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Hexcel Corporation HexForce®
Balanced E HexForce® Hexcel Corporation

The versatility of glass as a fiber makes it unique industrial textile material. Glass fiber in fabric form offers an excellent combination of properties from high strength to fire resistance. Wide ranges...

Hexcel Corporation Polyspeed®
Glass fiber fabric / epoxy resin prepreg Polyspeed® Hexcel Corporation

Polyspeed® Laminates Polyspeed® pre-cured glass/epoxy laminates are used in conjunction with prepreg in a vacuum bag lay-up to improve the surface quality of the cured laminate and reduce...

22 products Gurit
Porcher Industries
Balanced E Porcher Industries

E GLASS RANGE Porcher Industries is a world leader in the manufacture of E and S2® glass fabrics for composite applications. Porcher Industries has the expertise to continually develop performance...

Porcher Industries
Unidirectional E Porcher Industries

PORCHER Industries is a world leader in the manufacture of E and S2â glass fabrics for composite applications....

Porcher Industries
Carbon-glass hybrid fabric Porcher Industries

Porcher has developed a wide range...

Porcher Industries
Biaxial E Porcher Industries

Our glass fabrics are used in the design of adhesive composite parts intended for the localized...

Porcher Industries
PTFE coated Porcher Industries

FILTRATION OF THE HIGH TEMPERATURE GASSES Today it is necessary to treat the smokes coming from the industrial production namely the warm gasses. The national legislations for environment...

Porcher Industries
Glass fiber fabric for PCBs Porcher Industries

Uncontested leader in the manufacture of glass fiber textiles for high technology printed circuit boards, flexible electrical insulation and PTFE coating, Porcher Industries has been able to compete...

1 products Frenzelit
Frenzelit max. 1600 mm, 0.7 - 5 mm
For thermal protection applications max. 1600 mm, 0.7 - 5 mm Frenzelit

Woven fabrics for insulation applications Properties Frenzelit...

3 products Chomarat
Chomarat ARAMAT™
Glass / aramid hybrid fabric ARAMAT™ Chomarat

ARAMAT™ is a glass + Kevlar®* complex : Balanced on both warp and weft Balanced in volume, as the density of kevlar...

Chomarat DIAGONAP™
Carbon-glass hybrid fabric DIAGONAP™ Chomarat

DESCRIPTION DIAGONAP™, a laminate reinforcement, is made up of stacked layers that are mechanically bonded. It provides mechanical strength to + / – 45� to the longitudinal axis. It...

Chomarat ROVIPLY™
NCF multiaxial ROVIPLY™ Chomarat

DESCRIPTION ROVIPLY™ is a non-crimp fabric (NCF) made of unidirectional laps (0�, 90�, +/- 45�) mechanically bonded by stitching. METHOD ROVIPLY™´s...

1 products Owens Corning
Owens Corning
Balanced E Owens Corning

OC® Fabrics include Woven Rovings, High Performance Fabrics, Knitted Fabrics and Specialty Products and...

5 products SELCOM SRL
Unidirectional E SELCOM SRL

Selcom S.r.l. produces unidirectional fabrics with two different technologies: - Unidirectional stitched with any orientation (0º/90º/30º): produced with multiaxial technology in standard width of 1270...


Selcom S.r.l. produces biaxial fabrics made up of two layers of parallel fibres laid in two orientations, stitched...


Selcom S.r.l. produces triaxial fabrics made up of three layers of parallel fibres laid in any three orientations, stitched...

Quadraxial E SELCOM SRL

Selcom S.r.l. manufactures quadri-axial fabrics made up of four layers of parallel fibres laid in four different orientations, stitched...

NCF multiaxial SELCOM SRL

Multiaxial fabrics technology allows fabric construction with up to five layers of fibres oriented in different...

1 products Saertex
Saertex SAERFIX®
NCF multiaxial SAERFIX® Saertex

SAERfix® reinforcement has special UP and vinyl ester-compatible adhesive with self-adhesion properties. The resultant savings in cost and time are considerable - especially in larger shapes such as boat...

Textile Technologies Europe Limited max. 550 °C
PTFE coated max. 550 °C Textile Technologies Europe Limited

Excellent Thermal Insulation Soft and Flexible Silicone Coated Glass Cloth Neoprene Coated Glass...

Textile Technologies Europe Limited max. 550 °C
Knitted E max. 550 °C Textile Technologies Europe Limited

Excellent Thermal Insulation Soft and Flexible On Site Fabrication Aluminium Laminated Glass Cloth Graphite Impregnated Glass Cloth...

Textile Technologies Europe Limited
Glass / aramid hybrid fabric Textile Technologies Europe Limited

* Industrial sealing * Heat protective clothing * Cut resistant clothing * Resin Reinforcement * Thermal Insulation * Electrolyser...

Textile Technologies Europe Limited max. 1050 °C
Refractory silica fabric max. 1050 °C Textile Technologies Europe Limited

* Resistant to temperatures up to 1050°C * Low Thermal Conductivity * Will not stretch or shrink * High strength-to-weight ratio * Highly resistant...

2 products TEI Composite
TEI Composite
Colored glass fiber fabric TEI Composite

Best colored surfaces with great Silver coating, you now have best selection...

TEI Composite
E-glass roving fabric TEI Composite

E-glass. It exhibit superior mechanical properties...

4 products FORMAX
FORMAX FGE, 600, 0 / GE, 800, 0, W
Unidirectional E FGE, 600, 0 / GE, 800, 0, W FORMAX

E-glass Stitched Unidirectionals are produced by stitchbonding unidirectional fibres...

Biaxial E FORMAX

Standard E-glass Biaxial +/-45’s are produced with a variety of different...

Triaxial E FORMAX

TRIAXIALS GE, 800, -45/90/+45, HD - FGE311-HD Please note:...

Quadraxial E FORMAX

QUADAXIALS [GE,1200,0/-45/90/+45] - FGE112 Please note:...

Chongqing Polycomp International Corp. E KQ 450/1200
NCF multiaxial E KQ 450/1200 Chongqing Polycomp International Corp.

Multi-axial fiberglass fabrics are made from the roving in the direction of the fabric length at 0 °. 90 0 and in any direction within 20 * to 80 0 to lay down roving parallel, with the fiber cable...

Chongqing Polycomp International Corp.
Knitted E Chongqing Polycomp International Corp.

Woven fiberglass fabrics are widely Utilized in various industry composite applications due to their unique exc- ellent properties...

2 products Deltec
Knitted E Deltec

KNITTED FABRICS These exceptionally flexible and extensible glass and silica knitted fabrics closely...

Refractory silica fabric Deltec

The textiles are woven from glass filaments, providing both mechanical strength and temperature resistance. Technical characteristics -...

Taconic International Ltd. TFE-GLASS™
PTFE coated TFE-GLASS™ Taconic International Ltd.

Designed for a wide range of applications, Taconic TFE-GLASS™ Fabric is available in several...

Taconic International Ltd. Taconic SRC-GLASS™
Silicone coated fabric Taconic SRC-GLASS™ Taconic International Ltd.

Taconics SRC-GLASS™ silicone coated fabrics exhibit very similar properties to PTFE coated fabrics. Excellent Release properties up to 500°F Silicone coated surfaces exhibit excellent...

1 products Diatex
Diatex max. 260 °C
PTFE coated max. 260 °C Diatex

Porous or non porous PTFE coated glass fabrics, adhesive (silicone et acrylic) or non adhesive,...

Zircar Refractory Composites max. 1 300 °C (2 373 °F) | RS- CLOTH, RS-TAPE
Alumina composite refractory fabric max. 1 300 °C (2 373 °F) | RS- CLOTH, RS-TAPE Zircar Refractory Composites

ZRCI Refractory Sheet Types RS-Cloth and RS-Tape are fiber reinforced alumina composites in a highly flexible form. They are received dried, when wet with water or AL-HARD Hardener they become extremely...

Zircar Refractory Composites max. 1 250 °C (2 300 °F) | SIL
Refractory silica fabric max. 1 250 °C (2 300 °F) | SIL Zircar Refractory Composites

ZIRCAR Type SIL Silica Cloths consists of high temperature non textured amorphous silica fiber yarn, woven into an extremely strong fabrics. These non preshrunk...

Ningguo BST Thermal Products Co.,Ltd 20 - 1500 mm
Silicone coated fiber 20 - 1500 mm Ningguo BST Thermal Products Co.,Ltd

500°F/260°C Continuous Exposure: Higher Intermittent 96 OZ Silicone Coated Fiberglass Fabric Ultra-heavy grade, high temperature resistant fabric, designed for use in severe molten splash...

ZIRCAR  Ceramics AS-1260
Alumina silica ceramic fabric AS-1260 ZIRCAR Ceramics

ZIRCAR Alumina-Silica Textiles Type AS-1260 are made of ceramic fiber yarn in the form of twined and lagging rope, plaited braid, tapes, sleeving and cloth. The yarn used is composed of refractory ceramic...

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