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counter - D1-35N

Counter module with 10 input and 8 output isolated channels

The D1-35N module provides 10 count (2 up to 30 kHz) inputs and 8 digital outputs (24 V PNP transistor); all I/O channels are...

counter - D1-35A

Counter module with 10 inputs, 8 digital and 2 analog outputs

The D1-35A module provides 10 count (2 up to 30 kHz) inputs, 8 digital outputs (24 V PNP transistor)...

counter - D1-35A

The T1-55 is a module suited for DIN rail mounting that can be linked to a local operator panel (F1-10); it provides 2 encoder inputs for frequency up to 50 kHz and 8 digital inputs for frequency up to...

digital counter - LC1

- Compact size LCD indicating total counter
- Battery built in...

water counter / multi-jet vane wheel / dry dial - aquabasic® series

Multi-jet turbine meters with dry-type registers
Type approval as hot water meter according to 2004/22/EG (OIML R49)
Brass housing with threaded connections
Nominal pressure...

heat counter - max. 550 °C | CALEC ® series

Multi-function display with plain text and choice of language (D, E, F, I)
Data logger for measurement days and values
Temperature measurement range 0180 °C for water (max. -... 550 °C)
Temperature differential 2175 K
Up to 8 inputs (pulse, frequency, 0/4 - 20 mA)
Up to 12 outputs (pulse, 0/4 - 20 mA)

water counter / Woltman type turbine / digital - max. 50 °C, 40 - 150 mm | RUBIN MeiStream

for horizontal, vertical or inclined mounting positions
DN 40 - 150
Turbine meters with dry-type...

water counter / Woltman type turbine - max. 200 °C, 50 - 100 mm | RUBIN SMQ

for horizontal installation
DN 50 - 100
Woltman turbine meters with...

water counter / Woltman type turbine - max. 50 °C, 40 - 300 mm | RUBIN WPDK

Turbine meters with dry-type registers
Approvals SVGW and EWG

digital counter - 6 digit | OM 602UQC

Model OM 602UQC is a universal 6-digit programmable panel instrument which...

digital counter - EC442

The EC442 from Enda is programmable electronic up/down counter based on a microprocessor...

digital counter - CR7421PR

The CR7421PR PR UP Counter is a configurable electronic up counter equipped...

digital counter - EC762

The EC762 is specifically designed to provide a high quality functionality. The good quality device...

digital counter - EC762F

The EC762F by ENDA is a meter digital display which can be programmed electronically by either up or down counters. This program is based...

hour counter - 110 - 240 V | D48HR, D72HR, D96HR

Types: D48HR, D72HR, D96HR
AC Ratings: 110V or 240V
Frequency: 50Hz...

three-phase electric energy counter - ELNet LT

The ELNet-LT is a multi-functional three-phase power and energy powermeter from Getelnet that is designed to adhere to the demands of power and energy measurement in electrical installations. The device measures...

electric energy counter - ESMB 1.0

The ESMB 1.0 is an electric energy meter manufactured by Elgama Sistemos. It is designed for reading and buffering...

electric energy counter - MDC 1.01

At the same time there can be a readout of instantaneous data and the data from electricity memory, its buffering and transfer into the...

electric energy counter - ESMON 1.x

The ESMON 1.x Ethernet Technology is specifically designed to provide an excellent quality performance and functionality...

photon counter - 900 - 1700 nm | SPD_A_M1

The SPD_A from AUREA Technology is a family of ultra low noise near infrared single photon counting module ideal for the most demanding scientific and industrial applications, such as single...

photon counter / time-correlated - SPD_AT_M2 TCSPC

AUREA Technology provides the SPD_AT a new generation of all-in-one and easy-to-use near infrared Time Correlated Single Photon Counting (TCSPC) modules....

hour counter -

Universal Application. Singular Performance. You'll find Honeywell hour meters where quality, performance and rugged construction are needed. Track and record elapsed time more effectively and efficiently (hours or tenths of hours). Log equipment running time to assure proper maintenance of expensive machines or systems or track warranty programs. Often eliminate the guesswork with elapsed hours for...

photon counter - PCD, HRTM Series

The Newport's Single-Photon Counting Device features a miniaturized design with quenching architecture that provides improved functionality as it can stack with cooling and communication boards....

counter - M20/1

This device is made up of either alloy or fiber glass gear materials that ensures...

counter - M20/2 c

This device has a joystick that is made of fiber reinforced zinc with...

counter - M20/4

The Gamm M20/4 is a 4 digit counter with 4.5 mm digit height, with D.3...

mechanical counter - M63

This device is made with 53 x 53 x 27 dimensional volumes, sizing in...

counter - M63TS

This device is built with 62 x 45 x 29 volume dimensions, measuring in...

volumetric counter / digital / for automotive fluids - IM5™

IM5 Low Pressure Meter is for measuring pressure...

volumetric counter / oil / digital - IM6™

This durable and easy-to-use IM6 Inline Electronic Oil Meter is designed for medium pressure...

volumetric counter / oil / digital - 52 l/min, 103 bar | SDI 15™

SDI15 Meter is an ideal equipment for measuring high pressure oil in the...

volumetric counter / oil / digital - 52 l/min, 103 bar | SDI 15™

Pulse and time counters can be used in very many areas. These devices are of uttermost importance to the modern world as they are critical in running of today's digital machines and systems....

service time counter / pulse - 7KT5

These time and pulse counters use an accuracy of 2 decimal places equivalent to the hundredths of an hour in calculating the time and also,...

digital counter - EC, EG, EB, EH

The design of this product is compact , which is the first aspect that makes it stand out. In addition, you can easily fit it...

hour counter / analog - max. 99 999.99 h | B 148

This time and hour counter works with AC voltage....

hour counter / digital - max. 9 999.59 h | BE134

Baumer offers world-class timers and presets. One of the best things...

preselection counter - 99 999 | FE304

The FE304 is intended for adding and...

particle counter / for hydraulic fluid / handheld - Target-Pro 2

Eaton Target-Pro 2 particle counter is an excellent monitor and measurement tool for fluids....

particle counter / for hydraulic fluid / handheld - Target-Pro 2

Presenting a state of the art product. The Baumer Preset counters and multifunction...

particle counter / for hydraulic fluid / handheld - Target-Pro 2

Introducing one of the Baumer's products the Electromechanical preset counter is...

hour counter / digital - 100 ppm

These electronic time and hour counters come with an accuracy of 100ppm, which is...

hour counter / analog - max. 999 999.9 h

Time and hour meters are suitable for production areas where usage times of devices,...

mechanical counter / for molding machines - DME

Our products continue to set industry standards in tooling technology against which all others are compared....

particle counter / for hydraulic fluid / handheld - OPCom

The OPCom Portable Oil Lab is a portable oil diagnostic system that is easily movable...

particle counter / for hydraulic fluid / handheld - 0.5 - 420 bar | PODS Pro

The PODS Pro is the top notch portable oil-diagnostic equipment that is specially built for...


How to choose this product


A counter indicates an accumulated or flow quantity.


Many different kinds of counters are used throughout industry, including petroleum and chemical installations, dialysis machines or as electrical meters.


Such devices can be digital, electromechanical or, occasionally, pneumatic. The display may have a built-in or remotely controlled zero reset button. A pulse counter responds to discrete signals from a measuring device.

A single- or three-phase electrical meter records energy consumed by a load or produced by a generator. It often indicates voltage, intensity, active, reactive and apparent power, power factor and the frequency and rate of harmonic distortion.

Particle counters are used in clean rooms or to monitor the air in work settings. They indicate the relative number of dust particles by size. Geiger counters measure radioactivity.

Oval wheel meters measure fluid volume flow in chemistry and agribusiness. An hour-meter indicates the elapsed running time of a machine or a process.

Counters can have a Modbus, Ethernet or WiFi network interface, or an RS232 or RS485 serial connection. Successive measurements are stored in memory.

How to choose

Counters are characterized by the number of digits they can display, their measurement and reset method, and the number of communication ports available.

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