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GALILEO receiver / GLONASS / GNSS / GPS - 226 channels, IP67 | Hiper SR

Topcon HiPer SR is a base and rover RTK system and it is the most compact solution for professional users available on the market. It is very easy to use and features no cables at all.
It has a very robust design adapted for the field...

GNSS receiver / GALILEO / GLONASS / GPS - 72 channel | GB-3

Topcon GB-3 GNSS receiver systems are designed for users who desire flexibility in terms of configurations. They are based on Topcon's latest G3 technology with 72 universal channels. They...

GNSS receiver / GPS / GLONASS / precision - 72 channel, IP67 | Trimble® R6

The Trimble R6 is a GNSS surveying system that features an integrated system design. Its design is attributed with cellular modern streamlines operation inside VRS networks to allow...

GPS receiver / GNSS / GLONASS / GALILEO - 440 channel, IP67 | Trimble® NetR9

Cutting-edge Trimble HD-GNSS processing engine.
Trimble CenterPoint RTX provides RTK level precision anywhere without the need for a base station or VRS network.
Advanced satellite tracking with Trimble 360 receiver technology.
Trimble xFill technology provides seamless...

GPS receiver / for surveying - 72 channel, IP67 | Trimble® R5

The Trimble R5 provides automated steering with one-inch repeatability. It is installed directly into a vehicle's...

GALILEO receiver / GNSS / GLONASS / GPS - 3 - 10 mm, IP67 | GRX1

The GRX1 is a tool provides unparalleled usage and effectiveness on every jobsite. It features triple...

GPS receiver - 12 channels, IP55 | GIR1600

SOKKIA GIR1600 is a versatile, compact, sub-meter DGPS receiver, which represents the largest revolutionary detachable antenna, which allows users to take measurements...

GPS receiver / for surveying - Trimble® SPS555H

The SPS555H Modular Add-on GNSS Receiver is designed to work in combination with the Trimble SPS855 GNSS...

GPS receiver / for surveying - SPS series

The Trimble SPS351 DGPS/Beacon Receiver is ideally engineered for marine construction. It delivers sub-meter accuracy for an extended scope...

GPS receiver / GALILEO / GLONASS / GNSS - 440 channel, IP67 | Trimble® SPS855

The SPS855 is a base station solution that is suitable in different locations such as site trailers, site cabins, light...

GNSS receiver / GPS / GALILEO / GLONASS - GR-3

The GR-3 is the next generation RTK GPS system from Topcon. This exciting new system incorporates G3 tracking technology...

GPS receiver / for surveying - HiPer Pro

The innovative integrated design incorporates a transmitting UHF radio in the base receiver, eliminating the need for external radios and batteries. And there's no need to worry about UHF radio interference because Topcon's Free Channel Scan technology detects disruptive radio signals...

GPS receiver / for surveying - GB-1000/500

The GB-1000 and GB-500 provide advanced Topcon dual-frequency, dual-constellation, GPS+ receiver board design inside...

GLONASS receiver / GPS / for surveying - 4600 mAh Li-Ion / > 8 hrs | ProMark 800

The ProMark 800 rover and rover/base system, with its 120 channels, offers...

GLONASS receiver / GPS / for surveying - 6600 mAh Li-Ion / > 8 hrs | ProMark 120

ProMark 120 is the most versatile post-processing solution, designed for easy...

GALILEO receiver / GPS / GLONASS / GNSS - max. 10 Hz | LEA-7N

The LEA-7N module delivers multi-GNSS location capability (GPS, GLONASS, Galileo, QZSS and SBAS) together with high performance u-blox 7 positioning technology in the...

GPS receiver - max. 10 MHz | LEA-6T

The LEA-6T supports precision GPS timing for demanding positioning applications such as basestations. It features a time mode function whereby the GPS receiver assumes a stationary...

GPS receiver - max. 10 MHz | NEO-6T

The NEO-6T supports precision GPS timing for demanding positioning applications such as basestations. It features a time mode function whereby the GPS receiver assumes a stationary...

GPS receiver - 162 – 147 dBm | LEA-6R

The LEA-6R provides 100 % coverage, combining the high performance u-blox 6 positioning engine with Automotive Dead Reckoning (ADR)...

GPS receiver - NEO-6V

NEO-6V supports Automotive Dead Reckoning (ADR), u-blox industry proven off-the-shelf Dead Reckoning solution for tier-one automotive customers. u-blox ADR solution combines GPS and sensor...

GPS receiver - -160 dBm | N101

High sensitivity GPS receiver.

The HEOL-N101 has been designed to provide accurate and reliable navigation information trough a RS232 or RS422 link.

GPS receiver / for surveying - -160 dBm | N102 I-GPS

Intelligent GPS receiver.

The HEOL-N102 has been designed to provide accurate and reliable navigation information, with advanced features to interface with your system without the need to develop your own functions.


GPS receiver - GPS170

The variety of inputs/outputs makes this GPS receiver...

GPS receiver - GPS170SV

The variety of inputs/outputs allows...

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