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These conveyor ovens from Elmetherm are designed for dying, curing, and heat treating. They are ideal solutions for conveying, regulation, and...

ELMETHERM curing towers and vertical curing ovens are designed for small spaces can be used with thermal applications 40°C up to 350°C. The device delivers a tailor made solution to minimize workspace while providing...

curing furnace - MicroCure 5100

As partial technical support for the MicroCure Technology,
Lambda offers process development and optimization
assistance to include process trials.
The Lambda Technologies MicroCure 5100 is designed
around the unique Variable Frequency Microwave
process technique for the selective, rapid,
and uniform procesing of materials.
VFM processing has...

vertical furnace / curing - Heller 788

Increase productivity, improve quality, reduce costs... with vertical format curing solutions from Heller.
In-line, vertical automation of the epoxy cure process produces immediate,...

vertical furnace / curing - Heller 733

Heller 733 In-line, Continuous Cure, Vertical Format Mini Oven
Increase productivity, improve quality, reduce costs... with vertical format curing solutions from Heller.
In-line, vertical...

vertical furnace / curing - Gruenberg


Designed to conform to OSHA, NFPA 86A, Factory Mutual (FM), and Factory Insurance Association (FIA) requirements for assured process safety.
Rugged CHIL...

tunnel furnace / curing - max. 250 °C

The furnace consists of sandwich panels which have rock wool and yellow as the insulation material between inner side of 1,2mm galvanized steel and outer side of 1,2 mm mild steel sheet. The walls and the ceiling of the oven are 50 mm rock wool and 100 mm yellow insulation total thickness 150 mm and its base is 50 mm thickness. There...

curing furnace - Select Cure® UV-5

Nordson ASYMTEK's Select Cure inline UV oven with modular design is ideal...

curing furnace - Select Cure® UV-9

Nordson ASYMTEK’s Select Cure UV-9 inline oven is ideal...

curing furnace - Select Cure® UV-9

The Gelcoat Curing Heat Tunnel system is an excellent way to accelerate the cure time for gelcoated molds. Utilizing a heater and blower to move warm air across the surface of molds curing times can be cut by more than 50%*, while at the same...

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