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Porcher has developed a wide range...

hybrid fabric / glass / aramid - ARAMAT™

ARAMAT™ is a glass + Kevlar®* complex :

Balanced on both warp and weft
Balanced in volume, as the density...

hybrid fabric / carbon / glass - DIAGONAP™


DIAGONAP™, a laminate reinforcement, is made up of stacked layers that are mechanically bonded. It provides mechanical strength to + / – 45� to the longitudinal axis. It has mechanical characteristics oriented at 0�, 90�,...

hybrid fabric / glass / aramid - QEA1204*

Hybrid woven fabrics with basalt roving in combination with carbon roving,...

hybrid fabric / glass / aramid - QEA1204*

* Industrial sealing
* Heat protective clothing
* Cut resistant clothing
* Resin Reinforcement
* Thermal Insulation

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