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The Photon Counting Camera is ideally designed to provide an excellent quality performance and functionality. It has the ability to capture and incorporate an image in real time. The unit is suitable for...


Electronic Quartz Hourmeter
P/N : 11.0264
• 52 mm diameter

LCD Hourmeter
• 52 mm diameter
• Record to: 99 999,9...

Vibration hourmeter
The hourmeter records the running time of engines, vehicles,

water counter / multi-jet vane wheel / dry dial - CLXCD

Model series CLXCD water meters are dry type, single-jet totalizing water meters. They are an ideal choice for a range of sub-metering applications for apartment and commercial buildings as...

water counter / multi-jet vane wheel / dry dial - CLXCB

Model series CLXCB meters are multi-jet, dry type totalizing water meters. They are an ideal choice for a...

lightning strike counter - LSC

Produced according to IP65 , certified by ELDAS laboratory of Turkey...

electronics counter - Ebsomat 30-1

forward and backward counting up to 20000 pulses / second

adjustable divisor
(multiple pins or tape holes per component) up to 9

batch counter - max. 10 kHz | GBM series

This miniature batcher is ideal for all batching applications. The display will show Batch Amount, Rate and Batch/Grand Total at the push of a button. The Start and Stop buttons make batching simple.

radioisotope counter / digital - AR-2000

The AR-2000 provides direct digital counting of all isotopes, including 3H. Direct counting guarantees the quantitive accuracy you need for important experiments and radiochemical purity measurements. The imaging proportional counter...

positron counter - Posi-RAM

With more and more sophisticated nuclear medicine applications, positron (β+) counting has become of increasing interest. Positrons are unique in that their lifetime is measured in picoseconds. Once they interact with a nearby electron, they give rise to two directly-opposed...

liquid scintillation LSC counter - 300SL

The new and revolutionary 300SL liquid scintillation counter employs Triple to Double Coincidence Ratio (TDCR) counting. This absolute activity measuring technology...

single-phase electric energy counter / electromechanical - 230 V, 0.25 - 60 A | CSM

Single-phase electronic watt-hour meter is intended for active energy metering for domestic and industrial users, commercial agents connected to the single-phase alternating current network.


electric energy counter / handheld - RS 80584

·HHU ensures the communication with the static single-phase watt-hour meter for active energy with differentiated rating by means of an optical head.


electric energy counter / outdoor - 230 V, 32 A | RS 80942

·The single-phase outdoor cabinet for power measurement and protection is intended for branchings of individual consumers.
·The cabinet fulfills the following functions:
- active energy metering
- protection against...

digital counter - 6 digit | OM 602UQC

Model OM 602UQC is a universal 6-digit programmable panel instrument which...

hour counter - 110 - 240 V | D48HR, D72HR, D96HR

Types: D48HR, D72HR, D96HR
AC Ratings: 110V or 240V
Frequency: 50Hz...

digital counter - EC442

The EC442 from Enda is programmable electronic up/down counter based on a microprocessor...

digital counter - CR7421PR

The CR7421PR PR UP Counter is a configurable electronic up counter equipped...

digital counter - EC762

The EC762 is specifically designed to provide a high quality functionality. The good quality device...

digital counter - EC762F

The EC762F by ENDA is a meter digital display which can be programmed electronically by either up or down counters. This program is based...

counter - M20/1

This device is made up of either alloy or fiber glass gear materials that ensures...

counter - M20/2 c

This device has a joystick that is made of fiber reinforced zinc with...

counter - M20/4

The Gamm M20/4 is a 4 digit counter with 4.5 mm digit height, with D.3...

mechanical counter - M63

This device is made with 53 x 53 x 27 dimensional volumes, sizing in...

counter - M63TS

This device is built with 62 x 45 x 29 volume dimensions, measuring in...

volumetric counter / digital / for automotive fluids - IM5™

IM5 Low Pressure Meter is for measuring pressure...

volumetric counter / oil / digital - IM6™

This durable and easy-to-use IM6 Inline Electronic Oil Meter is designed for medium pressure...

volumetric counter / oil / digital - 52 l/min, 103 bar | SDI 15™

SDI15 Meter is an ideal equipment for measuring high pressure oil in the...

hour counter -

Universal Application. Singular Performance. You'll find Honeywell hour meters where quality, performance and rugged construction are needed. Track and record elapsed time more effectively and efficiently (hours or tenths of hours). Log equipment running time to assure proper maintenance of expensive machines or systems or track warranty programs. Often eliminate the guesswork with elapsed hours for...

particle counter / for hydraulic fluid / handheld - Target-Pro 2

Eaton Target-Pro 2 particle counter is an excellent monitor and measurement tool for fluids....

photon counter - PCD, HRTM Series

The Newport's Single-Photon Counting Device features a miniaturized design with quenching architecture that provides improved functionality as it can stack with cooling and communication boards....

photon counter - PCD, HRTM Series

Pulse and time counters can be used in very many areas. These devices are of uttermost importance to the modern world as they are critical in running of today's digital machines and systems....

pulse counter / service time - 7KT5

These time and pulse counters use an accuracy of 2 decimal places equivalent to the hundredths of an hour in calculating the time and also,...

hour counter / analog - max. 99 999.99 h | B 148

This time and hour counter works with AC voltage....

hour counter / digital - max. 9 999.59 h | BE134

Baumer offers world-class timers and presets. One of the best things...

preselection counter - 99 999 | FE304

The FE304 is intended for adding and...

digital counter - EC, EG, EB, EH

The design of this product is compact , which is the first aspect that makes it stand out. In addition, you can easily fit it...

mechanical counter / for molding machines - DME

Our products continue to set industry standards in tooling technology against which all others are compared....

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