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plastic crystallizer - CR series

The CR Crystallizer from Conair is a crystallizing system that crystallizes amorphous PET which is then dried later on. The drying occurs...

plastic crystallizer - LUXOR HDC

The Luxor HDC is a crystalliser manufactured by Motan® Colortronic. The unit is especially...

plastic crystallizer - 250 °F ... +400 °F | CL

Complete systems designed for 90 to 4000 pounds surface crystallization of flake or amorphous resin pellets. Hot air...

plastic crystallizer - SCL

SCL Series Crystallizers are used to crystallize amorphous material in a continuous process. Slow speed agitation of the material prevents agglomeration and minimizes...

plastic crystallizer - SCL

Technical Data

A new PET crystallization process...

plastic crystallizer - SCL

Especially for the processing of A-PET bottle flakes diamat developed a new crystallization...

plastic crystallizer - K series

The SOMOS® series K crystallizer ...

... with its compact and individual design, it is suitable for continuous and efficient crystallization of PET and PLA.

Depending on the requirements, the crystallizer operates within or outside of the thermal equilibrium and through the material mixing and intake of heated air it leads to the creation of crystalline structures within...

plastic crystallizer - 50 kg/h, 50 - 140 °C | PET, PLA

Compact device consisting of asymmetrical
crystallizatiovessel, slide, frame, faand return
air filter as well as the MH 25 control
Plug-and-play functiois...

plastic crystallizer - 80 - 160 l | CC series

The Conti-Crystalliser is a crystallisation unit designed for continuous crystallisation of amorphous (non-crystalline)...

plastic crystallizer - MPK series

New Crystallizer realized to guarantee the maximum reliability in the crystallizing process, sturdiness, easy maintenance and parts inspection. Equipped with PLC control,...

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