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level switch float - max. 250 °F, max. 500 psi | 701X series

Reliable mechanical switch for use in clean liquids; a general purpose point level device at an economical...

level switch float - LQ

High Corrosive Liquid Useable
Set Point Adjustable (max. set point 7)
Multiple Level Set Poin available
Float Enclosure Class:IP68
Material:Housing- Aluminum alloy with paint, option...

level switch float - 130 °C, 4 bar, Inox | MATIC/V/MC

The MATIC/V/MC lever regulator is a float level controller that is insensitive to humidity and condensation. It is used to directly control the level of various liquids or water...

level switch float - 55 °C, ON/OFF | MERCURY/MC

The Mercury/MC is manufactured by Riel, and is a submerged level regulator that is...

level switch float - 40 °C, ATEX | LITTLE EX

This level regulator float submerged pond, insensitive to humidity and condensation (patented) is used for the control of oil, mixtures of water and oil, engine oil, oil processing machines, etc..
The level control is Ex approved according to ATEX...

level switch float - 3/8 - 1

Material PVC, PP. brass
Process connection G3/8" to G1"
Electr. connection PVC-...

level switch float - Switch-Tek™ LV41

The general purpose sump float level switch provides reliable liquid level detection and is perfect for simple liquid level control for filling or draining reservoirs and tanks. LV41 float...

level switch float - Switch-Tek™ LV42

The general purpose sump float level switch provides reliable liquid level detection and is designed for the automation of pumps, specifically...

level switch float - LCS01


Economical and small size...

level switch float - NMH / NMV


Small size detectors.

level switch float - LSF50 series

Indumart LSF50 Series of Float-type Level
Switches is an excellent and economical...

level switch float - S-11

With the float switches S-10,S-11 a...

level switch float - max. 15 bar | S20, S21

The floating switch series S-20 is especially adapted...

level switch float - S50T, S55T

The Teflon floating switch monitors

level switch float - F5252

F5252 float ball is made of Made of SUS316L material, good appearance, withstand high temperature (125 degree C)and pressure(2.5MPa). with M6 mounting threads, usde for float ball valve etc. no magnet. Appliance of float ball 1. Tank air vent in truck...

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