by understanding how your customers move and interact in your environment. Suitable for use in a range of settings like: Shopping ...

analog counter / electromechanical / cable pulls
analog counter

The Duct rod counter, manufactured by DCD Design®, is utilized in a different variety of operations such as for counting the fiber glass rods, spooled on or off the cage of the Duct Rodder. In addition, it is suited ...

tachometer counter / analog / mechanical
tachometer counter
2119 20x series

Zero setting with lever Lever pluggable at left or right Addition in one direction, subtraction with reverse turn ABS housing, mounting plate steel Delivered in individual packages without measuring wheel