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Fits into a van or trailer
Low noise pump

nterchangeable DIN filter elements
Low noise emissions

The Off-line filters of the BNF series represent an excellent solution for maintaining system cleanliness in fluid power systems, when no other filtration options are applicable. These off-line...


The MINI JOLLY is manufactured by Tem and is a 20 x 20 plate filter that is suitable to use in clarifying,...

The JOLLY 10 - 20 are 20x20 plate filters are made of AISI 304 stainless steel. The platter of the drainers are...

The Jolly 30, and the Jolly 40 are manufactured by Tem and are 20 x 20 plate filters that iare suitable to...

The EUR 40x40 is a series of plate filters manufactured by Toscana Enologica Mori. Specifically...

The EUR series, which is manufactured by Tem, is a 40 x 40 plate filter that...


The best in off-line filtration and oil transfer without foam and air emulsified, is a small sized and lightweight unit with compact design. It is easy to operate in...


The extraction unit is integrated with pre-filter, and an activated coal filtration. The...


Energy-saving, high-performance, quiet


The Hepasafe range includes filtering units which have been constructed from coated Fe 360 or AISI 304-316. They provide a high separation performance which is ideal for the complete filtration of harmful and toxic dusts.

The filtering units are made in a completely...

The Hepasafe range offers filtering units made of coated Fe 360 or AISI 304-316, with high separation performance suitable for the absolute filtration of toxic and harmful dusts. These filtering units can be built in a completely entirely modulated form, with simple filtration...

TAMA active carbon adsorber filters can be utilized to match the airflow of a specific matter with a carbon-crossing pace and carbon contact time of the air that is ideal for an application. The adsorbers are produced out of rugged carbon...


The active carbon inside the GCC carbon active cartridge filter absorbs the VOS (volatile organic substances). There are two stages of filtration, where in the first...

GRT DARMA presents GCS-s500 active carbon filters. The filter comprises of a 510 mm thick, filtering septum. This septum enables the achievement...


The air filters groups of the K series are linear modular filtering units designed and used in centralized plant applications in all industrial...


The STAUFF BPS Bypass Filter is specifically constructed for utilization with the OEM initial...

The OLS Series features offline filters designed for any potential industrial applications....

The STAUFF System Unit is created to service different industrial applications. It is equipped with an efficient...

The OLSH type is part of the wide array of offline filters developed by STAUFF. It is manufactured...


The Filtroll is designed with dual filter and triple control for the convenience of users. The filtering unit can filter oil and diesel fuel while absorbing water...


The EHC fluid conditioning system, which is manufactured by Hilliard, is a rigid, and cost-efficient solution...


The Unit for Filtration of Oil or UFO, is another unit that connects easily to the oil sump on gears and cranks. It has all the needed...


The Sterling SIHI membrane systems offer highly efficient solutions in the process industry, such as solvent recovery, drying of gas streams, off-gas treatment and monomer recovery.

The Sterling SIHI provides a large variety of membrane packages from standard...


The AFU 13 and 25 series breathing air filtration unit functions through eradicating substances such...

The AFU 300/600 is an airline filter that can be used for various filtration process. It...


The NEW Automag skid magnetic filtration system is self contained. It is also free standing and modular and can be used for inline as well as offline purposes.
The Eclipse Magnetics magnetic filters have high magnetic filtering capacity and can be used by bulk fuel processors, suppliers...


The Del-Monox® air purification systems provide a highly effective means to control exposure to respiratory hazards in the work place. For more than half-a-century workers around the world have experienced the benefits...


Product Description.

Thanks to air pressure system the polluted air pass through...

Product Description.

They are suitable for the filtration of exhlations.



Made of borosilicate glass
For filtering any type of solution to particle contamination
analysis and alfo for...

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