Formwork girders

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Formwork girders
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formwork girder composite - I tec 20

The I tec 20 composite formwork beam from Doca is equipped with a flange that...

formwork girder - H20 series, H16

These timber formwork beams by Doka can be used anywhere and can be used with Doka framework systems. Another notable aspect that makes them an excellent asset for every work environment is the diligent attention they are given during the manufacturing...

formwork girder - H20 series, H16

The Doka Aluminium formwork beams, incorporating the Alu box beam gives it a high load rating...

formwork girder - GT 24 / VT 20K

The GT 24 formwork girder is ideally is noted for their high load-bearing capacity and rigidity. The product is so efficient in reducing...

formwork girder - MkII, DU-AL

MkII & DU-AL beams | Primary & secondary

The highly versatile MkII Soldier and DU-AL™ aluminium beams from Harsco Infrastructure combine to make a wide-ranging system of primary and secondary beam configurations for formwork, falsework and soffit support.

Primary beams
The strongest primary beam in the range...

formwork girder - HAKISPAN 750

Harsco Infrastructures HAKISPAN 750 is a complete lacing and bracing system. HAKISPAN 750 is the strongest...

formwork girder - HAKISPAN 750

Girder formworks are designed for the construction of roof trusses.

Our shuttering is used to produce parallel chord T-girder (flat roofs with spans between 12 and...

formwork girder - 0.60 - 4.90 m | P20

Solid Flanges, Rounded Beam Ends
* GHI-P20 length:: 0,60m
* GHI-P20 length:: 1,20m
* GHI-P20 length:: 2,45m
* GHI-P20 length:: 2,65m

formwork girder - NOEtec

NOEtec can be exactly configured to suit your project and site requirements.
Reduced number of system components
NOEtec completes challenging jobs using the minimum number of system components.
NOEtec the tried and tested,...

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