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1. own intellectual property patented technology
2. international first-class fully sealed continuously pumped CO2 laser
3. fast acceleration
4. high...

1. fast acceleration
2. minimize consumption
3. reduce costs
4. high security
5. reliable interlock protection



The drill/tap center in this product series comes with a size of 20" x 16" x 15.5" (508 x 406 x 394mm) and is suitable for various applications in the industry. The BT30 taper...


The Voortman V320 is the combination of plate cutting and drilling as it is suited with a unit for drilling along with a ten-fold automatic tool changer.

This product...

The VOORTMAN V330 is a machining tool, which is intended for drilling and cutting of plate applications. It is equipped and built with...


The Fissa A semi-automatic screwing unit is designed for the fastening of reinforcement...

The MOD-END HINGE is an electronically-controlled axis drilling machine that has an 80mm maximum drilling action. The electronic positioning of the drilling...


Ficep ORIENT DF monospindle beam drilling machines have fully closed loop electronic control system with each head having an automatic tool-changer. Apart from drilling, the machines are suitable for tapping, milling, and countersinking. They are also useful for scribing...

The Gemini series offers a highly flexible range of plate working solutions for fabricators and manufacturers regardless of size. This design concept provides users with a system, fit for a variety...

The plate plasma drill Tipo A from Fice, is specially engineered with carbide tools that ensure rapid operations. This multi-functional unit has the capability to drill, mill, point, tap, mark,...

The TIPO B unit is an innovative and class leading solution today for plate fabrication for a wide range of different industries. The TIBO B has been designed to particularly offer all the necessary functions needed in plate fabrication....

The TIPO C lineup is a flexible hub for marking, punching, boring , drilling, tapping, milling and supreme definition plasma cutting of expansive plates. This lineup is created to cater to several needs of automatically processing large plates of 6000 x 2500...


This 5-axis laser driller 4 m2 of Aerospace turbine blade is rigidly designed. With the 4 m2 footprint...

The 5 axis is a laser machine that is used for the cooling of holes in turbine components for Power Generation and the Aerospace industry....

The LASERTEC 130 Power Drill is capable of 5-axis laser drilling of turbine blades, stroke vanes and combustors...


The DRILL 300 is designed for multi-setup functions that can be manipulated using its seven CNC axes. Engineered with X,Y,Z and W axes that are capable...

GF Machining Drill 300 B has been designed for fast EDM drilling.

The EDM generator is equipped with advanced and high-performance electronics. The electronics provide significant improvements in production output by making use...

The DRILL 20 from GF Laser Solutions provides quicker installation with the operator console controlling the process monitoring and development....


The ED24-NC from Mitsubishi is a start hole type EDM which can be operated via touch panel. Its...

The ED24 is a model from the ED series of drilling machines by Mitsubishi. It has a start hole type...


The K-series range of machines manufactured by Sodick is known for being able to produce very small holes in an efficient and quick manner....

The K3HN series of hole drilling machines from SODICK is used for efficient small-holed operations....


The Sodick K1 is a high-speed hole EDM that is designed for manual operation, and represents an excellent...

The K3HN from Sodick is a high-speed hole EDM which produces multiple initial holes in a short period...


HIA175 Impact Auger Drill is an epoch-making machine...


Laserdyne 450 is an advanced solution for various industry applications, representing a complete...


The capacity of the flood-coolant system integrated into this device is 150 liters (45 gallons). In addition to this, the item also comes with an LCD monitor of 15"...


Technical Data ML200
No. of spindles 1 2 4
Spindle distance mm - 120 80
Center height...

Automatic loading and unloading possible via conveyor, gantry or robot.
Optimal access to the working area by large-scale front guard doors together with additional
access from rear side of the machine.
NC-tailstock adjustment for shortest change over times.
Crane hook machine for shortest installation times at customer.
Composite construction for optimal damping...

Technical Data ML250
No. of spindles 1 2 2 4
Spindle distance mm - ...

With the ML500-series different drilling processes can be realized.
Gun drilling, STS drilling method, skiving, roller burnishing and also the use of new high performance
twisted drills are possible. The ML-series can be changed over to the required drilling processes.

Technical Data ML500
Number of spindles ...

With the ML700-series different drilling processes can be realized;
STS-drilling method, skiving, roller burnishing, trepanning, bottle boring

Technical Data ML700
Number of spindles 1
Main drive...


Multi-spindle machines for deep drilling tube plates As the components that need to be drilled are becoming larger and the materials more difficult to process, sometimes it is necessary to drill parts that are up to one metre thick. The machines, at the same time, still have to guarantee the same level of accuracy and repeatability. Successful deep hole drilling requires monitoring the...

Horizontal multi spindle drilling machines for drilling tube sheets (2 spindles) Indipendent spindle drilling machines for BTA (STS) deep drilling and Gun Drilling heat...

Horizontal multi spindle drilling machines for drilling tube sheets (3 spindles) Indipendent spindle drilling machines for BTA (STS) deep drilling and Gun Drilling heat exchanger tube sheets....


This machine has been designed and manufactured to perform the automatic drilling, chamfering and cutting on the knife handles.
The machine is equipped with an automatic loader and a high precision rotary...


Application field:

Designed for water slot drilling on PVC profiles.

General properties:

Three routing units, one oblique unit tiltable...


These tapping machines have an M3-M20 tapping capacity. Using a twist drill, the drilling capacity has a diameter of 1.5 to 16mm. Using a cutter, the drilling capacity has...

The Drilltronic by Volumec Mechanical Innovations is an articulated arm drilling tapping machine which comes with an innovative system that has been developed. For this specific...

The Drilltronic is manufactured by Volumec, and is a tapping tool that has an utmost drilling capacity that ranges from 1.5 mm up to 16 mm in diameter if equipped with a twist...


The AL G series is manufactured by Grangier Constructeur, and is a cost-effective shearing...

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