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diaphragm filtration unit / tangential - 33 m² | Compact 33

The membranes in the X-Flow's Compact 33 models can be fitted in aerobic and anaerobic processes of the CrossFlow MBR. This makes possible the efficient treatment of waste water and delivers high quality water for using again. The CrossFlow MBR is a purification...

diaphragm filtration unit / tangential - 33 m² | Compact 33

The Hepasafe range includes filtering units which have been constructed from coated Fe 360 or AISI 304-316. They provide a high separation performance which is ideal for the complete filtration of harmful and toxic dusts.

The filtering units are made in a completely...

diaphragm filtration unit / tangential - 33 m² | Compact 33

The Hepasafe range offers filtering units made of coated Fe 360 or AISI 304-316, with high separation performance suitable for the absolute filtration of toxic and harmful dusts. These filtering units can be built in a completely entirely modulated form, with simple filtration...

diaphragm filtration unit / tangential - 33 m² | Compact 33

TAMA active carbon adsorber filters can be utilized to match the airflow of a specific matter with a carbon-crossing pace and carbon contact time of the air that is ideal for an application. The adsorbers are produced out of rugged carbon...

air filtration unit - DS series

The main purpose behind the DS Series Air Cleaning System is to remove exhaust emissions, fugitive dusts...

modular filtration unit - 3 000 - 10 000 cfm | FW60x4

Industrial Maid is a leader in the media air filtration industry, providing practical modular "side and back-draft" style filter walls. The three stage filtration design gives the flexibility to properly...

air filtration unit - 3 500 - 4 500 cfm | AZTech EB series

Version EB56 series packaged air filtration unit offer exceptional solutions for handling commercial air and cleansing requirements. This mechanism is engineered for fusing smoke,...

activated carbon filtration unit / active absorption - UFA

these units are used in ventilation fields, public

places and big kitchens requiring...

oil filtration unit / independant - 120 - 150 l/min | OIL CLEAN series

The range of Oil Clean MicronFilters allows any solid particle present in suspension in the machine...

air filtration unit / high-efficiency - 2 000 - 6 000 m³/h | ECO TECH series

Micronfilter has launched the ECO TECH filter that is in accordance with the standards devised by the American government's...

air filtration unit / high-efficiency - 2 000 - 6 000 m³/h | ECO TECH series

Mono Pumps presents Mono solar water filtration system. The system has been developed for removal of bacteria, viruses, pathogens and suspended solids from water. Thanks to this system, remote areas can get safe and pure water. The system combines the widely-accepted...

air filtration unit - 1 400 - 2 000 cfm | FC series

The Media Air Cleaner by Field Controls is a whole house air filtration system that provides maximum air cleaning capacity while keeping to a minimum maintenance level.

The Field Controls Media Air Cleaners can be fitted in the return duct of...

air filtration unit - 1 400 - 2 000 cfm | FC series

The Velo Accai mini crossflow filters for laboratory use are designed to make lab filtration tests fast and easy. Each membrane in these filters is composed of approximately 250 fibers at a pore size of 0.6 micron.
The filter is equipped with a mini tank for the liquid...

diaphragm filtration unit / tangential - UltraStar XL

The UltraStar XL Membrane Filter is specifically designed to offer super quality filtration not previously possible. It is meant...

diaphragm filtration unit / tangential - ContiStar

This is a common Contistar encourage and-drain ultrafiltration framework has been produced for the illumination and extraction of tree grown foods squeezes and wines, plant concentrates and fermenter soups. It is particularly valuable, if the methodology might be quick and under unlucky...

diaphragm filtration unit / tangential - MiniStar

The MiniStar has been designed for use with small and medium sized producers of fruit juices, extract from plant materials and fruit...

diaphragm filtration unit / tangential - 4 kW | LabStar

The BUCHER's cross-flow filtration LabStar series laboratory units represent a device with different purposes in one design, such as filtration and extraction of different solutions, suspensions and...

water filtration unit - LIQUI-FLUX® W series

The water modules in the Liqui-Flux product series are economical and reliable solutions for ultrafiltration, representing everything you need for your water treatment applications. In addition to this, the items are often regarded as an alternative...

activated carbon filtration unit / active absorption - GCC

The active carbon inside the GCC carbon active cartridge filter absorbs the VOS (volatile organic substances). There are two stages of filtration, where in the first...

activated carbon filtration unit / active absorption - GCS-s500

GRT DARMA presents GCS-s500 active carbon filters. The filter comprises of a 510 mm thick, filtering septum. This septum enables the achievement...

laboratory filtration unit / gravity / for liquids / glass - 300 ml | 15002310

Made of borosilicate glass
For filtering any type of solution to particle contamination
analysis and alfo for...

breathing air filtration unit - 125 psi

What is Grade D Breathing Air?

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) standard 1910.134 requires employers to provide employees using atmosphere-supplying respirators (compressed air)...

oil filtration unit / independant - 3 µ | HDU 15/25 PV

HDU 15/25 PV is a fine filter for offline oil filtration in hydraulic power transmission, lubrication, cooling, and small quench-oil systems.

Particularly useful for filtering high-viscosity lubricants in gear boxes on wind turbine transmissions.

The filter is a 3-micron absolute filter with a high dirt-holding...

high-pressure filtration unit / oil - 3 µ | HTO HP 27/108

Increase the Oil Flash Point
Remove Oxidation and Sludge

HTO HP 27/108 GP, Heat Transfer Oil Filter / High Pressure Filter, is a fine filter for offline oil filtration with 1, 2, 3 or more HTO 27/108 filter housings installed in parallel, used for maintenance of heat transfer oil in central heating systems and where high processing temperatures are necessary.


high-pressure filtration unit / oil - 3 µ | HP 27

HP 27/- are high-pressure Fine Filters for offline (with pump) or bypass (without pump) oil filtration.

The HP 27/- series is designed for use at higher operational pressures than the standard range and is approved for operational pressures of maximum 6 bars in marine applications and 8 bars in...

stainless steel filtration unit / oil / independant - 3 µ | HS 27

The HS 27/- series consists of HDU 27/- Fine Filters with filter housings in stainless steel for offline oil filtration in hydraulic power transmission, lubrication, and cooling applications exposed to corrosive environments.


oil filtration unit / independant - 10 bar | HPS 27

The HPS 27/- Offline Oil Filtration Series are filters made in stainless steel. The filters are high pressure filters specially...

air filtration unit - 500 - 10 000 cfm | MX66O series

The MX66O series of central air filtration systems are extremely flexible and versatile and can be configured to clean the air of coolant mist, grinding dust, process smoke, welding fumes and many other industrial manufacturing pollutants. Available in airflow ranges from 500...

air filtration unit / high-efficiency - max. 2 000 cfm | M68V

Correct air filtration is an essential component of any pneumatic conveying system to protect both the equipment and the product from contamination. GEA Nu-Con is very experienced in supplying high specification filters for pressure and vacuum systems...

air filtration unit / high-efficiency - max. 2 000 cfm | M68V

Kubota's submerged membrane units incorporate microporous membranes (average pore size: 0.2μm) made from chlorinated polyethylene. Capable of delivering high-purity treated water, these compact systems are employed in diverse applications, including wastewater treatment tanks (Johkasou) as well as in the treatment of industrial wastewater and municipal wastewater...

air filtration unit / high-efficiency - Flex-Kleen®

Bin vent filters feature rugged welded housings and can be furnished to handle air volumes ranging from 50 to 5,000 cubic feet per minute. All Flex-Kleen® bin vents are equipped with automatic on-line pulse-jet cleaning....

air filtration unit / high-efficiency - Flex-Kleen®

For special medical/pharmaceutical applications such as isolation...

air filtration unit / high-efficiency - Flex-Kleen®

Braden filtration offers a wide range of filtration products enclosed in filter-houses as turn-key end products that provide top quality engineered systems for new or existing Gas Turbines. Each OEM and project may have special requirements and our engineering team can design...

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