Permanent magnet alternators

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This unit has a single or 2-bearing body and can manage...

• High Voltage to 13,800 V
• Single or 2-bearing construction.


1.low speed;
2.High efficiency;
3.more Light;

The Yanan SLCD 16-18 Series is a premium synchronous alternator for hybrid-powered vehicles. This...

YCF Series
Single or three phase permanent-magnet alternator
Features& Advantages:
1. Reliable performance
2. :Any permanent magnetic alternators, providing invariable excitation...

The SLCD11-13 series from Yanan, is a synchronous conversion alternator that specially...


The Eogen features permanent magnets generators ÷30p, 3ph/1ph, Brushless,(1÷400kva) from Mecc Alte.R ecently created from a unique series of lasting magnet generators these machines gives incredible execution when the highest power density is needed and additionally...


EMG-EMCO is expert in Brushless exciter systems for power station alternators and manufacture machines that can cover the entire market needs...


Features of the Pilot Generator Excitation systems of generators which has a pilot generator come with a plain and more reasonable architecture versus the compound excitation systems. They furnish to the set a bigger stability.



The system consists of a permanent magnet generator and a single phase inverter to be applied to a generating set.

The stability and the quality of the generated voltage (THD <2%)...

PMG-LT for Lighting Towers

ligh towerThe system consists of a three-phase permanent magnet generator, complete with its proper lamp starters, supplying the lamps of a ligthing tower.
Lamps are gas-discharge lamps, and they belong to HID (High Intensity Discharge) family; they are metal halide lamps series...

Permanent magnet generator for wind turbines.
PMG-WG distinguishes thanks to its reduced dimensions which are conferring high compactness and silentness.


The range of STK Permanent Magnet frameless alternators addresses the applications of Wind Turbine generators in low and medium power needing the highest power-to-weight ratio in Direct Drive without gear for matching cost-effective solutions.

Each component of a wind turbine generator and wind turbine...



Kollmorgen's permanent magnet AC generators provide twice the power density in the...


Possessing professional technology related to general synchronous and permanent magnet generators, Hyosung offers permanent magnet generators ranging from the direct drive type to high-speed generators....


BRG 342 BRG 198 and BRG 130 are born from the necessity to have a structural direct drive generator for vertical axis turbines. For robustness and easier installation ACM Engineering has chosen to make these generators with external rotor technology, the magnetic rotating part is the casing in steel. The turbine, according to differing customer requests, is attached directly to the casing of the generator,...


Medium voltage synchronous generators suitable for industrial applications.
Voltage from 3kV to 15kV.

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