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oxygen detector / gas and - max. 20 s, 0 - 25 % | ST3 series

The XChem Oxygen Deficiency toxic gas sensor type ST340 detects oxygen levels and notifies if the levels fall below 20.9%. Based on Self Monitoring Analysis and Reporting Technology...

oxygen detector / gas and / for control rooms - 0 - 25 % | 3350

Personnel safety is a primary issue in nearly every industry, and no factor is of greater importance than assuring an appropriate level of oxygen...

oxygen detector / gas and / for control rooms - AX300 & MX300

The AX300 and MX300 are medical oxygen analyzers manufactured by Teledyne. These tools provide flexible, and reliable performance in oxygen analyzing, using high-quality...

oxygen detector / gas and - Model 510D

The Nova 510 Series Oxygen inefficiency or extra alarm scanners are engineered as O2 'watchdog' to prevent abrupt replacement...

oxygen detector / gas and - 4-20 mA | Model 510R

The Nova 510 Series Oxygen deficiency or excess alarm monitors are designed as an O2 'watchdog' against accidental displacement...

oxygen detector / gas and - 0.0% - 50% O2 | OXYTEST

Continuously operating wall-mounted O2 detector
The device has 2 alarms...

carbon dioxide detector / CO2 / gas and - 0.00 - 100% O2, >5µm @500 mbar, max. 1.4 bar | ABISS | EXOS

The gas analyzer in this product series can analyze O2, or a combination of CO2 and O2. The leak analysis on food and pharmaceutical packaging is also possible, while customers can use the item in the medical, mechanical, pharmaceutical...

carbon dioxide detector / CO2 / gas and - 0.00 - 100.00% O2, >5µm @500 mbar, max. 1.4 bar|ABISS|OXYLOS

OXYLOS is an automated gas and leak analyzer, an is also usable for burst tests. It is dedicated to MAP quality control.

It allows you to get rid of : paper traceability, needle handling and consumables.

O2 and...

oxygen detector / gas and / for control rooms - Delta F DF-110E

The DF-110E offers a flexible and cost-effective way to include superior oxygen analysis in your OEM system. The DF-110E is calibrated to standards traceable to NIST and operated for several days to ensure...

oxygen detector / gas and - OX-82 series

The Model OX-82 personal oxygen indicator and alarm is a pocket-sized, lightweight instrument designed for uninterrupted monitoring of oxygen levels. Carried in a pocket, the OX-82...

oxygen detector / gas and - 0 - 1 000 ppm, 170 x 100 x 130 mm | OX 200

Special Features
Cast Aluminum Housing.
Rugged for Rough Field Use.
Sampling Suction, Manually or Auto.
Fast Response.
Backlit LCD Display.
Low Battery Visual & Audible Alarm.
Dry Cell or Rechargeable Batteries.
Intrinsically Safe
This compact hand-held battery operated instrument has been engineered and built...

oxygen detector / gas and - -20 ... +50 °C, 230 V, 8 A | E2606-O2

Gas detectors E2606 are intended for air quality monitoring - control of combustible or toxic gas and oxygen concentration and prevention of gas leaks in confined spaces.

Depending on version the gas...

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