Ethernet controller cards

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Controller cards
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The PMC240 board is made by Kontron and board features excellent...


The COM-1267 is a 10/100Mbps five-port Ethernet switch that works with both the 10baseT and 100baseTX modes and can...


The NI PXIe-8100 RT is a high-value, Intel Atom D410-based fixed controller for...


32/64-little, 33/66 MHz PCI and 66/133 MHz PCI-By operations PMC Element



Netman 101/102 plus is a network agent manufactured by Riello UPS. This device allows UPS management...


The GX7927 is a single-slot 6U controller for use with Geotests GX70xx and GX71xx series chassis. The GX7927 offers multiple peripheral connections including USB, Ethernet, COM and VGA. When combined with the embedded storage peripherals of the GX70xx and GX71xx Series chassis, it is the ideal solution for a compact, high performance,...


Intel® 82541PI
Compact sized
Proprietary PCI connector for piggy back (board to board) connection
Fully PCI Bus spec. V2.1...

Adaptec AIC7892 SCSI Ultra 160/m controller
Compact sized

For Intel® Pentium® 4 processor based SBC
Intel® 82551
Compact sized

Intel® 82559
Compact sized
Proprietary PCI connector for piggy back...


PLAN - 1200is a dual Gigabit Ethernet PMC module based on the Intel 82546EB controller.

The PLAN –1200 PMC module is compatible with the...

The LAN-200 from ACTIS Computer s.a. is an IP module able to handle the 10/100 Mbits/s standard Fast Ethernet(tm) protocol...


The EM Compact product family is equipped with the latest Intel® processors. The CompactPCI is ready for 19"-rack-chassis or desktop housings as high-end...


Rabbit 4000 running at 59 MHz
10/100Base-T Ethernet, RJ-45 jack

Up to 4 serial ports for multiple device connectivity
10Base-T with optional 10/100Base-T...

Rabbit 3000 microprocessor at 30 MHz
Up to 512K Flash/512K SRAM

Rabbit® 6000 running up to 200 MHz
10/100 Ethernet and pin-compatible with MiniCore...


Built on leading Digi embedded device server technology, the Digi Connect N2S-170...


Dual 10/100Base-T Fast Ethernet


The PMC 100Fx is a PMC Module providing a high performance ethernet controller for connection to a fibre network. It is available in two...

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