cutting tool grinding machine / CNC / 3-axis
cutting tool grinding machine

Industrial grade, fully-automatic sharpener for all your blades The BMS500 is designed to suit the requirements of high production operations that require sharpening hundreds of blades every week. It features industrial-grade construction, ...

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surface grinding machine / for metal sheets / PLC-controlled
surface grinding machine

Power: 4.4 kW

... long belt machine with flexible abrasive belt which enables the work of flat surfaces as well as corners or edges of materials. LMD has a working table with 2500x850mm which turns possible the finishing of large structures. This ...

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NS Máquinas Industiais
surface grinding machine / for metal sheets / manually-controlled
surface grinding machine

Power: 2, 3 ch
Spindle speed: 3,000 rpm

Width : mm 750 Length : mm 1050 Depth : mm 700 Band Grinding Dimentions : mm 1150x100 Engine Power : Hp 2/3 Motor circle : rpm 3000 Voltage : V 380 Weight : Kg 47 Disc diameter : mm 230

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Tamis machinery co.
surface grinding machine / for metal sheets / manually-controlled / automatic
surface grinding machine

... hollow grind or flat grind knives. All you do is loosen a 3/8″ bolt and swing the Knife Holder assembly straight for flat grinding. You can adjust the length of travel for any length of knife, from 3″ to 24″. This unit ...

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Thorvie International
centerless grinding machine / for tubes / CNC / automatic
centerless grinding machine
PreciGrind 2000

... .100 mm - 6.000 mm (larger size available upon request) maximum part or chain of parts length inch 35 1/2 metric 900 mm grinding wheel dimensions (standard) inch 1A1 7x 3/4-2 3/4 x 1 3/4 metric 1A1 175 x 20-70 x 45 ...

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Schläfli Engineering AG
tube grinding machine / PLC-controlled
tube grinding machine
AP series

The Automatic Grinder AP Series is manufactured by TECMET 2000. The prodcut has automatic polishers that are designed for time saving purposes. The preparation of metallographic samples is continuously and it has huge number of samples ...

surface grinding machine / for metal sheets / CNC
surface grinding machine

The wide range of numerically controlled machines increases the available options by Autopulit. Their capacity, flexibility and technology make it possible to finish, brush and polish a wide variety of pieces which previously ...

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surface grinding machine / for metal sheets / PLC-controlled / precision
surface grinding machine
IBF 150

Highlights: Ion Beam Figuring/Finishing (IBF) allows nanometer precise processing of high-performance optics and ultra-precise smoothing Non-contact processing High dynamic motion system with direct driven linear- and swivel ...

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external cylindrical grinding machine / for metal sheets / manually-controlled
external cylindrical grinding machine

Power: 7 kW - 200 kW

... to be round on all surfaces. The G45 utilises a 45Kw electric motor driving a grinding spindle through a multiple "V" belt drive. The G45 needs to be enclosed in a grinding cell to protect the operators, ...

external cylindrical grinding machine / for metal sheets / CNC / 3-axis
external cylindrical grinding machine

Spindle speed: 0 rpm - 10,000 rpm

... of the coolant and the grinding powder. Moreover allow an easier view at the operator. The max. tool spindle speed is Rpm 10000. The Y axis has a shifting of ± 2 mm. The machine is equipped by relevant ...

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surface grinding machine / for metal sheets / manually-controlled
surface grinding machine

... with everything that eases the work and the operation abrasive belt 75 x 2000mm is designed for contact and plane grinding very favourable purchase price very lower operating costs

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tool grinding machine / CNC / 6-axis / 4-axis
tool grinding machine

Power: 5.5 kW
Spindle speed: 0 rpm - 6,000 rpm
Distance between centers: 200 mm - 600 mm

... axis-CNC KG253L can swivel the grinding wheel head from +/- 25 degrees, allowing the helical fluted hobs to be sharpened. Also, an optional Rotary Type NC Dresser allows CBN grinding wheel dressing. The ...

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Kashifuji Works,
surface grinding machine / for metal sheets / PLC-controlled
surface grinding machine

Power: 0.4 kW
Spindle speed: 1,500 rpm

The basic machine for ergonomic grinding of smaller parts and lot sizes The EBS-Compact is designed for grinding welded edges, corners and surfaces of smaller components. By easy replacement ...

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Kuhlmeyer Maschinenbau GmbH Band-Schleifmaschinen Belt Grinding Machines
metal sheet grinding machine / manually-controlled
metal sheet grinding machine
Piranha II

The Piranha II Model of Tungsten Welding Electrode Grinding Machine, manufactured by Diamond Ground Products, is mainly used for general shop application. This machine ...

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Diamond Ground Products
surface grinding machine / cutting tool / PLC-controlled
surface grinding machine
Combi Grinder

... Combi Grinder sharpens all types of saw chains and the majority of bandsaw blades. The mechanism is run by compressed air. The design is both sturdy and user-friendly, and the result is a more accurate and even tool grinding. Sharpens ...

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Logosol AB
surface grinding machine / for metal sheets / PLC-controlled / rotating table
surface grinding machine
IG 080 M

Power: 10 ch

... straightforward grinding performance for rough grinding as well as mid-tolerance work. Grinding Applications: Resurfacing Aircraft Brake Rotors Grinding Circular Wood ...

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DCM Tech Inc
internal cylindrical grinding machine / for tubes / CNC
internal cylindrical grinding machine
R/154 CNC series

Power: 76 kW

The CNC Cylindrical grinding machine R/152 CNC series is manufactured by GIORIA S.p.a. The products maximum measurement ranges from ø 1000 mm to 1500 mm. The product has taper grinding ...

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surface grinding machine / tool / PLC-controlled / vertical
surface grinding machine
LB 300

Power: 2.2 kW
Distance between centers: 300 mm

The grinding machine LB 300 shows all the constructive features above mentioned and that are common to the whole line. A stout cast iron column mounted on adjustable taper roller bearings, and a motor ...

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metal sheet grinding machine / CNC / automatic / 2-axis
metal sheet grinding machine

Machine for automatic profile sharpening of band saw blades controlled with 2 CNC axes in wet grinding

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Iseli & Co AG
surface grinding machine / for metal sheets / PLC-controlled / 2-axis
surface grinding machine
BUA 25 B Practic

Distance between centers: 500, 750 mm

... the machine. Basic programs are as follows: recess grinding, traverse grinding, step recess grinding to one diameter with subsequent traverse grinding ...

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TOS a.s.
surface grinding machine / cutting tool / CNC / 5-axis
surface grinding machine

Power: 25 ch
X travel: 550 mm
Y travel: 920 mm

Mechanical Axes X Axis 550 mm Y Axis 920 mm Z Axis 300 mm C Axis ±200∘ A Axis ∞ U Axis N/A 280 mm Rapid traverse X 10 m/min Rapid traverse Y 10 m/min Rapid traverse Z 10 m/min Rapid traverse C 30rpm Rapid traverse A 100 rpm Rapid ...

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Top Work Industry Co. Ltd.
centerless grinding machine / for tubes / PLC-controlled / high-precision
centerless grinding machine
SC-S series

Power: 20, 7.5 ch
Spindle speed: 1,260 rpm - 1,900 rpm

... without deformation. The grinding wheel spindle and the regulating wheel spindle are precision machined from Nickel Chromolybedenum alloy steel (SNCM-220). Both spindles are subject to various heat treatments, making ...

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Sigma Machinery Co., Ltd.
horizontal disc grinding machine / external cylindrical / for metal sheets / CNC
horizontal disc grinding machine
DDW XR series

Power: 24 kW - 100 kW

Diskus double surface grinding machine with horizontal spindles. This machine type is a steel-box frame welded construction with two opposing horizontal grinding spindles ...

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DISKUS WERKE Schleiftechnik GmbH
cutting tool grinding machine / CNC
cutting tool grinding machine

Power: 2.2 kW

... sharpening machine for metal cutting circular saw blades up to diameter of 500 mm. It uses a cutting edge machine concept for best grinding performance. This latest, ...

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external cylindrical grinding machine / tool / CNC / automatic
external cylindrical grinding machine
NC 18

Power: 2.2 W
Spindle speed: 6,000 rpm

... the drill. Automatic : The loader option (90 drills) is very economic. Progressive : The 5th option increases the grinding possibilities for a low budget. Characteristics : Dimensions : 1.20 x 1.20 x 1.20 ...

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