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ultra-high-purity hydrogen generator - max. 300 ml/min | H2PD series

Hydrogen generators from Parker are high throughput equipment pieces designed to produce pure-grade hydrogen for fuel and carrier gas requirements. They can produce up to 300ml/min...

ultra-high-purity hydrogen generator - max. 510 ml/min | H2PEM series

Ultra high purity hydrogen generators from Parker Balston are designed as hazard-free alternatives to high-pressure hydrogen cylinders. Deionised water and an electrical supply is all that is required to generate hydrogen for weeks of continuous operation. Optional automatic feed-water...

gas chromatography hydrogen generator - 160 - 500 ml/min | H series

The Parker Domnick Hunter products and systems, is known to deliver a combination of innovation and excellence in the most demanding applications. This device aids engineers to maximize...

ultra-high-purity hydrogen gas generator - max. 1100 ml/min | HMD series

These domnick hunter H-MD ultra high purity hydrogen gas generators manufactured by Parker are specifically engineered to supply gas for GC applications. These equipment are offered in 4 models...

ultra-high-purity hydrogen gas generator - ICP series

The PARKER DOMNICK HUNTER ICP RANGE is made through the help of leading instrument vendors. They meet the requirements of the Collision Reaction Interface for initial...

ultra-high-purity hydrogen gas generator / for laboratories - 100 - 1200 cm³/min, 0.1 - 12 bar | FID,ND,PAR,WM series

The FID-H2, ND-H2, PAR-H2 and WM-H2 series is composed of laboratory ultra pure hydrogen gas generators from F-DGSi. The flow rates which are available with this models are 100,160, 250,...

ultra-high-purity hydrogen gas generator / for laboratories - 99.999%, 300-500 ml/min

The high purity hydrogen generators HGH-500 & HGH-300 are based on astronautic fuel cells technology. Here, electrolysis of water produces hydrogen and the oxygen produced in the process is released to the atmosphere. The generator consists...

hydrogen gas generator - 300 - 500 ml/min

This instrument is based on the lModel HGH high purity hydrogen generator and Model HYA air generator. It can combine air in a very ingenious as well as reasonable way thanks to it never seen before design. It combines safety. convenience as well as reliability...

hydrogen gas generator - 0.5 - 3.0 MPa

The hydrogen gas generator unit manufactured by Angstorm Advanced is made with a electrolyte...

ultra-high-purity hydrogen gas generator / onsite - 1 - 1000 m³/h

The Ultra-high-purity Hydrogen Gas Generator, manufactured by Angstrom Advanced,...

ultra-high-purity hydrogen gas generator / onsite - 1 - 1000 m³/h

Verde's Hydrogen Generator by Ammonia Decomposition is integrated with a purifying system. This device sports a prolonged service lifespan, easy operating applications, and compact structural designs....

ultra-high-purity hydrogen gas generator / onsite - 1 - 1000 m³/h

The electrolyser transforms water to oxygen...

hydrogen gas generator - max. 450 cc/min | Precision Hydrogen

The Precision Hydrogen Series of Hydrogen Gas Generator, manufactured by Peak scientific, is specifically...

hydrogen gas generator - max. 6.9 bar, 500 cc/min | Precision Hydrogen Trace

The Hydrogen Trace Generator is applicable for carrier gas and flame gas at trace detection limits. It features PEM technology...

gas chromatography hydrogen generator - HyGen series

UHP Hydrogen Generator series are designed with full safety alarms, water monitor and CPU-friendly use. External water...

hydrogen gas generator - HG2200R

The HG 2200R Model is a hydrogen gas generator developed by Claind. It is specifically...

ultra-high-purity hydrogen generator - NM-H2 Plus

The NM-H2 Plus is an ultra-high purity hydrogen generator developed by LNI Schmidlin SA. It is mainly used for FID and chromatography...

gas chromatography hydrogen generator - PG-H2 Plus

The PG-H2 Plus Series manufactured by SCHMIDLIN is a type of a gas generator...

hydrogen gas generator - max. 200 ml/min | Sx 3080

LNI Schmidlin's SX 3080 H2+Air Sx Systems are compact hydrogen generators, generally utilized for...

hydrogen gas generator - max. 200 ml/min | Sx 3080

Erre Due Gas produces Hydrogen generators, a...

hydrogen gas generator - Parker Balston®

Provide a safe, reliable source of hydrogen with purity
to 99.99999+%
• Eliminate the cost and inconvenience of dealing with

hydrogen gas generator - 28 - 56 Nm³/h | TITAN™ EC

On-site Hydrogen Generation System
Teledyne Energy Systems builds decades of engineering...

fuel cell hydrogen generator - 1 Nm³/h | HyLYSER™ series

The HyLYZER™ is a modular electrolyzer which uses clean deionized water and either AC or DC electricity to produce up to 1.1 and 2.2 normal cubic metre per hour (Nm3/h) of hydrogen. The electrolysis reaction...

hydrogen generation unit - 10 - 15 Nm³/h | HySTAT™ 10

The HySTAT® hydrogen generator uses water and electricity
to produce high quality hydrogen on demand. The basic

hydrogen generation unit - HySTAT™15


6 to 15Nm3/h

A HySTAT™15 outdoor with 150/200bar compression system is an all-in hydrogen generator producing 15 Nm³/h of hydrogen at a purity of up to 99,998...

hydrogen generation unit - 12 - 30 Nm³/h | HySTAT™30

A HySTAT™30 outdoor unit is installed in a 20ft housing, greatly simplifying implementation at customers site. It is a turnkey solution including a hydrogen generating unit with one of our proprietary IMET® cell...

hydrogen generation unit - 18 - 45 Nm³/h | HySTAT™ 45

18 to 45Nm3/h

A HySTAT™45 outdoor unit is installed in a 20ft housing, greatly simplifying implementation at customers site. It is a turnkey solution including a hydrogen generating unit with one of our proprietary...

fuel cell hydrogen generator - HyPM™ XR

In critical backup power applications, such as data centres and telecommunications operators, even brief power outages can be extremely costly....

fuel cell hydrogen generator - HyPM™ XR

HySTAT™-A systems are widely used in the application for on-site generation because of the reliability of the equipment...

fuel cell hydrogen generator - HyPM™ XR

The TsvetChrom hydrogen generators give you the ability to produce hydrogen gas economically and consistently, right in the laboratory. Its small size makes it lightweight...

fuel cell hydrogen generator - POWERTAP™

PowerTap was designed from the ground-up to work with fuel cell-powered industrial mobility equipment like forklifts, tractors, ground support equipment...

hydrogen gas generator - 0.265 - 1.05 Nm³/h | HOGEN® S series

HOGEN® S Series hydrogen generation systems produce up to 1.05 Nm3/hr (40 scf/hr) of ultra-high purity hydrogen gas for applications such as materials processing, power plant generator cooling and electronics applications. A single HOGEN® 40 hydrogen generator...

hydrogen gas generator - 2 - 6 Nm³/h | HOGEN® H series

The HOGEN® H Series hydrogen generation system is a fully integrated, packaged electrolysis system that produces medium pressure high purity hydrogen from water and electricity. The system includes up to three electrolyzer cell stacks, as well as the support and safety systems necessary for...

hydrogen gas generator - 10 - 30 Nm³/h | HOGEN C Series

On-site hydrogen generator in two integrated, automated, site-ready enclosures.Load Following operation automatically adjusts output to match demand.Automated tank topping operating with power-conservation mode during standby

On board DI water system

ultra-high-purity hydrogen gas generator / for laboratories - max. 5 000 cm³/min | HOGEN GC series

HOGEN GC hydrogen generators provide ultra-pure (99.9999%) pure hydrogen for a wide variety of laboratory and...

ultra-high-purity hydrogen gas generator / for laboratories - 200 - 600 cm³/min | HYGEN series

FLOW RATE:* 200 cc / min 400 cc / min 600 cc / min
TECHNOLOGIES EMPLOYED: Proton Exchange Membrane (PEM) solid electrolyte, maintenance...

hydrogen generation unit - 100 - 10 000 Nm³/h | HYDROFORM-C

Mahler AGS has more than 30 years of experience and know-how in the design and manufacturing of hydrogen generation plants. The HYDROFORM-C system is based on steam reforming of natural gas, LPG or naphtha.


hydrogen generation unit - 100 - 4 000 Nm³/h | HYDROFORM-M

Mahler AGS has successfully operated for many years in the field of methanol reforming for the generation of hydrogen. The purification of raw hydrogen by...

hydrogen generation unit - 100 - 50 000 Nm³/h | HYDROSWING®

Mahler AGS has over 30 years of experience and know-how in the development and construction of hydrogen pressure swing adsorption (PSA) plants...

ultra-high-purity hydrogen gas generator / for laboratories - 300 - 600 cm³/min | HYG series

The HYG series of laboratory hydrogen generators combine caustic-free PEM electrolysis with a maintenance-free palladium diffuser...

ultra-high-purity hydrogen generator - 100 - 510 cm³/min | H2PEM series

Parker Balston® Hydrogen Generators eliminate the need for expensive, dangerous, high pressure cylinders of hydrogen in the laboratory. It is no longer necessary to interrupt important...


How to choose this product


Hydrogen generators vary in size and type. They produce gaseous hydrogen for on-site use or for sale.


These devices produce carrier gas for laboratory use. They also supply hydrogen for fuel cells.


Hydrogen can be generated from petroleum products or from water, by electrolysis.

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