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laboratory oven - +40 °C ... +250 °C, 97 l | MOV-112-PE

The MOV series from SANYO was realized due to the continuous quest to provide a more...

laboratory oven - +40 °C ... +200 °C, 90 l | MOV-112F-PE

The Panasonic MOV-112F-PE is a high capacity electric oven with a forced air circulation system,...

laboratory oven - +40 °C ... +250 °C, 150 l | MOV-212-PE

The MOV-212-PE laboratory oven manufactured by Panasonic features a Microprocessor PID temperature...

laboratory oven - +40 °C ... +200 °C, 150 l | MOV-212F-PE

Panasonic has always striven to offer research equipment which provides complete customer satisfaction....

natural convection oven / laboratory - max. +300 °C, 32 - 749 l | UN, UNplus series

The U universal ovens are used for a variety of applications like material tests, running complex experiments on sensitive equipment, aging of computer chips,...

forced convection oven / laboratory - max. +300 °C, 32 - 749 l | UF, UFplus series

The Universal ovens UN / UF / UNplus / UFplus are mainly for aging computer chips, sample inspection, critical experimentation,...

drying oven / heating / for white room - max. +300 °C, 750 l | UF750 plus

The UF750-Plus has a temperature range of up to 300 degrees Celsius, and is designed to be an universal oven for applications in the cleanroom. The independent Fraunhofer-Institute has...

laboratory oven / double door pass-through - max. +220 °C, 256 - 749 l | UFP TS series

The UFP 800 TS is a stainless steel heating oven that has a large interior capacity volume of 256 l and 749 l. It is adjustable with a forced air circulation,...

laboratory oven - +30 °C ... +80 °C, 32 - 153 l | UNpa series

Available in five sizes and models providing high precision and temperature control of the embedding medium, examples wax or paraffin in science, forensics and research. There is a range of functions along with thermal...

storage  oven / drying / portable / welding electrode - HydroGuard™ 115 - K2939-1

The Lincoln Electric HYDROGUARD™ is a high performance portable welding rod oven...

vacuum oven / laboratory - +10 °C ... +280 °C, 18.4 - 42.4 l | Hi-Temp series

The Hi-Temp, manufactured by Thermo Scientific, is a vacuum oven that is capable of eliminating...

vacuum oven / laboratory - +6 °C ... +260 °C, 42.5 - 127.4 l | Lindberg/Blue M™ series

Thermo Scientific™'s Lindberg/Blue M™ Vacuum Ovens are integrated with a digital management feature, an over-temperature...

vacuum oven / laboratory - +200 °C, 25 - 128 l | Vacutherm series

The Vacutherm Vacuum Heating and Drying Ovens by Thermo Scientific™ is able to dry gently and quickly up to 6x, compared to other...

vacuum oven / laboratory - +10 °C ... +220 °C, 12.5 - 65.1 l

The company Thermo Scientific is known for producing quality and reliable vacuum, convection...

hybridization oven - +8 °C ... +85 °C, 5 - 15 rpm | Maxi 14 series

Maxi 14 Hybridization Oven boosts hybridization of laboratories. It's perfect for temperature uniformity...

drying oven - DO-DHG

Application Range:
This product is applied in industrial & mineral enterprises, laboratories and scientific research units for drying, baking, wax melting and disinfection.

Technical Parameters:
Temperature fluctuation:±1°C.
Temperature uniformity:±2.5°C%.

Model Package Size (cm) Overall
Dimension (cm) Operation Room

drying oven - Electrothermal thermostatic drying oven,DO-GZX-DH

Application Range:
This product is applied to industrial and academic research institutes for general drying, disinfection and heat treatment.

Structure Characteristics:
1. Stainless steel chamber. Easy-to-clean.
2. Overheating protection system. Microchip intelligent temperature controller with PV/SV display.

drying oven - DO-GZX-GF101

Application Range:
This product is applied in industrial & mineral enterprises, laboratories and scientific research units for drying, baking, wax melting and disinfection.

Structure Characteristics:
1. Stainless steel chamber. Easy-to-clean.
2. Overheating protection system. Microchip intelligent temperature controller with PV/SV display.
3. Inlet vent can be...

drying oven / vacuum - DO-BPZ

Application Range:
It is applicable to dry and heat samples and fill inert gas into workspace in vacuum conditions for industrial and mining enterprises, medical institutes and research institutes.

Structure Characteristics:
1. Microchip...

drying oven / vacuum - DO-BPZ

Curing Oven for Powder Coating Suitable for Iron...

drying oven / vacuum - DO-BPZ


Substructure 1 set steel profile
1 set of walls on both sides galvanized sheets
Insulation rockwool 150mm 1 set
Temperature Max. 220 ° C
Fans 1 pcs. 6,000 m³ / h
Thermal power 36 kW

curing  oven / powder coating - Type BOX

Curing oven for powder coating aplication.

curing  oven - Double Door

Dimensions of oven (inside):
Length: 4200 mm
Width: 1250 mm

curing  oven / powder coating - From 1m -12m

Curing Oven and Dryer of KIGO O.E. consist of an extensive range They are suitable for manual or automatic movement of...

drying oven - 150-250°C | IA150

The IAI150 series is manufactured by Borel Switzerland, and is a drying oven that has an electric and forced air, which is appropriate...

natural convection oven - 250°C | CT 250

Borelswiss manufactures a wide variety of products, which includes furnaces. These furnaces are available in a number of variants. The variants...

laboratory oven - 250°C | DH 250

The DH 250 Model, manufactured by Borel, is an electrical laboratory oven with natural convection. It has a stainless steel inner part...

natural convection oven - TN 350

The TR 350 model is a natural convection electrical oven which is designed to suit any application....

forced convection oven - 250°C | DJ 250

The DJ 250 is a digitronic oven which works with a maximum temperature of 250 °C. It is applicable for all types of applications.


drying oven / varnish - GRT 30/40

The GRT 30/40 fully automated varnish-coating machine is specifically engineered for continuously conducted operations of varnish laying on work-pieces. The machine comprises an external enclosure whose walls and top are manufactured from rigid polyurethane panels in order to impart a high degree of heat insulation....

drying oven / varnish - GRT 30/40

Designed exclusively for drying of varnishes, the drying oven from Novatec features different modules. The primary module - Thermo-Ventilation unit - comprises of resistive heating element, heat exchanger, thermostat,...

drying oven / UV / for printed products - UV300 ULTRAVIOLET

The UV300 ULTRAVIOLET Series of Drying Oven, manufactured by COMEC ITALIA, is specifically...

drying oven / heating - MT10

The MT10 model is manufactured by Comec Italia, and is an oven that has been specifically developed to dry pad and silkscreen printed surfaces. The drying process is realized via infrared rays produced...

hybridization oven - +8 °C ... +80 °C, 2 - 10 rpm | SI30H

The `safety first' design includes an over-temperature protection system that automatically tracks the set temperature and controls...

drying oven / UV / for printed products - 7 - 11.2 kW | M-500UVF/M-700UVF/M-800UVF/M-1000UVF

The Drying oven / UV M-500UVF/M-700UVF/M-800UVF/M-1000UVF Series is manufactured by LC Printing Machine Factory Limited. This drying oven is made out of high...

drying oven - max. 250°C | IR-DB201

The IR-DB201 Series, manufactured by Easy, is an industrial high temperature oven equipped...

drying oven / rotational - UVGB

The model UVGB is a UV dryer for glass bottles. It features a maximum drying size of Φ200x380 mm. The dryer is equipped with a conveyor that works with a speed of 0-20 m/min...

drying oven / rotational - UVGB

The Spooner industrial traveling ovens now operate in a diverse range of food processes globally. Some industrial ovens still report that they achieve maximum efficiency despite being run over 40 years....

drying oven / rotational - UVGB

The Spooner toaster design offers forced convection technology for even toasting of a range of food products, including speciality breads...

drying oven / rotational - UVGB

coil coating ovens deliver efficient and controlled paint drying

Coil coating - Done for the production of pre painted steels that are used to build products or white goods.


drying oven / rotational - UVGB

This is a Coil coat paint line oven manufactured by Spooner Industries which feature...

drying oven / rotational - UVGB

Elmetherm delivers thermal equipment to be used within various industries like automobile, aerospace, electronic, chemical and medical industries. Continuous or intermittent usage is up to 750°C....

drying oven / rotational - UVGB

Polymerisation oven for electronics :
Elmetherm has been designing and manufacturing thermal installations for nearly 40 years for customers that manufacture equipment for the automobile,...

drying oven - 1 - 200 m3, 20 - 500°C

The batch drying curing oven is manufactured by Elmetherm, and is an industrial tailor-made oven from...

drying oven - 1 - 200 m3, 20 - 500°C

The Batch Oven is manufactured by Elmetherm, and is made to measure special equipment adapted to the products, manufacturing processes and standards,...

drying oven - 1 - 200 m3, 20 - 500°C

This drying oven is developed by ELMETHERM. It is specifically designed to cater aluminium...

heating oven / forced convection / laboratory / high-temperature - max. +400 °C, 80 - 3 000 l | AFA series

The Oven of Air Forced Circulation DYCOMETAL has been conceived in order to cater to the requirements in temperature resistance tests of...

heating oven / natural convection / laboratory - max. +250 °C | ECA series

The ACE Series consists of efficient and cost-effective range of ovens designed for testing. The...

heating oven / natural convection / laboratory - max. +250 °C | ECA series

The Welding Electrode Stabilizing Oven is designed with a portable, lightweight and durable features....

drying oven / storage  / welding electrode - max. 343 ºC

These stabilizing ovens from Gullco has a rigid and modular design. They are integrated with controls recessed...

drying oven / storage  / welding electrode - max. 343 ºC

The FluxHopper by Gullco International is a drying oven which comes with a weight...

drying oven / storage  / welding electrode - max. 343 ºC

The curing oven, manufactured by Hangzhjou Colo,...

drying oven / storage  / welding electrode - max. 343 ºC

we design and...

curing  oven / powder coating - colo-O-310

Inner dimensions: length 3.1 mx wide 2.0 mx high...

curing  oven / powder coating - colo-O-201110

The colo-O-201110 unit is a powder coating...

gas fired oven - colo-3172

The Colo-3172, manufactured by Hangzhou Colo, is a gas powder coating oven equipped...

gas fired oven - colo-3172

Curling ovens are specially designed for all powder coating applications. They are specifically constructed to coat the walls of thick workpieces,...

gas fired oven - colo-3172

The silicon, which has high heat resistance, connects the Sandwich type oven panels with one another .

The digital thermostat regulates the required temperature and working intervals.

For the working and stopping...

curing  oven / powder coating - Batch Oven

The Batch Oven by Electron is a curing oven which enables it to transfer coated parts into...

curing  oven / powder coating - Batch Oven

This powder coating conveyor curing oven is developed...

curing oven - Box Oven

The Box Oven unit is a curing oven developed by Electron. The unit can have connection with other units through silicone to deliver high heat resistance....


How to choose this product


An oven is a heating chamber capable of controlled-temperature thermal treatments. Ovens generally operate with air at atmospheric pressure, though some applications require a vacuum or the use of an inert gas.

They are generally equipped with electric heating units, and can reach maximum temperatures of 300° to 500° C; ovens operating at higher temperatures are called furnaces. Air circulates within the chamber via natural or via fan-driven convection, which ensures better heat transfer and temperature homogeneity.


Ovens are used in heating, drying, heated storage, hot-air sterilization, aging of components and hardening or thermal-testing applications. In the field of composite materials, ovens allow pre-polymerization and polymerization of elements made from thermosetting resins.

How to choose

Chamber volume, temperature capabilities and convection type are the main determinants in the choice of an oven.

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