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horizontal autoclave / laboratory - 320 - 500 l, max. +140 °C | PS/Q63/EH series

The Q63 series is a front loading 320L priorclave build with a tall chamber. The series has an impressive load quality, making it suitable in sterilizing...

horizontal autoclave / laboratory - 100 l, max. +140 °C | PS/QCS/EH100 series

The PS/QCS/EH100 series is a front loading laboratory autoclave developed by Priorclave. It is...

horizontal autoclave / laboratory - 150 l, max. +140 °C | PS/QCS/EH150 series

The QCS series autoclaves are intelligently designed to provide excellent versatility and cost-efficiency in performances. Counted among one of the best steam sterilizers in the world, the QCS delivers services that assure user satisfaction.

The sterilizers are available in three diverse versions with...

horizontal autoclave / laboratory - 150 l, max. +140 °C | PS/QCS/EH150 series

This sterilization autoclave from Grupo Selecta is engineered with a stainless steel internal chamber...

horizontal autoclave / laboratory - 210 - 650 l | H series

Autoclaves of the performance category HX can be used for all laboratory applications,...

horizontal autoclave / laboratory - 33 - 63 l | AMB-BT series

Astell’s front loading Benchtop autoclaves operate from a single phase power supply and require no plumbing; ideal for a busy laboratory environment

‘Classic’ and ‘Autofill’...

horizontal autoclave / laboratory - 120 - 344 l | ASB-BT series

With increased chamber sizes from the Top Loading range, the Swiftlock front loading range of autoclaves allows the user a greater choice of options which are...

horizontal autoclave / laboratory - 125 - 360 l | MNS-E series

The Astell Scientific ‘E-Range’ has been designed to bridge the gap between circular chamber...

horizontal autoclave / laboratory - max. 135 °C | HRG-112/140

Vertical Sliding Door
Smooth Open/Close and Automatic Door Lock for Safety.
Slide Tray
For Easy and Safety...

horizontal autoclave / laboratory - max. 123 °C | HRH-110

Full-auto with One-touch Open/Close Lever
Vacuum Pump and Drying Cycle

horizontal autoclave - Vap'R

The STERITECH Steam / Air autoclaves are the most efficient, fastest and economical on the market, designed to sterilize and pasteurize all types of packaged products:...

horizontal autoclave - Vap’O

Faster and more economical than the conventional water immersion or run-off autoclaves in the market, the VAP'O batch autoclaves...

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