solvent pump / electric / self-priming / external-gear
solvent pump
BK series

Swedenpumpen is an external gear pump, designed and manufactured in Sweden. It can be delivered either short coupled or with a flexible coupling. In standard design the pump is equipped with a single ...

water pump / electric / centrifugal / multi-stage
water pump

Flow: 1 m³/h - 66 m³/h
Head: 5.5 m - 68 m
Power: 0.33 kW - 7.5 kW

... multi-stage close coupled pumps in chromenickel stainless steel. Compact and robust construction, without protruding flange and with single-piece lantern bracket and base. Single-piece barrel casing, ...

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ink pump / pneumatic / diaphragm / filling
ink pump

These air driven pumps operate by the movement of two flexible diaphragms that move back- and-forth, alternately filling and emptying two chambers. As each chamber is emptied, the ink is pushed toward ...

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slurry pump / electric / piston / remote control
slurry pump

Flow: 1.3 l/min - 450 l/min
Pressure: 35 bar - 120 bar

The range of PH pumps allows using for the circulation of drilling fluids and for the uses for the grouting or compensation grouting or, filling etc.. flow mini/maxi pressure maxi ...

chemical pump / self-priming / external-gear / for lubrication
chemical pump

Pressure: 0 bar - 200 bar

... self-priming external gear pump ZPA is particularly suitable for uncritical media without fillers which are compatible to the used standard materials and is also an ideal solution for bottling and filling. ...

chemical pump / air-driven / filling
chemical pump

Flow: 60 l/min
Pressure: 8 bar

The ARIANA Power Vac Pump is a dual-acting suction and pressure pump that uses compressed air. It is mainly used for filling and emptying lubricant and coolant tanks. The pump ...

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ARIANA Industrie GmbH
grease pump / lever / filling
grease pump
2 - 10 bar | FP series

... features • Flexible filling options: standard 400 g cartridges or grease injected into the filling nipple • With robust metal casing • Flexible options for filling the press: standard ...

grease pump / air-driven / filling
grease pump

The grease filler pumps with air-operated grease pump of 5:1 pressure conversion ratio, are the ideal equipment for economic and clean filling of hand lever pumps, ...

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condensate pump / electric / piston / filling
condensate pump
EE 1650M

... operate independently of each other. One float switch will turns on and off the pump, as per the level of filling. The alarm float switch tends to isolates the break contact. The pump ...

adhesive pump / pneumatic / double-diaphragm / aluminum
adhesive pump
0 - 14 gpm, 3/4" | E7

... diaphragm pump for reliable use in lubrication, tire filling, adhesive dispensing, OEM systems, and many industrial applications. The E7 3/4" Pump... features the exclusive Elima-Matic®® ...

chemical pump / electric / progressive cavity / filling
chemical pump
BT series

Flow: 100 l/h

... Rectangular feed hopper, length can be adapted to the application conditions Optimum filling of the conveying elements through a cylindrical/conical compression zone Compact design with directly ...

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bitumen and asphalt pump / electric / gear / cast iron
bitumen and asphalt pump
SF series

... the SF-pump with double pressure-relief valve. Here in the picture as electrical heated SFE10 for the bitumen industry. Steimel - pumps with extra safety The double pressure relief valve of the SF / ...

gas pump / electric / normal priming / piston
gas pump

Pressure: 200 bar

... CRYOSTAR LDPD series reciprocating pumps feature pressures up to 200 bar and are used for cylinder and buffer tank filling. They are available with 50, 65 or 80 mm piston diameters, and 40 or 50 mm piston ...

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Cryo Star
beverage pump / electric / peristaltic / for the food industry
beverage pump
TP30 series

PERISTALTIC PUMPS TP30 SERIES Designed for OEMs Flow rate: up to 800 ml/min Main applications: Dosing in food industry (beverage/condiments), Distribution & filling in the cosmetics industry, Detergent ...

food product pump / double-diaphragm / for the food industry / for the pharmaceutical industry
food product pump
max. 28 l/min | T30

T30 and ATEX approved TX30 is our smallest pump in the sanitary pump range, ideal for filling and dosing applications in mainly food- and pharmaceutical industries. It measures 160×230×302 ...

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chemical pump / electric / self-priming / centrifugal
chemical pump
9303-SP series

... self-priming centrifugal pumps handle big, high-capacity spraying jobs and tank filling with ease. They offer outstanding performance without the need for a flooded suction inlet. The pumps ...

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Hypro Pressure Cleaning
food product pump / electric / rotary lobe / for hygienic applications
food product pump

The AccuLobe™ is a sanitary lobe pump designed to provide superior metering accuracy and repeatability, especially for viscous or shearsensitive fluids. Its multilobe design allows precise volumetric dosing for filling ...

worm gear pump / electric / modular / filling
worm gear pump
S 5

Flow: 7 l/min - 40 l/min
Pressure: 25 bar
Head: 60 m

The S 5 EVTM plastering machine is a modular system. This plastering pump comes with the TM pan mixer. The pan mixer enables you to mix high-quality materials delivered as bagged material. It is suitable for a variety ...

filling pump / fuel / pneumatic / normal priming
filling pump

Thanks to the integrated filling pump including hose, overflow switch and automatic switch-off system you no longer need an external pump to fill up.

solvent pump / alcohol / for gasoline / electric
solvent pump

Flow: 95 l/min

Ex-prov. electric Drum Pump TT 1200, 1200 mm immersion depth Ideal for refilling of solvents, petrol, alcohol, etc. For filling and refilling drums and containers Equipped with stainless steel pump Supplied ...

air pump / self-priming / no-clog / filling
air pump

Unclogging pump Compressed air pump for unclogging pipes, sinks etc., also suitable for testing compressed air plants up to 8 bar, small gas installation, for filling ...

chemical pump / electric / gear / suction
chemical pump
ZD xx By

Flow: 3 l/min - 360 l/min

Gear pump Type ZD xx By Filling pump complete with suction hose and rinsing valve. Pump can be used as discharge pump by reversing motor. Bypass ...

food product pump / electric / rotary lobe / filling
food product pump

Lobe pumps can be used for all industries, but mainly preferred for sensitive products with or without solids.

food product pump / internal-gear / for the food industry / rugged
food product pump

The KS Pump System is based on the principle of the positive displacement pump. As a patented system, it comprises the constant volume flow of the product being filled and its evacuation. It is set apart ...